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Gavin Newsom Smiley Face of Liberal Fascism in America

During his Friday podcast last week, Adam Carolla pressed California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom for an answer to why poverty strikes African-Americans and Hispanics in such high numbers after the Democrat said both African-American and Hispanics struggle with being prepared for financial hardship.

“Think about it — half of African-Americans in the state of California, roughly half of Latino families have no access to a checking account or an ATM — things we take for granted,” Newsom said.

NEWSOM: They don’t have the resources to sock those things away.
CAROLLA: Why do we have them?
NEWSOM: A lot of different reasons. But roughly half those families don’t.
CAROLLA: Why don’t Armenians have them?
NEWSOM: But where they end up is in check-cashing places.
CAROLLA: I want to know why those two groups don’t have access.
NEWSOM: Just happens to be them.
CAROLLA: So they’re flawed?
NEWSOM: No they’re hardly flawed. But they’re struggling.
CAROLLA: Genetically flawed?
NEWSOM: Hardly, absolutely not.
CAROLLA: Do Asians have this problem?
NEWSOM: I mean a lot of communities have this problem. Whites have this problem.
CAROLLA: Then why did you bring up black and Hispanic?

Newsom continued to dodge the question, suggesting history wasn’t on certain minorities’ side. But Carolla noted that two other groups — Asians, whose ancestors were placed in internment camps in California during World War II, and Jews, who have faced persecution over thousands of years, including the Holocaust, also had historically rough periods of adjustment to life in the United States.  But because of their belief in traditional family structure and education, which is available free to all Americans, they don’t face the same hardships as the black and Latino communities, Carolla said.  Carolla unsuccessfully tried to get Newsom to acknowlege that the lack of fathers in the home, was a significant contributor to poverty and crime in the African American and Hispanic communities who lacked access to ATMs and banks. 

The entire interview is well worth listening to and is available here and on iTunes.  The Adam Carolla Show, a free podcast which holds the record as the most downloaded podcast in history according to Guinness World Records.  ACE Broadcasting is an independently owned and operated podcast with full creative control by Carolla, including freedom from FCC restrictions. 

Of course the left hates it because the Bill of Rights only applies to those who agree with the Progressives, which by the way makes them fascists.  You either blindly follow the religion of the state or the statists come after you with guns blazing (pun intended).  See the Huffington Post for details .

The Adam Carolla Show exchange highlights the polarizing ideological battle going on in the United States today; Left vs Right, Democrat vs Republican, Statism vs Freedom, socialism vs capitalism, Social Democracy vs Constitutional Republic. 

The interview also highlights the ethnic warfare being waged against white people in the United States.  A war which is financed by millionaire and billionaire ruling class Progressives, who have duped half the voters in America into supporting liberal fascism. 

Newsom is trying to portray himself as a populist with a humble and difficult upbringing in San Francisco. Newsoms father, a wealthy attorney, was the Chief Counsel for Getty Oil for many years. The Newsoms are closely tied to Nancy Pelosi and her billionaire husband.  Newsom attended private schools and has been groomed for politics all his life.  Newsom was Mayor of San Francisco from 2004-2011 when he resigned after being elected Lieutenant Governor of California. 

Newsom is making the Book Circuit, portraying himself as an entrepreneur, a moderate small business friendly Democrat!  Re-read the previous paragraph if you think there is ANY possibility that is the case.

In 2009, Newsoms policy of illegally harboring criminal undocumented immigrants in San Francisco was exposed. The city under Newsom flaunted federal law and San Francisco police refused to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and did everything they could to keep ICE from deporting illegal aliens, including criminal aliens locked up in San Francisco detention facilities. 

During his appearance on Adam Carolla, Newsom made it clear that he supported illegal aliens operating unlicensed businesses in California, at the expense of law abiding, tax paying California small business owners. 

Again, listen to the podcast to find out whats what.

(When) there is ever a fascist takeover in America, it will come not in the form of storm troopers kicking down doors but with lawyers and social workers saying. Im from the government and Im here to help.
Jonah Goldberg, Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning