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Ambushed Police Officers- The Unintended Consequences of Gun Ban Laws

Investigators believe that the suspected Boston bombers killed MIT police officer Sean A. Collier on the night of April 18 in a failed attempt to steal his gun, The New York Times reports.

Police told the Times that surveillance video shows a pair of men, believed to be Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, approaching Collier’s squad car from behind at about 10:30 p.m. and shooting him to death before attempting to take his gun.

“He had a triple-lock holster, and they could not figure it out,” a law enforcement official told the Times. “There is evidence at the scene to suggest that they were going for his gun.”

Law abiding people possess 99.9% of the 300+ million firearms in the possession of civilians in the United States. By definition, law abiding citizens dont commit crimes.  They follow the law.  Criminals and crazies do not.

If you watched any of the coverage of the Boston bombing manhunt, you are now aware that the overwhelming majority of police officers, including those in gun banning states like Massachusetts, are armed with both high capacity pistols AND modern sporting rifles (gun grabbers call them assault weapons).

When the government bans modern sporting rifles and pistol magazines that hold more than seven bullets, it is putting an even bigger target on law enforcement officers.  Criminals, crazies and terrorists are not going to obey the law.  Criminals will target police officers for banned firearms, especially in states where law enforcement is the only source for these firearms. 

Targeting officers to obtain firearms is one of the primary reasons that surveys by the Police Federation of England and Wales have continued to show police officers considerable resistance to routine arming. In the Federations most recent (2006) Officer/Arming survey, 82% of respondents were against the routine arming of police.

No one seriously believes disarming law enforcement officers in America is an option.  But the primary goal of gun banning Progressives is the incremental disarmament of civilians.  If successful, law enforcement officers who already are in great peril, will be targeted in increased numbers because they will be the only source of prohibited firearms and high capacity magazines.

Gun and magazine bans for law abiding civilians create more danger to both the police and the public.  Civilian guns are 80 times more likely to be used to protect like than take life.  Women use firearms over 200,000 times a year to defend against sexual assaults.

Nations with strict gun control laws have substantially higher murder rates than the United States.  In fact, the nine European nations with the lowest gun ownership rate have a combined murder rate 3 times that of the nine Europeans nations with the highest gun ownership rate.

In the UK where possession of handguns is illegal, violent crime occurs at the rate of 2,034 per 1,000 people. The rate in the United States is 466 violent crimes per 1,000 people.

With one exception, every public mass shooting in the USA since 1950 has taken place in a GUN FREE ZONE, where civilians are banned from carrying guns.

West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin said yesterday on “Fox News Sunday”  that he plans to re-introduce a bill to require gun buyers to undergo criminal and mental health background checks for all online and gun show sales.

The bill will have an effect on law abiding citizens ability to legally purchase firearms.  It will not only have no effect on criminals ability to illegally obtain firearms, it will likely put police officers in greater peril as strict gun control laws in Massachusetts recently did in Boston.


United States of America vs DZHOKHAR TSARNAEV 




UNITED STATES ATTORNEYS OFFICE (By AUSA William Weinreb and AUSA Aloke S. Chakravarty) 1 Courthouse Way, Suite 9000, Boston, Massachusetts 02210, on behalf of the United States of America

OFFICE OF THE FEDERAL PUBLIC DEFENDER, (By Miriam Conrad, Esq., William Fick, Esq., and Timothy Watkins, Esq.) 51 Sleeper Street, 5th Floor, Boston, Massachusetts 02210, on behalf of the Defendant

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