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Shotgun Joe Goes South of the Border to Pander for Amnesty

Amnesty is all about allowing 12 million illegal aliens access to the rights of legal citizens, so they will be able to vote - for Democrats.  Thats the goal.

Anyone with an ounce of sense can see it. Dems love amnesty because it grants them access to what they believe will be a virtually endless stream of constituents.

Of course, if Progressives call it amnesty, youll lose your arguments - and your elections - in perpetuity.  Its very unpopular. So Democrats have come up with a whole host of pseudonyms designed to make it more palatable.  Chief among these is bringing undocumented immigrants out of the shadows. It seems to be the administrations current favorite. It was employed this weekend by Vice President Shotgun Joe Biden during a visit to Mexico. 

Biden speaking Friday in Mexico City:

“With regard to immigration, let me make two things absolutely clear. It is not only from the perspective of the President, myself and the American people a matter of justice, respect, and according dignity to all people to bring 11 million undocumented men, women, and children out of the shadows, but it’s also overwhelmingly in the self-interest, the economic self-interest of the United States.

 So I want to make it clear to you that President Obama is deeply invested in the maturation of this relationship at every levelat every level. This is a different day. This is a different day.”

Instead of talking about a secure border, Biden was talking about amnesty - and he was doing it in the country whose illegal expats would most benefit from his stance.

Like the rest of the Presidents agenda, the American people are not on board. Whatever Biden may think, amnesty is as unpopular as ever, which is why the gang of 8 immigration reform bill is so incredibly unpopular.

Referring to Obamas plan to cave to those who entered the United States illegally as a relationship is beyond bizarre.  Its like suggesting that you and a mugger are equal partners in some kind of mutually beneficial transaction.

Many thousands of Mexicans (in particular) leave their homeland due to economic and social pressures and go in search of a better livelihood north of the border. Amnesty International does not take issue with the sovereign right of the United States to police its international borders in order to determine whether individuals have the legal right to enter the country. -Amnesty International. May 20, 1998


Border Patrol Agent Mistakenly Fired at Other Responding Agents

The head of the U.S. Border Patrol agents union says the agent killed last week in a shooting in southern Arizona apparently opened fire on two other agents thinking they were armed smugglers and was killed when they returned fire.

The two sets of agents approached an area where a sensor had been activated early Tuesday from different directions and encountered each other in an area of heavy brush, National Border Patrol Council president George McCubbin said.

Agent Nicholas Ivie apparently opened fire first and wounded one of the other agents but was killed in the return fire.

I dont know what it was he saw or heard that triggered this whole event, McCubbin said. Unfortunately it resulted in his death and another agent injured.

Acting Cochise County Sheriff Rod Rothrock confirmed the scenario but would not say if Ivie was the first to shoot, saying that was up to the federal agencies involved.

The new details add to a FBI statement Friday that the shooting appeared to be a friendly fire incident that involved no one but the agents.

McCubbin and Rothrock both said the two sets of agents knew the others were heading to the area on foot but apparently didnt know they were so close. McCubbin said hed been briefed by the agency, while Rothrocks agency has been involved with the investigation.

It was dark, very, very rugged terrain, and what they could see of each other was further obscured by the fact that there was brush and cacti and stuff like that between them, Rothrock said. I have no doubt that these agents were in as heightened a state of alert as you can get due to the proximity to the border and the history of trafficking in that area.

Rothrock said that when the agents spotted each other in the dark, they apparently took defensive postures, which was probably interpreted as aggressive postures. Like readying your weapons, for example.


Border Patrol Agent May Have Been Killed by Friendly Fire

FOX News and AP are reporting that the FBI is investigating the possibility that the fatal shooting of  U.S. Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie and the wounding of another was a case of the agents exchanging fire among themselves, known as friendly fire. 

The conclusion is based on an analysis of the ballistics, the lack of evidence of other criminals in the area at the time, and other factors, the sources said. A formal statement about the findings could come later tonight.

State and federal officials said immediately after the incident that the shootings were committed by armed criminals.  And since then, Mexican authorities have said they arrested two men in Agua Prieta, northern Sonora state, a few miles from where the shooting occurred.

The probe is looking into whether the two agents exchanged gunfire Tuesday in the mistaken belief that each was being fired on by a hostile gunman. The shootings occurred five miles ( 8 kilometers) north of the Mexican border.

The shootings occurred in a rugged hilly area as Nicholas Ivie and two other agents responded to an alarm that was triggered on one of the sensors that the government has installed along the border. Ivie was fatally shot. The wounded agent was shot in the ankle and buttocks and released from the hospital after undergoing surgery. The third agent was not injured.

