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Area High School Football Playoffs



Division I

El Paso Franklin (W1, 10-1) vs. Arlington Bowie (R4, 8-3), 1 p.m. Friday, Grande Communications Stadium, Midland

Cedar Hill (W5, 8-3) vs. Southlake Carroll (W7, 11-0), 11 a.m. Saturday, Cowboys Stadium, Arlington

San Angelo Central (W2, 9-2) vs. Arlington Martin (W4, 10-1), 7:30 p.m. Friday, Cravens Field, Arlington

Euless Trinity (W6, 11-0) vs. Allen 2 p.m. Saturday, Cowboys Stadium, Arlington

Division II

El Paso Montwood (W1, 9-2) vs. Abilene (W3, 8-3), 7 p.m. Friday, Grande Communications Stadium, Midland

Mansfield (W5, 10-1) vs. Denton Guyer (R7, 8-3), 8 p.m. Saturday, Cowboys Stadium, Arlington

Amarillo (W2, 8-3) vs. Abilene Cooper (R3, 8-3), 2 p.m. Saturday, Jones AT&T Stadium, Lubbock

Mansfield Timberview (R5, 9-2) vs. Flower Mound Marcus (W8, 10-1), 5 p.m. Saturday, Cowboys Stadium, Arlington


Division I

El Paso Chapin (W1, 9-2) vs Wichita Falls Rider (R4, 8-3), Saturday, Ratliff Stadium, Odessa, Time TBA

Fort Worth Arlington Heights (R6, 9-2) vs. Killeen (R8, 7-4), TBA

El Paso Andress (R1, 8-3) vs. Denton Ryan (W4, 11-0), Noon Saturday, Grande Communications Stadium, Midland

Saginaw Boswell (R5, 7-4) vs. Waco Midway (W8, 8-2), 7:30 p.m. Friday, Midlothian HS

Division II

El Paso Riverside (R2, 8-3) vs. Randall (W3, 10-1), TBA

Aledo (W5, 9-2) vs. Mansfield Summit (W7, 10-1), 7:30 p.m. Friday, Burleson Stadium, Burleson

El Paso Burges (R1, 9-2) vs. Lake Dallas (W4, 8-3), TBA

Trophy Club Byron Nelson (R5, 7-4) vs. Stephenville (W8, 9-2), 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Cowboys Stadium, Arlington


Jerry Sandusky: Sexual Predator

Once considered Joe Paternos heir apparent at Penn State University, Jerry Sandusky instead became the man who brought him down. 

Paterno was ousted Wednesday night by Penn States board of trustees — even though hed said earlier in the day he would retire at the end of his 46th season — fired because he didnt do enough to stop a child sex abuse-scandal centered around Sandusky. The architect of Linebacker U and Paternos most trusted assistant for most of three decades, Sandusky is charged with molesting eight boys between 1994 and 2009.

Completely floored. I wouldve never imagined this, said Buffalo Bills safety Bryan Scott, who played at Penn State from 1999-2002 and roomed with Sanduskys son, Jon, on road trips his freshman year.

He was a stand-up guy the way he interacted with the team, Scott said, and even around the kids.

Indeed, there was a time when Sandusky, who through his lawyer denies the charges against him, was revered in these parts.

A defensive end at Penn State from 1963-66, he returned in 1969 and spent the next three decades on Paternos staff, the last 22 as defensive coordinator. Paterno and his old-school values gave Penn State its identity, from the plain blue-and-white jerseys without names to the impressive graduation rate and squeaky-clean reputation.

But it was Sanduskys defensive wizardry that gave the Nittany Lions their bite.

Paterno likely would not have won national titles from 1982 and 1986 without Sandusky. Vinny Testaverde probably still has nightmares about the Nittany Lions after Sanduskys defense picked him off five times and forced two fumbles in the 1987 Fiesta Bowl, a 14-10 win that gave Penn State its second national title in five years.

Of the 43 first-team All-Americans Penn State had from 1977, when Sandusky took control of the defense, to 1999, when he retired, 18 were defensive players. He churned out one NFL-caliber linebacker after another: Jack Ham, Matt Millen, Shane Conlan, LaVar Arrington, just to name a few.

