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RIP Beano Cook 1931-2012

Carroll Hoff Beano Cook (September 1, 1931 – October 10, 2012) was a college football historian   and commentator who had worked for ESPN since 1986. 

He received his B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh in 1954, the year I was born.  

Beano was the sports publicist for the University of Pittsburgh from 1956 to March 1966, worked for the Miami Dolphins for one season, and later served as a publicist for both ABC and CBS in New York. It was Beano who was most influential in deciding the ONE college game viewers would see on Saturday afternoon back in the day.

Bean died in his sleep Wednesday night at the age of 81. His breadth of knowledge of the history of the college game earned him the moniker, the Cardinal of College Football. Most recently, Cook and ESPN.com senior college football writer Ivan Maisel shared the microphone on a weekly podcast. Cook also chatted regularly with ESPN.com users. I last heard him on the Tim Brando Radio Show ten days ago before his death.

Said ESPN College GameDay host Chris Fowler: Cook was an American original. His passion, depth and breadth of knowledge, and humor were unique. He was an invaluable early mentor to me and friend. His imprint can still be seen on GameDay each week.

One of Cooks most famous quips came in 1981, after then-commissioner Bowie Kuhn offered lifetime passes to baseball games to U.S. hostages returning from Iran. Havent they suffered enough? Cook said.

He also was afraid to fly, often citing that one of the words associated with any airport is terminal.

You only have to bat a thousand in two things flying and heart transplants, Cook once said. Everything else, you can go 4-for-5.

A neighbor gave him the nickname Beano when he moved to Pittsburgh from Boston as a child ( Oh, from Boston, like the beans).

Beano served in the U.S. Army for two years after graduating from Pittsburgh and lived in Pittsburgh for 74 years until his death.  Nobody knew and loved college football  as much as Beano.  He was one of a kind.  There will never be another Beano Cook.


Roger Goodell's NFL has Turned the Wolf into a Futbol Fan

Im not a fan of Roger Goodell or his new brand of NFL football.  Goodell is a PR Czar kind of guy who has decided to mold the NFL brand into his own image.  Ignoring, universal rule #1, if it aint broke dont try and fix it, Goodell is building a kinder gentler product on the field while ruling with an iron fist from his office in Manhatten.

Thanks to Roger Ive discovered original English football, a game we call soccer in America.  Ive had a casual interest in soccer since high school but now with the miracle of the Internet and Directv, I can become as informed a fan as the most fanatic hooligan in Manchester. I can watch live games just about everyday if Im so inclined.

Barclays English Premier League is futbol at the highest level.  The EPL is able to attract the best players in the world.  But there are also excellent leagues in Europe and throughout the world. La Liga, UEFA, Bundesliga, Serie A and countless others.

Football, Futbol, Soccer is truly the Worlds favorite sport.  Most Americans however could care less about the great game.  But fortunately for me, Im not one of those and the more I get into football, espeically the EPL and UEFA, it the more I like it. 

The more I hear from Roger Goodell, the less I like the NFL.  Today the NFL announced that replacement officials will be working the first regular season game.  Roger Goodell is arrogant enough to believe that you are stupid enough to believe that anyone can officiate an NFL game. 

Just ask Jerry Jones who said he could find 500 coaches to replace Jimmy Johnson and still win.  In a way Jerry was correct.  The Cowboys have won a single playoff game in the last 15 years.  And guess what, the Cowboys are still the second most valuable sporting franchise in the world (behind Manchester United).  The Networks still give the Cowboys more coverage than any team in the League and the Cowboys franchise is still the most liked and most hated in the NFL. Jerry is making money and he thanks you for your support.

Goodell is gambling that he can do the same with the rest of the NFL.  See David Stern over at the NBA for details.  

