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UT Makes me LOL

Mack Browns speech on the Big 12 Conference: As much as we talk about money, Brown said, as much as we talk about college football, as much as we talk about realignment, as much as we talk about great games, playoffs and all that stuff, we better go back and make sure that were taking care of the players and that the players and the high school coaches are always considered in the equation.

Right. Texas wants the Big 12 to survive because its the Texas League, where it gets to do anything it wants. (And what do high school coaches have to do with this?)

One thing to understand: Just about everything here is about self-interest. Treat everything you read from named and unnamed sources as working an angle and youll be better off.


Texas to "Pod-ner" with PAC-16 ?

My position from going through this whole Pac-16-with-Texas thing twice is the same as it was in 2010: The best deal for the old Pac-10 (now Pac-12) and for Texas is the Pac-16. Commissioner Larry Scott knows that. He did his homework. Texas, however, thought it could outsmart the market because its, well, Texas.  It couldnt. So here we are again with Scott still being right and Texas perhaps coming around.

The Austin American-Statesman wrote about a potential solution to what worries many Pac-12 fans, most particularly those from Arizona, Arizona State, Utah and Colorado, who arent thrilled with the idea of being in an East Division with the old Big 12 teams.

What about pods? From the Austin newspaper:

If the four schools and the Pac-12 come to an agreement, a football conference could be aligned in four four-team pods, with Texas joined by Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. Texas would play those schools every year to preserve rivalries.

How would the overall playing schedule work out for football? As of right now, the conference is discussing an alignment where teams would play nine conference games. Teams would play every other team in their pod each season, along with two teams from each of the other three pods.

It is believed the championship game would be decided by overall conference record, meaning any two teams could play in the championship game on a given year.

I dont know what kind of blunt instrument, like east and west, north and south, would make sense, Scott said. Weve got a lot of flexibility and a lot of creativity we could bring to alignment issues.


NCAA College Football Dominoes Are Falling - Is TCU Screwed?

In a hastily called press conference moments ago, the Atlantic Coast Coast Commissioner announced that the University of Pittsburgh and Syracuse have been accepted into the ACC. The ACC now has 14 FBS/BCS teams.  Commissioner John Swofford said the expansion geographically bridges our footprint between Maryland and Massachusetts.

This is the first of many moves that will follow sooner rather than later.  The result will be four 16-team Super Conferences carved out of the ACC, SEC, Big Ten and PAC-12.  These 64 teams and Notre Dame will form the new BCS.

The Big-12 is out. The Big East is out.  I believe the Big 12 is not only out but its gone.  The Big East will join the Mountain West, Conference USA, WAC etc as one of the Division I FBS also rans (non BCS member institutions).

TCU is now destined to join a failing Big East Conference that will lose its automatic BCS invitation.  That aint going to happen.  But its very possible that TCU and current BCS conference members like Iowa State, Kansas State and maybe Baylor are going to be on the outside looking in at the Big 65 in the BCS.

Texas A&M already has announced its intention to join the Southeastern Conference, which put the future of the Big 12 in doubt.  The board of regents at Oklahoma and Texas are meeting Monday to discuss their universities leaving that conference.  If one leaves, the conference is dead.  Oklahoma and Oklahoma State both plan on leaving for the PAC-12 according to numerous published reports.

What will the University of Texas do tomorrow?  Speculation has centered around a move to the ACC, PAC-12 or Independence, joining religious schools Notre Dame & BYU as the only other FBS independents.  There are reports that two more Big East teams — Connecticut and Rutgers — could be under consideration by the ACC.

Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany has said his league is set with 12, but could reconsider if other conferences make additions. When the Big Ten was looking to expand last summer, there was plenty of speculation about Big East schools on the Big Tens target list.

But the Big Ten added only Nebraska from the Big 12, and a few months later the Big East announced TCU from the Mountain West Conference was joining the league next year.  Its going to be feast or famine for TCU- Big Ten or Mountain West- In or Out of the elite 65.


Oklahoma to Secede Texas And the Big 12 (Nine Actually) ?

The college football rumor mill kicked up a notch over the weekend with innuendos and comments indicating Oklahoma could leave the Big 12 for the Pac-12.

Oklahoma has indicated the Pac 12 is its preference if the Big 12 goes down in flames, and the move could have drastic repercussions, especially with its long-standing rivalry with Texas.

The match-up, best known as the Red River Rivalry, dates back over 100 years and is played each year in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. But if Oklahoma moves onto the Pac-12, as has been rumored, it could be the end of the rivalry, according to Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops.

I dont think its necessary to continue playing, Stoops told reporters during his weekly news conference on Tuesday. No one wants to hear that, but life changes. If it changes, you have to change with it, to whatever degree.

The University of Texas disgraced itself with their short sighted, unholy ESPN alliance, dubbed the Longhorn Network.  Make no mistake about it.  Texas is not Notre Dame. In fact, Texas is not BYU.  Not only does nobody outside the state of Texas (other than orange blood alumni) support UT , many within the state hate the tea sips.  Notre Dame and BYU have national support due to their afflation with the Catholic and Mormon faith. Texans are divided between the rest of the former Southwest Conference members including Texas A&M, Texas Tech, SMU, TCU, Rice, Houston and believe it or not non SWC team Oklahoma.  Tons of Texans attended Oklahoma, because they couldnt get into Texas or A&M due to the 10% rule.

Texas is arrogant and greedy. Nebraska had enough. Colorado had enough. A&M had enough. And it is looking more and more likely that Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have had enough.  The Big 12 Conference is done.  The conference died when they backed out of the PAC 10 deal that they had agreed to in principle.  Texas A&M is going to the SEC and both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State may be going to the PAC 12.  Texas would be wise to dump the Longhorn Network and go hat in hand to the PAC 12, looking for a place to play.

I dont have an affiliation with UT. I moved to Texas over 30 years ago after attending the University of Maryland and graduating from a small university in Georgia.  My wife graduated from SMU Law School and Im a season ticket holder for TCU mens basketball.  Both schools were screwed by Texas and all the members of the Big 12, when the Southwest Conference was dumped due to UT and company greed.  I Dont really care what happens to any of the Big 12 teams, especially Baylor!  I have supported UT in the past, but the longhorns are losing me and thousands more like me by the day.

It looks like Texas outsmarted themselves on this one. And guess what?  There are tons of Texans who dont give a shit. See how many are watching the Longhorn Network for details.


DirecTv Adding AMC HD - Big 12 Losing Conference?

After slowing its pace of adding HD channels dramatically as of late, DirecTV has finally satisfied one of the loudest and longest running customer requests by announcing AMC-HD will come to its satellites starting next Friday, September 9th.

Theres still a pretty long list of channels its not offering yet, but if youre on contract and want to enjoy some Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Mad Men (when it returns in March) in HD then todays Facebook posting (just hours after it was dug up by the satellite sleuths at DBSTalk) is good news for you.

 DirecTv has also announced that they have no plans to carry the Longhorn Network.  Good for them.

If the over/under on the Big 12 Conference of 9 teams is 2 years give me the under. Oklahoma will announce within 3 week whether they plan on staying.  Either way, the Big 12 is done.  Id like to see them go back to the original plan, moving Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State to the Pack 12, making it the first super conference of 16.  SEC & Big Ten will follow,along with one other 16 team conference (Big East Football and ACC perhaps).  Four 16 teams super conference are the future of the BCS & big time college football.

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