I owed my success in college to Jers unique ability to identify our strengths and alter his game plans to fit what we all were good at, Arrington said Monday in the blog he writes for the Washington Post. His ability to teach, in my opinion, was amazing and unmatched.

But an entire stadium doesnt give an assistant coach a standing ovation, like Sandusky got at his final home before he retired in 1999, regardless of how great his schemes are. Not even here.

No, the affection and admiration for Sandusky was equally rooted in what appeared to be his selfless devotion to troubled kids.

Sanduskys father, Art, had run the Brownson House Recreation Center in his hometown of Washington, Pa., spending so much time with the neighborhood youth that he eventually moved his wife and a young Jerry into an apartment in the building. His fathers dedication left an impression, Sandusky said, and he started The Second Mile charity in 1977.

The foundation provided education and life skills to almost 100,000 at-risk kids each year, and had the support of prominent names in Pennsylvania athletics. Numerous Nittany Lions players and coaches pitched in to help, and its honorary board of directors included not just Paterno, but golfing great Arnold Palmer and retired Pittsburgh Steelers star Franco Harris.

Sandusky appeared to take a personal interest in the lives of dozens of children, bringing them to Penn State practices and games and introducing them to the players who were idolized in this small community. The door to his house was always open, to say nothing of an extra place at the dinner table.

Of the six kids Sandusky and his wife, Dottie, adopted, three were foster children whod been in their care.

You talk about the kind of great human beings there are as far as caring for people, then-defensive line coach Joe Sarra said when Sandusky retired. They dont come much finer than that man.

Those words have a different echo now.

When I was there, coach Paterno was a great man and Coach Sandusky the same, said Anthony Adams, who played defensive tackle at Penn State from 1999-02 and is now with the Chicago Bears. It was a complete shock to me.

Sandusky had long been expected to succeed Paterno, and he reportedly turned down jobs at Marshall, Temple and Maryland in hopes the aging coach would soon retire. But Paterno came to feel that Sandusky was spending too much of his time on The Second Mile, and he told his assistant around May 1999 that Sandusky would not be the next head coach at Penn State.

Joe had said, You cant do both, you cant have two masters, Paternos son, Scott, recalled earlier this week.

Sandusky cited his desire to devote more time to The Second Mile when he took early retirement following the 1999 season. But even though he was not particularly close with Paterno, he remained a familiar sight around the Penn State football complex. He was given an office in the East Area Locker building, across the street from the football building, as part of his retirement package, and would bring Second Mile kids around the football facilities.

There were times where I was around his Second Mile kids, and to me what it seemed was a great program, Scott said.

But the truth, the Pennsylvania attorney general said, is far more sordid.

Sandusky was a sexual predator, according to the indictment against him, using the foundation and his Penn State connections to prey on young boys. And, in two instances, the alleged assaults took place on Penn State property.

A janitor said he saw a boy about 11 to 13 pinned against a wall while Sandusky performed oral sex on him in fall 2000, the grand jury said. Two years later, then-graduate assistant Mike McQueary went to Paterno and reported seeing a naked Sandusky in the Penn State showers, sodomizing a boy of about 10.

To everyone who continues to ask me about the report yes i have it but i wont read it, Arrington said on Twitter. Its like seeing a family member in a casket.

Paterno notified the athletic director, Tim Curley, and a vice president, Gary Schultz, about what McQueary told him in 2002. Both have since been charged with failing to report the incident to the authorities.

Paterno was not accused of any legal wrongdoing. But he has been criticized for not doing more to stop Sandusky, with the state police commissioner calling it a lapse in moral responsibility. And Paterno himself said Wednesday he wished hed done more, calling it one of the great sorrows of my life.

To me, Joe Paterno is still a great man and he will always be a legend. Unfortunately his legacy will be tainted, obviously, by this, said Paul Posluszny, a two-time All-American linebacker at Penn State who now plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Thats unfortunate, but thats the reality of the situation.


Penn State Drops the Ball

This 23-page grand jury report  was the product of a multi-year investigation. Top university officials were questioned under oath about the alleged rape of a young boy on campus by former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. The state attorney general was running an explosive probe into child-sex-abuse charges that might later be shared with a horrified public.

