Record Cold Leads to Record Heat- ROMO SUCKS

Remember Super Bowl Week?  Jerry Jones lead us to believe that the Cowboys would not only be hosting the game, but they would be playing in it! How did that work out?  The Cowboys won 6 regular season games.

Cowboys QB Tony Romo got another pass for the disastrous season because he was side-lined with an injury most of the year.  Well, we got to see Romo last night and it wasnt pretty.  In fact, it was University of Georgia Nike Combat Pro UG-A-LEE! 

The Cowboys had a 24-10 lead early in the fourth quarter against the Jets last night.  In the words of Randy Galloway at the Star-Telegram, An experienced quarterback simply cant have two fourth-quarter turnovers on a wild-man scramble and a what-the-heck throw at clutch time late in the fourth quarter.

I cost us the game, said Tony. Yes, you did.

Ive got to do a better job, said Tony. Yes, you do.

I havent been a Romo basher, drinking the Bill Parcells Kool-Aid. But its time to admit that BOTH of us are wrong. When it comes to the Dallas Cowboys,  Romo is the problem, not the solution.  Romo will put up good, often great numbers when theres no pressure, then snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the 4th qtr or the playoffs (if the Cowboys ever get there again with Romo as QB).  There are no words to describe his horrific fourth quarter performance last night.  Romo lost that game and once again proved that hes Danny White not Aikman or Staubach or Morton or Meredith. The Cowboys are not going to win with Romo as QB. PERIOD.

Now back to the weather. Its bad but not as disappointing as Tony Romo.

DFW had record cold to start the year followed by record heat this summer.  But the record cold lasted for less than a month.  The heat has lasted over 3 months and were not done yet. DFW is expected to tie or break the record (69) for most days in a year with temperatures at or over 100  week. WFAA expects the record to fall and is predicting temps over 100 on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Heres a look back at the cold of Super Bowl week at the Wolf compound, 12 miles from Cowboys Stadium. Maybe this will cool you off like Tony Romo does the Cowboys in the fourth quarter.



Never Forget 9/11/2001

Yesterday George W. Bush praised the 40 passengers and crew who fought back against their Flight 93 hijackers on 9/11 for carrying out what he described as one of the most courageous acts in U.S. history.

The former president was at a ceremony on Saturday dedicating a memorial at the nations newest national park in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, as the U.S. marks the 10th anniversary of the terror attacks. Click on photos to enlarge

Americans will also come together on Sunday where the World Trade Center soared in Manhattan, New York, and in Washington D.C. where the Pentagon now stands as a fortress once breached.

The nations focus will turn on Sunday to ceremonies at the Pentagon and in lower Manhattan for the dedication of the national September 11 memorial.

The current President planned to attend ceremonies at both sites, as well as the Pennsylvania memorial, and was scheduled to speak at a Sunday evening service at the Kennedy Center.

The New York ceremony begins at 8:30am local time, with a moment of silence 16 minutes later - coinciding with the exact time when the first tower of the World Trade Centre was struck by a hijacked jet.

And then, one by one, there will be the reading of names of the 2,977 killed on September 11 - in New York, at the Pentagon and in rural Pennsylvania.

Where the twin towers of the World Trade Centre once stood now lies two granite pools in its footprints with waterfalls cascading 30 feet below.

On Saturday night the Tribute in Lights could be seen shining into the sky as a mark of remembrance of the World Trade Centre twin towers in New York.



Living at 1600 Vine Street Apartments (at Hollywood) Could Kill You!

Marina Orlova, is the host of Hot For Words , one of the most viewed sites on Youtube (24,179,555+ views).  Marina proudly became a U.S. Citizen in June.  Shortly after, it seems something horrible happened to her and she almost lost her life. 

On Friday, Marina made the following post on her Facebook page:

All the women should be aware that is not safe to live in 1600 vine, Hollywood
You can help by writing a letter to the management saying that they need to increase the security as the area is not safe. And let them know that I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED AND ALMOST GOT KILLED THERE!
THEY are covering it up by fancy pool, but dont spend money on protecting the tenants! Shame on them!

Bonzer Wolf decided to investigate.

I found this August 20, 2011 post from Xion L under 1600 Vine Street Apartment Reviews:

I was so close to signing a lease for an apartment but i decided to back out at the last minute. The leasing agent (MELANIE GOSCH) was extremely rude and unhelpful - so much so, that she had completely put me off the building.

Although, the apartment was really nice, i remained unsure of the management due to my leasing agent. I had called her several times within a week period and not once did she ring me back or get someone else to return the call - VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. In this economy, you would think people would bend over backwards to secure a customer not this chick!

In addition, she seemed to get annoyed that I wanted to check out several different floor plans before i made my final decision. I felt this was inappropriate considering this would be my home and didnt want to rush into anything.

I definitely will not be looking at future properties with Legacy Partners.

CLICK ON CARD for contact info for 1600 Vine Street Apts, Los Angeles, CA   ->

And this Yelp post dated 6/17/2001 from Melissa F:

Staff and management - A few of the staff members are extremely rude and uncaring. Also, we were told that the property manager would email us to deal with an issue and we never heard from them. I dont know if the manager just didnt receive the message from the office staff member or if the manager chose to not email us. Either way its poor customer service. They dont seem to be completely up front about policies either. Im not saying they outright lie but they dont give all the facts either.

And THIS most telling review from Deb K dated 2/22/2011:

PLEASE do not move here.  The management staff is rude and uncaring and listens to you but doenst do a thing.  There was a stabbing on the elevator and management kept it under wraps so as not to affect their leasing efforts.  Everything that goes on here is sneaky and underhanded and once you sign that lease they dont care if there are rodents in your apartment or if your apartment smells like feces because the toilets always clog up.  It comes across as hip and trendy but it is awful and everyone who lives here wants OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Go to Alta two blocks away.  DO NOT BE MISLEAD BY THE PRETTY PICTURES ON THEIR WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heres the latest Youtube video from Marina posted on Hot For Words on September 8, 2011.  If you click on the web page, you will find links to over 600 Marina Orlova videos.  You dont need to be a federal agent, to figure out that Marina has gone through a very traumatic experience sometime between her previous video posting on June 2, 2011 and this video posted on Thursday.

If you are looking for an apartment in Hollywood, you may want to consider all the information available to you before signing a lease with 1600 Vine.  Marina Orlova on the OReilly Factor before she became a U.S. Citizen. Marinas book


Magnitude-6.4 quake hits off Vancouver Island

A magnitude-6.4 earthquake has hit near Vancouver Island, Canada, the US Geological Survey (USGS) says.

The epicentre of the quake, which hit at 12:41 local time (19:41 GMT), was 289km (179 miles) west of Vancouver, the USGS reported.

The quake occurred a depth of 23km (14.3 miles), the USGS added. Eyewitness accounts say buildings swayed in central Vancouver.

However, no tsunami warning has been issued.

The closest major settlement, Port Hardy - with a population of over 5,000 - has received no reports of damage caused by the earthquake.

Police in Seattle, more than 200km away in the US state of Washington, said tremors were also felt there, but there were no reports of damage.


In-N-Out-Burger Arlington, Tx Update

Dear Bonzer Wolf:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

In response to your question, we are happy to confirm that we have tentative plans to open our Arlington, Texas location around the end of September.  For updated information, please feel free to contact our toll-free Customer Service line at (800) 786-1000.  Our representatives will have updated information as it becomes available.


Heather I.

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