Dont get me wrong, I will watch the Cowboys games and some of the other NFL games available Sunday, Monday and now Thursday.  Ill be watching college football too.  Im a sports fan.  I love the drama, the unpredictably and the low cost entertainment that sports played at the highest level provide.  I admire and respect the talent and skills of the players and coaches. 

However, I dont look to the players as role models no more than I look at actors in that manner.  Their job is to be the best they can at what they do while entertaining the rest of us.  I dont care what their politics are, dont care if they go to strip clubs or run around on their wives or even if they pay their taxes or hit their mamas.  I dont care how much they are paid and dont care that most of them will be broke within five years of leaving the game.

I do care that Roger Goodell thinks Im an idiot and I do care that hes a hypocrite. He punished the New Orleans Saints to make an example out of them. Yet the Saints were doing what every NFL team has been doing for the last 75 years.  He decided to make an example out of them so he (and his league) would look good. 

Political correctness is a cancer found every where these days.  See Bud Selig and Barry Bonds or Lance Armstrong and USADA for details.  Armstrong was doing what all the cyclists were doing at the time.  So was Barry Bonds.  Take away Armstrongs seven Toure de France wins and give them to other confirmed dopers.  Oh yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Throw Barry Bonds under the bus to make youself feel better about allowing steroids to save baseball after the strike.  Yeah, thats the ticket. 

But guess what, I dont care.  I enjoy watching LeToure and dont care about any of the riders legacies. I still watch baseball and dont care about the steroids era one way or the other.   I watch to be entertained just like some of you watch ghost hunting, reality shows or Mexican soap operas.  Each to his own.

Thanks to the miracle of a 60 inch HD (and sometimes 3D) TV, I watch from the comfort of my Lazy Boy.  Cowboys Stadium is just 12 miles from my Lazy Boy and even if Jerry Jones gave me 50 yard line tickets, I have a better seat at the Wolf Den. Ah, the miracle of technology

But for those of you who still like to attend games, Roger Goodell has some new rules in play.  Dont get pissed at those replacement refs and attract the attention of one of those minimum wage yellow jacket security morons.

Roger has instituted a new policy in which fans ejected from a stadium will be required to take a 4 hour online course before they are allowed to return to an NFL facility.  I kid you not.

According to ESPN the course focuses on drinking, anger management and crude behavior.  If an ejected fan (there were around 7,000 last season) does not complete the course and is found on stadium property, he or she will be arrested.  Now you know why they call it the No Fun League. 

If I wanted to take bullshit online political correctness courses, I would have hung on with the federal government for a few more years. At least they paid me to waste my time learning how to be PC.

Oh well. Not for me to worry.  I may be an old man but Im a new fan of the beautiful game of football.  Its easier to crack the code on an offside pass in futbol than pass interference in the NFL. There are games to watch everyday if Im so inclined, thanks to FOX Soccer, BEin Sports, GOL-TV and ESPN.   Its all about options.  Life is Good even with Goodell, who cant rain on my parade even with replacement officals. 

Not for nothing, but if you are inclined to wage on regular season NFL games officiated by NCAA Division 2 refs at best,  Lingerie Bowl refs at worst, youve got too much money, too little sense or a gambling problem. Of course you are going to wager, thats the reason America loves football as much as England loves football. Take the UNDER 9.5 wins for the Cowboys this season.  Yeah, they gonna suck again this year. See the Texas Longhorns for details. Boomer Sooners!

Have a Bonzer Day!


Cart Game within the Game at Cowboys Stadium

In case you missed it, heres the great cart caper from Cowboys Stadium during the High School Championship playoffs yesterday.


