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Bond Arms Texas Defender Made in Texas for Texans 

During the 1860s, the demand for both the original Deringer (aka derringer or pocket pistol) and copies of it exceeded supply. It was a situation that, at the time, was reported as unparalleled in the history of the highly competitive American gun business.

150 years later Bond Arms, arguably the leader in production of quality derringer-style firearms is experiencing similar demand for its guns.

Bond Arms increased firearm production by 30 percent last year, but is still struggling to keep up with consumer demand. The demand for Bond guns is the result of founder Greg Bond’s commitment to designing and building superior derringer-style guns.

Last week we called almost 50 gun stores in a 200 mile range before finding a Texas Defender .45 Colt/.410 for sale.  I was surprised to find it at Academy Sports and Outdoors in Mesquite. Not one other store in the metroplex had it in stock, though many did have the Cowboy Defender and the Pink Mini models.

Bond Arms firearms stand out because of their commitment to perfection, including:

· Rebounding-and-locking hammer—a first for a derringer. The hammer automatically jumps back and locks into a half-cocked position for safety;
· A simple barrel-locking mechanism that is spring loaded and eases opening and closing of the barrels for quick reloading and cleaning;
· Heavy-duty stainless steel components for a lifetime of service;
· Precision machined parts for consistent fit;
· Sixteen interchangeable barrels in 22 caliber combinations including 45 LC/.410, .45 Colt, .45 ACP, .44 Spec,44-40, .45 Glock, 10 mm, .40 S&W, .357/.38, 9 mm, .32 H&R  .22 LR and .22 magnum
· All barrels can fit all frames;
· Lifetime warranty;
· Handmade in Granbury, Texas

One of benefits of a Texas Defender is the cross draw belt holster that comes with the gun.  When worn as a back up in the cross draw holster, the Defender is easily concealed on your belt and easily accessible while driving. Its my little car jack counter-attack option.

The older we get, the more difficult it is to get to our strong side self defense pistol in an inside the waist band holster at the 4 oclock position, while strapped behind the wheel. 

The Texas Defender is a perfect solution if like me, you dont want to keep a truck gun in the glove box or stuffed between the seats when you leave the vehicle.  Carrying the Texas Defender on the weak side is no more difficult than carrying an extra magazine.  Its easily accessible and can be concealed with a T-Shirt because it sits sideways on your belt and has a profile similar to a cell phone in the specially designed cross draw holster.  The holster is quality leather and feature a velcro strap for easy on and off.

The Texas Defender (or any two shot pistol) would not be my first choice as a self defense pistol. And if I didnt already have a dozen other self defense options, I wouldnt even consider it.  But living in the great state of Texas, Im fortunate to have options. I like the idea of having a Beretta Px4 Storm loaded with 21 rounds on the strong side, complimented by a two shot Texas Defender on the other side. Driving through south Dallas on the way to the range, the She Wolfs office or the Little Wolfs residence is a regular adventure for Mr. Wolf.

Freedom makes America the best and most unique nation on earth. We are a Constitutional Republic with a Bill of Rights that guarantees rights endowed by the Creator not Government.  Ill never understand why Progressives are so intent on taking away freedom to choose anything except a womens right to abort a human life.

We purchased the Texas Defender for $460 at Academy Sports and Outdoors .  It comes with a .45 Colt/.410 3 inch barre and a Bond Arms BAD Driving Holster. You wouldnt want to shoot it all day at the range, but I had no problem firing it safely and accurately at close range with both calibers of self defense ammo (Winchester PDx1 Elite .410 and Hornady .45 Colt Critical Defense)

Heres a video that 2brothersadventures posted on their You Tube channel showing some features and options on the Bond Arms Texas Defender. This is a very well built, small concealable gun that accepts different caliber barrels from .22 long rifle to .45 long colt / 410 shotgun. The barrels are quickly interchanged with an allen wrench. The interchangeable barrels can be purchased directly from Bond Arms in Granbury, Texas without going through an FFL as they are not the serial numbered part of the gun. The barrels cost between $139 and $159, depending on the length.

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