And yet, the very institution whose top officials had been hauled before investigators, a behemoth with a $4.1 billion annual budget and a College of Communications billed as the countrys largest, appeared to have no plan for the public-relations crisis that blew up as the report went public Saturday.

In other words, Pennsylvania State University, mystifyingly and to its great detriment, dropped the ball.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer: Ive seen crises where a client gets a call out of the blue and somethings blown up, and those are around-the-clock, 24/7, in-the-heat-of-the-moment response strategies, said Joe Crivelli, senior vice president of Gregory FCA, a public- and investor-relations firm in Ardmore. But for something like this, where theres lead time to prepare for when this would be made public? Kind of mind-boggling.


What Happy Valley Knew About Sandusky

Transcript from From Rush Linbaugh.com on November 10, 2011

RUSH: You know, this Penn State story. Joe Paterno was fired yesterday. There are all kinds of rumors circulating in this story now. Thats all they are is just rumors. But this aspect of it here is interesting. This is from NBC Philadelphia. Why didn’t Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar prosecute Jerry Sandusky the first time he was accused in 1998? which is a good question. We may never know, as Gricar disappeared in 2005. He was declared dead last year, and theyve never found the body. It is strange that Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar never prosecuted Jerry Sandusky on child-rape charges 13 years ago, some speculate, because Gricar was known for being fiercely independent and hard on crime, but he didnt prosecute Sandusky.

But it is even stranger that we cannot ask Gricar why Sandusky was not put behind bars, because the tough-as-nails district attorney disappeared in 2005. And though he was declared dead July of this year, his body has never been found. People ask why Ray did not prosecute, and I have no problem saying, because he clearly felt he didnt have a case for a successful prosecution, Tony Gricar, Ray Gricars nephew, told The Patriot-News. So his nephew is saying if he didnt prosecute, he didnt have the goods. Now, ladies and gentlemen, I was in Pittsburgh over the weekend (I was there for the Steelers-Ravens game) and thats when I first heard about this. I dont know. Should I mention this? Im gonna mention this to you because as you can imagine theres always more.

I always say, Theres always more to a story than what is ever reported about it in the media. This is not a media criticism. The media always knows more than they report, like the recent Sarkozy and Obama bashing Netanyahu. Look at that. It took five days for that to come out. Theres always more to a story than what is reported. I was told over the weekend by somebody who would know (Im not gonna mention any names, but this person would know) that Jerry Sanduskys behavior was widely known. It was not something that was quietly whispered about. It was widely known, and there were people who laughed about it and they even dont know who they is but there was a dessert concoction created called the Sandusky.

It was an ice cream cone upside down with two scoops to portray male genitalia. Yeah, that was the Sandusky. Now, what does that mean? It doesnt mean anything. It just means that there were some people laughing about it. I dont know that they were involved. I dont know who the they is. Yeah, okay, its Gree-kar, the DA that has been pronounced dead is Gricar. Okay, so thats where we got the pronunciation right. I guarantee you for Joe Pa to go and the board of trustees to send everybody packing, you know theres gonna be more coming out about this and I wouldnt be surprised if its disgusting, and there is, as I said yesterday, a huge elephant in the room here that nobodys talking about here in terms of what this really is. Nobody. Ahem. I might be just by alluding to it, but its up to you, of course, to connect the dots. In Rio Linda, they get it. I guarantee you they know what Im talking about.


RUSH: All right, I have a picture here of the Sandusky, the ice cream delight served at Penn State.  Im gonna show it to you here on the Dittocam in just a second, but let me describe it to you.  Penn State makes a banana flavored Jerry Sandusky ice cream.  When you see it, and this outfit here, Penn State Creamery, they have a hundred different flavors of ice cream, some of them were named after famous Penn State figures.  But when you see this it will become obvious that this is named after Sandusky. 

So at Penn State, the Penn State Creamery, a hundred different flavors named after famous Penn State figures, one of them Jerry Sandusky who now faces felony charges, sexual abuse against minors. Its a banana flavored desert, ice cream dish, and by reputation, its the only ice cream dish on the menu where you dont have to ask if you want nuts, and there it is.  This is the Sandusky on the Dittocam. (interruption) Whats that? Oh, they did take it off the menu on Monday?  Oh, sorry, we just found out about it today. Darn it, we were late learning that.  But there it is. As I say its the only dessert on the menu at the Penn State Creamery that you didnt have to ask if you wanted nuts on it.  Thats the Sandusky.  I know that I might have been acting this could have been sexual harassment if Sharon Bialek happened to be watching the program.  I didnt think of that.  Well, well just have to see what happens.


