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Choose Personal Responsibility Over Liberal Fascist Statism

The promoter for a popular Dallas nightclub boasted on Twitter Friday that a dozen Dallas Cowboys football players were at the Club Privae. She tweeted that the booze was flowing on the same night Cowboys linebacker Jerry Brown died in a drunk-driving accident.

“These fools buying Ace on top of Ace!!!!” according to a tweet from the account of Kimesha Jackson, the promoter/event coordinator for the Dallas nightclub Privae. Ace is believed to be Ace of Spades, a champagne popular on the nightclub circuit and favored by celebrities.

A few minutes earlier, Jackson sent a tweet saying, “I have 12 Cowboys in theeee building!!!!”

Brown and nose tackle Josh Brent were roommates and best friends.They were among the players at Privae before Brent wrecked his car. There are reports out there that Brent was driving 100mph when his Mercedes hit a curb and flipped “8 or 9 times”. The accident was completely preventable, as the NFL Players Association gives every player a toll free number to get a ride from anywhere to anywhere 24/7/365 with no questions asked for FREE.

According to USA Today Sports, 42 arrests involving NFL players have occurred so far in 2012.

Once again, Bob Costas felt like he needed to weigh in on the tragedy during halftime of Sunday night’s Football Night in America. Last week Costas said that NFL players should be banned from owning guns. He also said that nothing good ever comes from guns.

But this Sunday, Costas did not call for banning NFL players from drinking or owning automobiles. Instead he said that the players needed more education. Seriously? Costas sickens me. For decades he has operated behind the scenes quietly pushing his liberal fascist agenda. Now he’s out of the closet. Guns bad. Booze good. Liberals are into drinking and drugging but not guns.

Liberal fascists don’t believe in freedom or personal responsibility. Do as we say and the state will take care of all the evils in society by passing laws and spending money that less than half the population pays them in federal income tax.

Liberals want to convince you that the tragedy last week involving Jovan Belcher’s murder/suicide could have been avoided if gun ownership was severely restricted or in most cases simply banned.

The Dan Patrick Show’s Director of Operations Patrick “Seton” O’Connor tweeted Sunday night, “Costas should’ve signed off with ‘btw- 224 people were shot to death in the US since my last halftime commentary. Just sayin.’

O’Connor lists his favorite TV Show as MSNBC and Rachel Maddow not only looks like him, she’s his hero. What O’Connor failed to note was that 700 people died in automobile accidents since Costas Belcher lecture.

Why not advocate banning cars and/or booze Seton? Well because Seton and the Danettes love their drink and drugs. Their radio daddy Dan Patrick is sponsored by Dodge Trucks. They ain’t going there for sure. Seton told me last month that guns have only one purpose, “killing people”. Seriously?

Liberal fascists are not only enemies of America and freedom. They are liars and subversives who rely on useful idiots to lap up their propaganda. Well over a million lives are saved every year by firearms, most of which are never fired. Take away guns and the body count increases at least 19,230 a week vs 224.

Both Costas and O’Connor have every right to their opinions. But using Sports programming to promote their liberal fascist agenda is out of bounds. We the people have every right to criticize them and advocate boycotting their shows. Tim Brando has a show on at the same time as Dan Patrick in most markets. Brando has publicly identified himself as a conservative. Listen to it on Yahoo radio or watch it on CBS Sports TV instead of Dan Patrick.

Jim Rome is another competitor of Dan Patrick and he has a much more reasonable take on the Second Amendment than O’Connor and Costas. Rome is a SoCal guy who supports responsible ownership and use of firearms. Listen to the Jim Rome Show on the Premiere Radio Network and watch Rome on CBS Sports and Showtime.

You aren’t going to quit watching Sunday Night Football because of Bob Costas but you can Tweet your dissatisfaction to @NBCsports on Twitter. Contact Football Night in America sponsors and advertisers and express you unhappiness with liberal political commentary during sporting events. Inform your family, friends and co-workers that Costas is a gun grabbing liberal who seeks to repeal all our Second Amendment civil rights because he believes guns are only used for evil.

Wake up America! The Democrats are the Party of tyranny and statism.

“No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government” — Thomas Jefferson, 1 Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334


The Hypocrisy of the Left Knows No Bounds

For the last couple of days I have been engaging in a Twitter conversation with the Director of Operations for the Dan Patrick Show, Patrick Seton OConnor. Hes more commonly known as one of the Danettes. Dan Patrick became well known when he worked as a host on Sports Center, with partner Keith Olbermann back in the day at ESPN (The Mother Ship).

I noticed that OConnor listed MSNBC as his favorite TV show on the dpSHOW bio page . I then Tweeted that listeners would be better served by tuning into the @TimBrando Show and the fight was on.

Brando is a Patriot who also worked at ESPN with Patrick back in the day.  Brando has hosted College Football Today on CBS for years.  He also hosts a weekday sports talk radio program originating from Chateau Brando in Shreveport, Louisiana. The Tim Brando Show can be seen on CBS Sports Network from 9:00 a.m. to noon Central time. The show is also broadcast live on Yahoo Sports Radio, Sirius XM and numerous local radio stations.

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time line for the October 24, 2012 exchange with .  I respect OConnor because like Lawrence ODonnell at MSNBC, at least he admits to being a socialist who advocates redistribution of wealth, free health care and free education from pre-kindergarten through college for all takers. Apparently the University of West Virginia didnt teach OConnor that there are no free lunches or free anything else. The money has to come from somebody. Government prints the currency but it does not make money. The expanding Government is trillions of dollars in debt.The only jobs that government creates are government jobs!  Good for me, but not so good for the other 299 million Americans who cant get one.  The vast majority of Americans depend on small businesses for employment.  Higher taxes create larger government but a smaller pool of taxpayers to fund all the free stuff.

By the way Seton, why stop at a undergrad degree?  Why not a free advanced education?  The country could always use a few more liberal lawyers, right?  And we certainly are going to need more medical doctors willing to work for GS/13 government wages if Obamacare is not substantially changed.

All the talking heads at MSNBC as well as Obama and the Democrat Party believe the same thing.  OConnor and ODonnell are two of the few Progressives who are honest enough to reveal the true agenda of the Democrat Party.  The vast majority of the liberal pundits and politicians go out of their way to hide the fact that they support a Statist / Socialist government to replace the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.

Progressives believe that the Constitution is outdated and too difficult to legally amend. Instead they resort to appointing activist judges who do the dirty work of changing America from a free Republic to a Socialist State. 

Liberals are the most blatant hypocrites on the planet. See Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews on MSNBC for details.

Studies consistently show that conservatives give far more money to charity than liberals.  Millionaire and billionaire Progressives constantly call for higher taxes on the wealthy while employing accountants and lawyers to reduce their tax bills. Virtually none of them voluntarily send money to the U.S. Treasury, an option that is available to everyone in America, including the 47% who dont pay ANY federal income tax.  If you dont think that you are paying your fair share, Uncle Sam is more than happy to accept your check payable to the United States Department of the Treasury. 

OConnor is a young liberal, who Im sure is full of good intentions.  He graduated from West Virginia though his favorite college is Notre Dame. Go figure? He believes that injustice started in the 80s with Reagan, bleeding the middle class.  He believes that nobody can dispute that Reagan took from the poor and gave to the rich. There is no disputing that redistribution of wealth.”

OConnor tweets, the fact is wealth was already redistributed (stolen). Im all about people getting it back. Also for free healthcare, education.”

Dont be too hard on Patrick Seton OConnor though. Most people who work in the main stream media, including the Sports Departments, are just like him. See Keith Olbermann and Peter King for details.

By the way, you can see and hear OConnor on the Dan Patrick Show weekdays, from 9:00 a.m. to noon Eastern time on the Directv Audience Channel (500) and on NBC Sports Channel (603) starting next week.  The @dpSHOW can also be heard on hundreds of radio stations across North America at various times throughout the day.  OConnor also co-hosts the Box Score, which follows The Dan Patrick Show on the Audience and NBC Sports Channels.

Progressives have controlled both the Education System and the Main Stream Media news and entertainment departments in the United States for over fifty years.  The country is now reaping what it sowed in the 1960s. But the soil was prepared back in the 1930s starting with the Progressives and the Communist Party. How did Communism and Socialism work out for USSR, Cuba and China? Europe which has been offering inferior socialized medicine and redistribution of wealth since the 1940s is more broke than the USA. Obama has been doing his best to catch up with Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and even the UK which is cutting government spending by 30% to avoid default.

Last year the Daily Caller reported on an experiment by some young Republicans with liberal college students in California. The hypocrisy of the left, was the subject of the study.

Do you really need a 4.0 GPA? Isn’t that GPA kind of—I don’t know—excessive? Wouldn’t life at your college be fairer and more just if you gave some of your unneeded grade points to another student—a less privileged student—who’s flunking Intro to Psych?

Hey, maybe that student came from a rough background. Maybe he didn’t have the same opportunities that you did. Why not help him out? We’re all compassionate here, are we not?

The College Republicans at the University of California-Merced ask fellow students, who support raising taxes on the rich, if they would be willing to redistribute their GPAs. They don’t think it’s a good idea because they earned their grades.

You can watch the hypocrisy of these young and idealistic liberals in action below:

About a third of voters are in fact Constitutional subversives who want to turn America into a liberal fascist state at worst, a French style socialist state at best.  About a third believe in the Constitution and support the capitalism and the Free Republic founded by our forefathers in 1776. 

But its the last third who decides the outcome of national elections. That third is neither fish nor fowl. They watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Jersey Shore and the X-Factor not FOX News, CNN or even MSNBC.  TMZ is their source for news and information.  They tune into Presidential debates as undecided voters.  Yes, our fate is in the hands of morons who know more about Kim Kardashian than Barack Hussein Obama.

As the Democrats say, Vote early and often.  America is in trouble.