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Choose Personal Responsibility Over Liberal Fascist Statism

The promoter for a popular Dallas nightclub boasted on Twitter Friday that a dozen Dallas Cowboys football players were at the Club Privae. She tweeted that the booze was flowing on the same night Cowboys linebacker Jerry Brown died in a drunk-driving accident.

“These fools buying Ace on top of Ace!!!!” according to a tweet from the account of Kimesha Jackson, the promoter/event coordinator for the Dallas nightclub Privae. Ace is believed to be Ace of Spades, a champagne popular on the nightclub circuit and favored by celebrities.

A few minutes earlier, Jackson sent a tweet saying, “I have 12 Cowboys in theeee building!!!!”

Brown and nose tackle Josh Brent were roommates and best friends.They were among the players at Privae before Brent wrecked his car. There are reports out there that Brent was driving 100mph when his Mercedes hit a curb and flipped “8 or 9 times”. The accident was completely preventable, as the NFL Players Association gives every player a toll free number to get a ride from anywhere to anywhere 24/7/365 with no questions asked for FREE.

According to USA Today Sports, 42 arrests involving NFL players have occurred so far in 2012.

Once again, Bob Costas felt like he needed to weigh in on the tragedy during halftime of Sunday night’s Football Night in America. Last week Costas said that NFL players should be banned from owning guns. He also said that nothing good ever comes from guns.

But this Sunday, Costas did not call for banning NFL players from drinking or owning automobiles. Instead he said that the players needed more education. Seriously? Costas sickens me. For decades he has operated behind the scenes quietly pushing his liberal fascist agenda. Now he’s out of the closet. Guns bad. Booze good. Liberals are into drinking and drugging but not guns.

Liberal fascists don’t believe in freedom or personal responsibility. Do as we say and the state will take care of all the evils in society by passing laws and spending money that less than half the population pays them in federal income tax.

Liberals want to convince you that the tragedy last week involving Jovan Belcher’s murder/suicide could have been avoided if gun ownership was severely restricted or in most cases simply banned.

The Dan Patrick Show’s Director of Operations Patrick “Seton” O’Connor tweeted Sunday night, “Costas should’ve signed off with ‘btw- 224 people were shot to death in the US since my last halftime commentary. Just sayin.’

O’Connor lists his favorite TV Show as MSNBC and Rachel Maddow not only looks like him, she’s his hero. What O’Connor failed to note was that 700 people died in automobile accidents since Costas Belcher lecture.

Why not advocate banning cars and/or booze Seton? Well because Seton and the Danettes love their drink and drugs. Their radio daddy Dan Patrick is sponsored by Dodge Trucks. They ain’t going there for sure. Seton told me last month that guns have only one purpose, “killing people”. Seriously?

Liberal fascists are not only enemies of America and freedom. They are liars and subversives who rely on useful idiots to lap up their propaganda. Well over a million lives are saved every year by firearms, most of which are never fired. Take away guns and the body count increases at least 19,230 a week vs 224.

Both Costas and O’Connor have every right to their opinions. But using Sports programming to promote their liberal fascist agenda is out of bounds. We the people have every right to criticize them and advocate boycotting their shows. Tim Brando has a show on at the same time as Dan Patrick in most markets. Brando has publicly identified himself as a conservative. Listen to it on Yahoo radio or watch it on CBS Sports TV instead of Dan Patrick.

Jim Rome is another competitor of Dan Patrick and he has a much more reasonable take on the Second Amendment than O’Connor and Costas. Rome is a SoCal guy who supports responsible ownership and use of firearms. Listen to the Jim Rome Show on the Premiere Radio Network and watch Rome on CBS Sports and Showtime.

You aren’t going to quit watching Sunday Night Football because of Bob Costas but you can Tweet your dissatisfaction to @NBCsports on Twitter. Contact Football Night in America sponsors and advertisers and express you unhappiness with liberal political commentary during sporting events. Inform your family, friends and co-workers that Costas is a gun grabbing liberal who seeks to repeal all our Second Amendment civil rights because he believes guns are only used for evil.

Wake up America! The Democrats are the Party of tyranny and statism.

“No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government” — Thomas Jefferson, 1 Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334