Joe Paterno Deserves Worse Than Being Fired

Joe Paterno deserved this fate.  He deserves worse than being fired. Joe Paterno is a fraud who cared about himself more than anyone else.  Paterno made a decision to cover up for a heinous pedophile.  Patrno turned  a blind eye to the fate of countless children, victims of child molester Jerry Sandusky.

Paterno had to know better. His coaching career was supposed to be based on being better. He was portrayed as THE role model of college football.

He had to be better than this.  In fact he was worst than we could imagine. Paterno had to go.

Wednesday night, the Penn State board of trustees announced that Paterno was fired effective immediately.  His reign over Penn State was over 46 years after it began.

All Paterno had to do to save his job and reputation over a decade ago was to immediately alert police to Sanduskys actions once the child-abuse had been discovered in 1998.  He didnt even purge the former defensive coordinator from all association with the Penn State program after a graduate assistant observed Sandusky raping a ten year old boy on the Penn State campus.

Paterno wasnt a football saint.  He wasnt the most ethical coach of all time.  In fact his inaction and enabling of a child molster makes him the greatest failure in the history of college football. 

If Paterno had done what 99% of us would have done, Sandusky wouldve been long gone from the Penn State program in 2002 or sooner.  Sanduskys work with an at-risk childrens charity would have ended, and Sandusky would have been sentenced to prison years ago.

But Paterno chose another route: He decided that Joe Paterno came first.

Thats why Paterno had to go now, immediately, ASAP. He could not be the Penn State football coach any longer, because he couldnt be trusted to lead any longer. Can you imagine Paterno coaching in the Rose Bowl game in January?

For more than four decades at Penn State, Paterno had been the symbol of striving for higher ideals while playing college football at the highest level. This was an illusion.  Joe Paterno is a fraud.

Joe Paterno had simply decided that his own legend was more important than the safety of countless young boys.

When the safety of these boys was at stake Paterno looked away.

And the system he created made sure that if he looked away, the entirety of the Penn State hierarchy looked away, too. Joe Paterno ran Penn State not the President of the University. 

Penn State decided to look away for the good of the school and program. For the good of Paternos career and legacy.

And nothing else mattered.

It was about Paternos victory total, which is now 409, the most of any coach in major college football history. It was about what the football team means to the university, to the community, and to the sport.

For Paterno and those surrounding him thats all that mattered. For those in the Penn State community who were outraged by Paternos ouster and rioted in the streets last night, thats all they still care about.

But this is what really matters: Sandusky was charged with molesting eight young boys between 1994 and 2009 through his charitable foundation, The Second Mile.

What matters: Paterno was the only man at Penn State in position to stop this, and Paterno didnt stop it.

If Paterno didnt know about the early charges against Sandusky, he shouldve known. And once he knew for sure in 2002,  Paterno as the unofficial head of the Penn State Universe, had the choice to make.

Protect himself and the institution or protect the children.

Paterno picked himself first, than the institution, and his friend Sandusky.

In an attempt to control the endgame, Paterno announced earlier Wednesday that he would retire at the end of the season and coach the rest of the season.

This is a tragedy, Paterno said in the Wednesday statement. It is one of the great sorrows of my life. With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more.

But he didnt do more. When a graduate assistant witnessed Sandusky molesting a boy in the shower in 2002, then told Paterno, its hard to imagine Paterno doing any less than he did.

This is what often happens with many coaching legends at the end. Theyre so engrossed in the program and themselves,  thats all they know or care about.

Theyre not full-fledged humans any more. Theyre walking, talking, egotistic monsters.

Paterno had to go, because he was the man in charge. He was the institution. He created it and besides Sandusky, Paterno was most responsible for what happened to those innocent children.  The institution failed and by his own admission, Joe Paterno failed.  

Go to hell, JoePa. Grand Jury Report on Penn State Child Abuse Sex Scandal