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The Move from .380 to 9mm is ON

Concealed carry is now available (in some form) in every state except Illinois (and the District of Columbia).  Handgun sales are growing at record levels.  That is not going to slow down anytime soon.  Trust me, even if the Obamanation rolls on for another four years, its not going to slow down the concealed carry movement. 

Now that California has outlawed open carry the courts are going to force the land of the fruits and the nuts to implement a realistic & CONSTITUTIONAL concealed carry statute. Illinois will be forced to pass legislation CHL legislation in 2012 after the November elections.  CHL holders are the most law abiding, responsible citizens in the country.  And the bottom line is the Second Amendment, slowly but surely being upheld by the Supreme Court. 

Its no secret that .380 caliber is the most popular size for new CHL holders.  Im not a fan of .380 for personal defense yet even I purchased a Sig P238.  I liked it so much (though I only carry it as a back up) that I got one for my wife and one for my daughter.  My brother in-law liked ours (3 different styles) so much that he went out and bought one.  Then his son-in-law had to have one and his daughter iswell you get the picture.  And the P238 is about twice the price of the most popular .380, the Ruger LCP, which is breaking sales records everyday.

2012 will be a banner year in the move from the .380 to the 9mm for CHL holders.  The Kimber Solo, Kahr PM9 and Diamondback DB9 micros are already out there as is the Beretta Nano.  Sig has started production on the P938 9mm

Yesterday we looked at a Beretta Nano, which I think has the best potential of all the mini 9s out there now.  Im not ready to buy one yet.  But many CHL owners are already in the micro market.  The Academy gun guy told me hes selling at least one Diamondback DB9 a day in spite of its well documented problems (Google it). 

Its too early to tell if the physics for a reliable micro 9mm has been mastered.  But I can assure you that all of the manufacturers, including the gold standard, GLOCK is working on it. Theres GOLD in them there hills! More and more casual CHL holders are going to upgrade to 9mm for self defense. 

Berretta has been owned by the same family for some five hundred years. The Beretta company was established in 1526  Thats not a typo!  DiamondBack hasnt been around long enough to warrant a page on Wikipedia. 

Well be watching the Nano closely and will let you know if we decide to buy one.  Heres the Official video. Hickok45 has not weighed in on the Nano yet, but youll find that many others already have posted Nano YouTube videos