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Mexico Feds Arrest Two Suspects in Shooting of Border Patrol Agents

Mexican Federal police have arrested two men who may be connected with the fatal shooting of a U.S. Border Patrol agent just north of the Mexico-Arizona border, a Mexican law enforcement official said Thursday.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to release the information, said it was unclear if there was strong evidence linking the men to the shooting of Agent Nicholas Ivie.

Lydia Antonio, a spokeswoman for the Mexican Embassy in Washington, confirmed the two detentions, but declined to say what prompted their detentions and what made authorities suspect the two might be involved in the shooting.

Authorities have declined to provide key details about Tuesdays shooting, including what they believe prompted the shooting, whether the agents were ambushed and whether any guns from the shooting were recovered. Still, they suspect that more than one person fired on the agents.

Ivie and two other agents were fired upon Tuesday in a rugged hilly area about five miles (eight kilometers) north of the border near Bisbee, Ariz., as they responded to an alarm that was triggered on one of the sensors that the government has installed along the border.

The wounded agent was shot in the ankle and buttocks and released from the hospital after undergoing surgery. The third agent wasnt injured.

Brenda Nath, an FBI spokeswoman in Arizona, and Border Patrol officials in Arizona declined to comment on the detention of the two men in Mexico. The Cochise County Sheriffs Office, which is also investigating the shooting, didnt immediately respond to requests for comment from the Associated Press.


558 Days Since Obama Declared Border Security "Better Than Ever"

A U.S. Border Patrol agent was killed and another wounded in a shooting Tuesday morning near Naco, the agency said. Border agents are searching the hills between Bisbee and Douglas for the gunman.

Nicholas Ivie, 30, was killed around 1:50 a.m. after he and two other agents responded to a sensor hit near mile marker 352 on State Route 80, the Border Patrol confirmed about 12:30 p.m.

At an afternoon news conference, FBI Special Agent in Charge James Turgal refused to release specifics on the case; he declined to comment on reports that two suspects in the shooting have been detained in Mexico.

Im not going to talk about any issues regarding suspects at this time, Turgal told reporters at 2 p.m.

The wounded BP agent, who has not yet been identified, was airlifted to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. He underwent surgery and was in stable condition Tuesday morning. The agent was expected to be released from University of Arizona Medical Center on Tuesday afternoon, said George McCubbin, president of the National Border Patrol Council, the union representing border agents.

The slain agent was identified as Nicholas J. Ivie, a native of Provo, Utah. Ivie joined the Border Patrol in January 2008. Ivie is survived by a wife and two children, agents said.

Gov. Jan Brewer blasted the federal government in a statement on the shooting.

What happens next has become all-too-familiar in Arizona. Flags will be lowered in honor of the slain agent. Elected officials will vow to find those responsible. Arizonans and Americans will grieve, and they should. But this ought not only be a day of tears. There should be anger, too. Righteous anger – at the kind of evil that causes sorrow this deep, and at the federal failure and political stalemate that has left our border unsecured and our Border Patrol in harms way. Four fallen agents in less than two years is the result, Brewer said in a press release.

It has been 558 days since the Obama administration declared the security of the U.S.-Mexico border better now than it has ever been. Ill remember that statement today, she said.

U.S. Sen. John McCain said, While the investigation is still in its early stages, todays events are a tragic reminder of the threats that Border Patrol agents face every day in the line of duty. Our thoughts and prayers are with these agents, their families, and all those in the Border Patrol community.

I worked almost thirty years as a U.S. Customs Service (now ICE Homeland Security Investigations) special agent in Texas.  Though I was not assigned to the Border, I worked with many agents who were.  The culture of drug smugglers has changed dramatically in the last four years. 

Both Human and Drug Smugglers used to give up or flee in the vast majority of their encounters with U.S. Law Enforcement authorities. For the last several years, smugglers have armed themselves with high capacity carbines (some supplied by Operation Fast and Furious) and body armor.  Drug smugglers no longer abandon their loads, but instead kill to protect the load and protect themselves from the Mexican Cartels if they lose a load.

This makes for a most dangerous environment for federal as well as state and local law enforcement officers assigned near the U.S. border with Mexico.  The fact that the Obama Administration, supplied the Cartel with semi-automatic weapons during Operation Fast and Furious has been established.  Where is the furor among the public? Its no where to be found because main stream media is a propaganda machine for the left, including the Obama. 

Wake up America! The fate of our country is in your hands. Only 33 days left before Election Day on November 6.