Bowl Schedule 

All times Eastern

Jan. 9 BCS National Championship at New Orleans 8:30pm (ESPN): LSU vs. ALABAMA

Jan. 8 GoDaddy.com Bowl at Mobile, Ala., 9pm (ESPN)

Jan. 7 BBVA Compass Bowl at Birmingham, Ala., Noon (ESPN): PITTSBURGH vs. SMU

Jan. 6 Cotton Bowl at Arlington, Texas, 8pm (FOX): KANSAS STATE vs. ARKANSAS

Jan. 4 Orange Bowl at Miami, 8pm (ESPN): CLEMSON vs. WEST VIRGINIA

Jan. 3 Sugar Bowl at New Orleans, 8pm (ESPN): MICHIGAN vs. VIRGINIA TECH

Jan. 2 Fiesta Bowl at Glendale, Ariz., 8:30pm (ESPN): OKLAHOMA STATE vs. STANFORD

Jan. 2 Rose Bowl at Pasadena, Calif., 5pm (ESPN): WISCONSIN vs. OREGON

Jan. 2 Gator Bowl at Jacksonville, Fla., 1pm (ESPN2): OHIO STATE vs. FLORIDA

Jan. 2 Outback Bowl at Tampa, Fla., 1pm (ABC): MICHIGAN STATE vs. GEORGIA

Jan. 2 Capital One Bowl at Orlando, Fla., 1pm (ESPN): NEBRASKA vs. SOUTH CAROLINA

Jan. 2 TicketCity Bowl at Dallas, Noon (ESPNU): HOUSTON vs. PENN STATE

Dec. 31 Chick-fil-A Bowl at Atlanta, 7:30pm (ESPN): VIRGINIA vs. AUBURN

Dec. 31 Fight Hunger Bowl at San Francisco, 3:30pm (ESPN)

Dec. 31 Liberty Bowl at Memphis, Tenn., 3:30pm (ESPN)

Dec. 31 Sun Bowl at El Paso, Texas, 2pm (CBS): GEORGIA TECH vs. UTAH

Dec. 31 Meinke Car Care Bowl at Houston, Noon (ESPN): TEXAS A&M vs. NORTHWESTERN

Dec. 30 Insight Bowl at Tempe, Ariz., 10pm (ESPN)

Dec. 30 Music City Bowl at Nashville, Tenn., 6:40pm (ESPN)

Dec. 30 Pinstripe Bowl at Bronx, N.Y., 3:30pm (ESPN): RUTGERS vs. IOWA STATE

Dec. 30 Armed Forces Bowl at Dallas, Noon (ESPN): TULSA vs. BYU

Dec. 29 Alamo Bowl at San Antonio, 9pm (ESPN)

Dec. 29 Champs Sports Bowl at Orlando, Fla., 5:30pm (ESPN)

Dec. 28 Holiday Bowl at San Diego, 8pm (ESPN)

Dec. 28 Military Bowl at Washington, 4:30pm (ESPN)

Dec. 27 Belk Bowl at Charlotte, N.C., 8pm (ESPN)

Dec. 27 Little Caesars Pizza Bowl at Detroit, 4:30pm (ESPN2)

Dec. 26 Independence Bowl at Shreveport, La.,4pm (ESPN)

Dec. 24 Hawaii Bowl at Honolulu, 8pm (ESPN)

Dec. 22 MAACO Bowl at Las Vegas, 8pm (ESPN)

Dec. 21 Poinsettia Bowl at San Diego, 8pm (ESPN)

Dec. 20 Beef OBradys Bowl at St. Petersburg, Fla., 8pm (ESPN)

Dec. 17 New Orleans Bowl, 9pm (ESPN)

Dec. 17 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl at Boise, Idaho, 5:30pm (ESPN): OHIO vs. UTAH STATE

Dec. 17 New Mexico Bowl at Albuquerque, 2pm (ESPN)


Big XII BCS Report Card for Week 14

The Baylor Bears of the Big XII Conference of nine teams (in 2012 if WVA loses court battle) come in at No. 17 in the BCS Rankings for Week 14.  The Bears need several teams in front of them to lose for them to climb into at-large bid territory. Baylor has one last chance to impress voters this Saturday when they take on No. 22 TEXAS, the biggest under achiever in the FBS.

How the hell is Texas still ranked in the top 25? A Bears longhorn butt whipping will correct that error. By the way, do you think any of us will live long enough to see Texas A&M ranked in the BCS poll after they join the SEC in July?  Methinks not. See Vanderbilt and Kentucky for details.

LSU and Alabama remain in the top two spots are are followed by Oklahoma State and Stanford. Virginia Tech enters the top five for the first time on the eve of its match up with Clemson in the ACC Championship game. 

Undefeated Houston climbs to No. 6 one spot ahead of Boise State. Arkansas slips to No. 8 after falling to LSU. Oregon comes in at No. 9 while Oklahoma rounds out the top 10. 

Other Big XII teams include Kansas State at No. 11, Texas No. 22 and Missouri (joining SEC in 2012) at No. 25. TCU (joining the Big XII in 2012) is ranked is No. 18 in the BCS.

Here is a look at the full BCS Rankings for Week 14:


BCS Harris Poll USA Today Computer Rankings
1 LSU 1.0000 1 1 2875 1.0000 1 1475 1.0000 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.000
2 Alabama .9551 2 2 2756 .9586 2 1411 .9566 2 3 2 3 2 2 2 .950
3 Oklahoma State .8712 4 5 2414 .8397 5 1245 .8441 3 2 3 2 3 3 3 .930
4 Stanford .8559 6 3 2512 .8737 4 1289 .8739 4 4 4 5 8 10 5 .820
5 Virginia Tech .7811 5 4 2438 .8480 3 1291 .8753 10 8 9 9 13 18 11 .620
6 Houston .7399 8 6 2147 .7468 6 1096 .7431 8 5 12 8 9 8 6 .730
7 Boise State .7027 7 8 2092 .7277 8 1033 .7003 9 9 7 6 14 12 8 .680
8 Arkansas .7003 3 9 1971 .6856 10 937 .6353 6 10 8 13 4 4 4 .780
9 Oregon .6862 10 7 2107 .7329 7 1041 .7058 10 15 5 12 12 9 9 .620
10 Oklahoma .6710 9 10 1768 .6150 11 882 .5980 5 6 6 4 6 6 10 .800
11 Kansas State .5702 11 15 1348 .4689 15 681 .4617 6 7 10 7 5 5 7 .780
12 South Carolina .5684 12 14 1554 .5405 13 833 .5647 12 11 13 10 10 11 12 .600
13 Michigan State .5369 14 11 1704 .5927 9 941 .6380 16 17 11 16 18 20 15 .380
14 Georgia .5348 13 12 1613 .5610 14 816 .5532 14 13 16 14 11 14 14 .490
15 Wisconsin .4576 16 13 1567 .5450 12 852 .5776 19 19 14 18 24 25 18 .250
16 Michigan .4310 15 16 1256 .4369 16 658 .4461 15 12 17 11 17 22 17 .410
17 Baylor .3910 18 18 900 .3130 18 457 .3098 13 14 18 15 7 7 13 .550
18 TCU .3310 20 17 980 .3409 17 534 .3620 18 21 15 19 23 19 16 .290
19 Nebraska .2578 21 19 773 .2689 19 390 .2644 20 18 19 17 25 24 19 .240
20 Clemson .1979 17 20 632 .2198 21 286 .1939 21 22 20 21 22 23 21 .180
21 Penn State .1382 19 22 415 .1443 22 192 .1302 23 20 21 20 0 0 23 .140
22 Texas .1334 25 25 160 .0557 NR 51 .0346 17 16 0 22 15 13 20 .310
23 West Virginia .1241 NR 21 495 .1722 20 295 .2000 29 0 0 25 0 0 0 .000
24 Southern Miss .0724 NR 23 287 .0998 23 173 .1173 29 0 0 24 0 0 0 .000
25 Missouri .0588 NR NR 16 .0056 NR 16 .0108 22 23 24 0 16 15 25 .160