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Collapse of Big East Could Force Notre Dame into a BCS Conference

The Big East is down to six football schools without TCU: West Virginia, Louisville, Cincinnati, South Florida, Rutgers and Connecticut.

The Big Easts nonfootball members are: DePaul, Marquette, St. Johns, Seton Hall, Villanova, Georgetown, Providence and Notre Dame.

Air Force, which is in the Mountain West Conference, and Navy, an independent in football, have been at the top of the Big Easts wish list as football-only members, but one of the people who spoke to the AP said those two schools were cautious about joining a league that seems so unsettled.

East Carolina has applied for membership to the Big East, and fellow Conference USA members Central Florida and Memphis long have been looking to join a conference with an automatic bid to the Bowl Championship Series.

Temple, which was pushed out of the Big East in 2005 and joined the Mid-American Conference in 2007, also has been mentioned as a possible candidate to rejoin.

Without firm commitments from current Big East members to stay put, Marinatto could have a hard time moving forward. West Virginia and Louisville have been mentioned as possible targets if the Big 12 adds more schools.

TCU would replace Texas A&M, which is leaving for the Southeastern Conference, and give the Big 12 10 members again. But for how long?

Earlier this week Missouri announced its intentions to explore a jump to another conference. Missouri could be headed to the SEC, but theres no guarantee that league wants the Tigers.

Now the Big 12 and the Big East are waiting to see what Missouri does. If the Tigers stay put, the Big East is less likely to lose additional members.

Notre Dame competes in the Big East in everything except football and wants very much to remain an independent in football. But if the Big East were to collapse, that could force the Fighting Irish to join a BCS conference.


TCU to Join Big XII Conference

Breaking News: Sources report that TCU will accept an invitation to the Big XII Conference, paying $5 million to be released from Big East commitment. Missouri is still undecided about staying or leaving. BYU and/or Louisville are expected receive an invitation if Missouri leaves for the SEC. The Big XII is committed to a ten team league (for now).


Big 12 on Course to Become Big 8

It wasnt too long ago that Missouri chancellor Brady Deaton spoke of working every day to hold the Big 12 together. Now hes been tasked with helping decide whether the Tigers are the latest program to leave a troubled conference fighting for its future.

ESPN and the Associated Press reported that University curators voted unanimously Tuesday night to consider leaving the Big 12 instead of committing to the league for the long term. The governing boards members agreed unanimously after a 4-hour closed meeting at the systems St. Louis campus to give Deaton authority to look elsewhere, specifically any and all actions necessary to fully explore options on conference affiliation.which best serve the (schools) interest.

Just one day earlier, the conference announced that presidents and chancellors of the remaining nine members, including Deaton, had agreed to equal revenue sharing and to seek approval from each university to hand over the most lucrative television rights to the conference for six years.

Now it looks as if the Big 12 might be losing two members for the second straight year. One year ago, Nebraska defected from the Big 12 to the Big Ten, with Colorado also leaving for what is now the Pac-12. Speculation has centered on a possible Missouri move to the Southeastern Conference, which recently agreed to accept Texas A&M from the Big 12 starting next year.

When the Longhorns entered the league in 1996 and stipulated inequitable revenue sharing, Texas bargained from a position of strength. If the (former) Big Eight schools wanted the ‘Horns, they had to meet UTs demands.  The other big money-makers — OU, A&M, Nebraska — never dreamed that Texas could land a deal like the $300-million, 20-year contract with ESPN.

Texas-OU week has arrived, and the most dominant force in college football is neither player nor coach. A little-seen cable channel lords over the sport in this autumn of 2011. The Longhorn Network has reshaped the landscape. Gone are Colorado and Nebraska. Sent Texas A&M screaming to the SEC last month. Might do the same to Missouri.  Blame it on UT!


Texas Longhorns Continue to Oppose TCU in Big XII

With all nine Big 12 presidents announcing their intentions tonight to remain in the league, the latest development in conference realignment could become problematic for the Big East, which now has to be on guard for yet another raid on its membership — this one from the West.

In addition to remaining whole, the Big 12 said its expansion committee has been reactivated, with the first goal to increase the conference’s membership to 10.

Two Big East schools could be squarely in the Big 12’s sights: TCU, which isn’t scheduled to join the Big East until next year, and Louisville.

