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Commuter Alert: Dallas is One of the Most Dangerous Cities in USA

Dallas police are looking for a suspect who shot and killed a security officer on Friday night.

The family of Rufino Hernandez said he died doing his job trying to protect the innocent who lived in a high crime apartment complex.

Cassie Hernandez couldnt hold back the tears as she shared pictures and talked about her beloved father. I just called him Smiley, because he was always smiling really big, she said.

The father of two was killed Friday night in the guard shack at the Pecan Way Apartments in South Dallas. Police said someone robbed him, stole his gun, and shot him. Its absolutely senseless with him, said friend Brandon Moreno. He had no enemies.

Hernandez’ family said he wanted to open his own security firm because thats what he loved to do. “He wanted to make sure that people were safe around him, Moreno said.

Hernandez knew his job was dangerous. The apartment complex he guarded is considered by Dallas police to be among the most dangerous in the city. Dallas police officers dont respond to calls there until at least four officers can enter together. Welcome to Dallas!

The apartments are north of Interstate Highway 20 between Highway 67 and 75. All three highways are major commuter routes to downtown Dallas and points north. Law-abiding commuters should seriously considering carry a fire arm in their vehicles. Non prohibited persons do not need a permit to carry a concealed handgun in their vehicle in Texas. Arm yourself and always be aware of your surroundings.

On Saturday morning, WFAA News 8 observed half a dozen squad cars respond to a minor incident at the complex.

The police actually said he was crazy for being there by himself in those complexes, Moreno said.

Hernandez would have been 43 on today. His family was planning a birthday celebration that now will be a funeral. “He always treated everyone good…, Hernandez told WFAA, adding the two of them joked around as she drove him to work on his final night. She takes comfort in that. I said, I love you. Take care. But I know hes with me and always going to be, and I know that, she said.

Dallas police did not have any suspects in the murder of Rufino Hernandez. Dallas is a very dangerous city and murders happen almost daily in Dallas County.