Geographically, TCU makes the most sense, but Texas’ long-standing opposition to adding the Horned Frogs could turn the Big 12 toward Louisville. The league already has a strong presence in the state of Texas (with Texas, Baylor and Texas Tech) and could extend its conference footprint by adding Louisville.

Orangebloods.com, a website that covers Texas and the Big 12, reported TCU “tops the list to be No. 10,” according to their sources.

But a leading college official with working knowledge of the situation told :

“Texas does not want TCU because TCU gives the Big 12 nothing they don’t already have and sharing money with a school that adds no value makes no sense.”

The requested anonymity because he is not authorized to speak on behalf of either side.

The Big East has been raided twice now in eight years (Boston College, Miami and Virginia Tech went to the ACC in 2003) and is down to seven football schools, including TCU.  UConn wants in the ACC; perhaps Rutgers does, too. If they go, you can count Big East football schools on one hand.

Army, Navy, Air Force and Central Florida are on the Big East invitation list. East Carolina has applied for membership. This is not pulse-pounding news and surely must have Big East officials steaming that they didnt sign a new TV deal when they had a chance a year ago. If the league survives beyond the next two years, will it even retain the AQ status that means everything in college football?

Mac Brown told us earlier in the week that its all about the kids and the high school coaches. The Big XII needs to remain a regional conference yada yada yada.  Well, Southwest Conference teams TCU, SMU and Houston are available.  Invites would give the Big XII, TWELVE TEAMS!

But Texas doesnt care about any of that bullshit that Mac Brown threw out there for mindless organge blood consumption.  All UT cares about is the power and control, which brings in the most money for the tea sips. 

The Longhorns are as low as you can go when it comes to integrity and trust in NCAA college football conference.  Tea Sips are greedy bullies who have undermined the viability and status of the Big XII. UT ran off Nebraska, Colorado and Texas A&M.  Oklahoma had enough of UT and was on the way out too.  But OU was left standing at the altar with their crimson and cream ass hanging out when the PAC-12 unanimously rejected them because of UT greed. It was PAC-16 or nothing for the PAC-12.

Texas has long been the sole entity keeping the Frogs out of the Big XII.  Acceptance of a new member requires a vote by the board of directors presidents and chancellors of the leagues schools with a 75% majority of yays.

Can the Big 12 build a consensus without Bevos blessing? Perhaps in the freshly unified nine-team Big 12, Texas makes concessions?  Methinks not.

Remember the frog who was afraid of being stung during a ride across the river? But the scorpion argued that if it stung the frog, the frog would sink and the scorpion would drown. The frog agrees and begins carrying the scorpion, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both.

You fool! croaked the frog, Now we shall both die! Why on earth did you do that?

The scorpion shrugged, and did a little jig on the drownings frogs back.

I could not help myself. It is my nature.

Then they both sank into the muddy waters of the swiftly flowing river.


The behaviour of creatures like UT is irrepressible, no matter how they are treated and no matter what the consequences, the orangebloods will never go against their arrogant, greedy nature because they cant help themselves.


Big XII Refuses to Die --- PAC 12 Standing Pat

Texas wont give up.  Oklahoma is now saying they might stay but Big XII Commissioner Bebe must go.  Bottom line; Nobody knows and more and more are starting not to care. There is a serious effort being made, led by Missouri chancellor Brady Deaton, to try to save the Big 12, a high-placed administrator at a Big 12 school has told the mouthpiece of Texas,  Orangebloods.com

Meanwhile, the natives are becoming restless.  Just like when the NFL, NBA or MLB players and owners over the big bucks, it quickly becomes a battle of greed that the public doesnt care to follow.  The public wants ball. Period.

Im getting tired of it myself.  So heres one last guess at how the Big XII may survive regardless of the numerous reports of its demise. Maybe its time to start writing about how bad Netflix killed the golden goose?

If Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech leave the Big 12 for the Pac 16, look for the depleted Big East to join the depleted Big 12 to form The Leftovers. Should Rutgers and Connecticut eventually join Pittsburgh and Syracuse in the ACC, the geographic edge goes to the Big 12.

Assume Missouri becomes the SECs 14th team. The Mid East might be Baylor, Kansas State, Kansas, Iowa State, Louisville, Cincinnati, South Florida, West Virginia, Texas Christian. Then bulk up by adding Boise State, SMU, Houston. Or maybe add some Rice to the mix.

This patchwork life raft might hold until the next big expansion wave. Or not.