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Glock 42 .380 Aims to Increase Concealed Carry Permit Holders

Yesterday the Glock 42 was officially introduced at SHOT Show 2014.  The biggest complaint Ive heard, its a .380 rather than a 9mm pistol.  I dont get it.  There have been plenty of affordable single stack 9mm stricker fire pistols out there for a couple of years. GLOCK is not the only game in town!

                     Glock 42 next to Glock 26

Ive shot and carried the 9mm. S&W Shield, Beretta Nano and Springfield XDs.  They all work for me.  The Shield, which I carry during my six mile workout walk, is my top choice.  But if you cant venture out into the danger zone without a Glock, get a single stacked G36 .45ACP or live with your G-26/27/33. 

When not working out, my current EDC is a Glock 36 .45 in an appendix holster with a Sig P238 .380 holstered in a weak side cargo pants pocket.

We dont know what the availability of the G-42 is going to be. But we do know the G-30S was introduced at SHOT 2013.  Good luck finding one of those.  Hopefully, the G42 will be as available as the Shield was after it was introduced at SHOT.  All G-42s are American Made, manufactured in Smyrna, Georgia. 

In spite of all the whining and crying you hear from all the G fan boys, there is a HUGE market for a sub compact striker fired .380 semi-auto pistol.  Glock fan boys already have their concealed carry permits and more than a few Glocks to choose for EDC.  

This is where Glock is headed with the G-42. Believe me this is a good thing.  The future of the Second Amendment rests in their hands, not ours!

MSRP $475


First Look at Glock 42 Single Stack .380

SPECIFICATIONS: GLOCK 42 CALIBER: .380 ACP BARREL: 3.25 inches OA LENGTH: 5.94 inches WEIGHT: 13.76 ounces (empty) GRIP: Polymer SIGHTS: Fixed ACTION: Safe Action FINISH: Black, surface-hardened CAPACITY: 6+1


Wolves Gather at Fort Worth Gun Show

It was a great day in Texas to attend the Fort Worth Gun Show. Three of us from the Wolf Den re-filled our Rx for FREEDOM. We got there early and snagged one of two Glock 34 Gen 4 competition models that we found on the floor. Mrs. Wolf will be using the G34 9mm for A Girl and A Gun IDPA competitions.

My brother in law snagged a Sig SP2022 and I picked up a Ruger LCP .38+P, which the Mrs. has already hijacked for concealed carry.

There were plenty of guns available at very competitive prices. Ammo is back, but the prices at the gun show were for suckers only. Hit up your local Walmart and Academy Sports for reasonably priced ammo in north Texas. Weve found every caliber to be plentiful and reasonably priced.

The Fort Worth Gun Show re-opens at 10am Sunday morning. The Will Rogers Auditorium Main Exhibit Hall and the South Exhibit Hall will both be open until 5pm. Admission is $10, parking is $5.

Hickok45 shoots the LCR .38+P

Piss off a Progressive. BUY A GUN

As usual background checks were performed as all three firearms were purchased from FFL dealers, like 99% of gun show sales. Dont believe the Progressive Propaganda. There is no Gun Show loophole.


Definition of Insanity: Paying $950 for a Used Glock !

Jill Schaller of Reno, Nevada says her son, who has Asperger’s syndrome, purchased a Glock pistol earlier this month.  He found a website selling guns and contacted the seller of a Glock handgun, agreeing to meet at a Starbucks at 4 a.m. to make the sale.

The seller turned out to be an on-duty Reno police officer selling a personal gun. Sgt. Laura Conklin sold the gun for $950 cash after checking to see if he was old enough. The sale included “nite sites,”  and three magazines. 

BTW, I have three Glocks that I will sell TODAY for $900 each. Such a deal‼  But please bring a note from your doctor saying that even though you are crazy enough to buy a used Glock for $900 youre not crazy enough to have been institutionalized. 

Reno police launched an administrative investigation into the matter, after Schaller filed a civil complaint with the Internal Affairs Division.  Both the Reno Chief of Police and Reno Deputy City Attorney Jack Campbell, have said there is no policy against selling a gun on-duty.

A buyer must be 21 to buy a handgun from a federally licensed firearms dealer. But if it’s a private sale of a handgun between residents of the same state, the buyer can be 18 years or older.

The Schallers’ son is 19, so the sale was legal, but Jill Schaller said her son sometimes struggles with depression and was committed to West Hills Hospital — a mental health facility — last year when he threatened to kill himself.

The Schallers have guardianship over their son.

It is illegal under state and federal law for a person to possess a firearm if they have been adjudicated as mentally ill or involuntarily committed to any mental health facility.  However, private-party gun sales do not require a background check, and one was not done for this sale.

After being contacted by Schaller, Washoe County sheriff’s deputies took the gun and returned the money from Conklin. 

Needless to say, the gun grabbers are having a field day. A bill passed by the Nevada Legislature this year would have required background checks starting Oct. 1, but Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval vetoed the measure.

A spokeswoman for the governor said SB221 alone would not have prevented Schallers son from buying a gun in a private sale.

Under current Nevada state law it is unlawful for individuals with a mental illness who have been adjudicated by the courts to be a threat to possess a firearm, Mary-Sarah Kinner, Sandovals communication director, said in an email Wednesday when asked by The Associated Press for comment.

Under both current statute and SB221, had it become effective in October, it is incumbent on the seller to perform due diligence. SB221 would not have changed the enforcement mechanism that is currently in place, she said.

Jill Schaller says she wants the officer to get in trouble for selling the gun to a mentally ill man.  

But since Junior did not have a criminal history, and there is no evidence that a court had adjudicated him mentally ill,  the odds that a background check would have identified him as a prohibited person, are somewhere between slim and none.  

The definition of insanity in Texas is so insane that its impossible to be insane in Texas!


A Right Not Exercised is a Right Lost

Mrs. Wolf and her brother (retired Air Force) joined me at the Range yesterday. The three of us shot 900 rounds of ammo (750 rounds of 9mm. & 150 rounds of .45acp ). 

The primary purpose of the mission was to catch up on our practice, which has been suffering through the ammo shortage and to try and determine our favorite 9mm. caliber self defense pistol.

Contrary to progressive propaganda, 1,000 rounds of ammo is not a large cache of ammunition. It takes hundreds of hours of training and practice as well as thousands of rounds of ammo to become proficient. Ditto to maintain that proficiency.

Before we got to the nines, we warmed up with two .45acp pistols, a Ruger 1911 and a S&W 1911sc Series E. The Ruger 1911 is full size, the S&W is commander size, with a rounded butt. Both take standard 1911 magazines, 7+1 or 8+1.

Both operated flawlessly. Modern 1911 pistols are both accurate and reliable.  1911s are classic fun guns. I didnt shoot my first one until after I retired. Better late than never. 

Im not as comfortable carrying a 1911 for an EDC self-defense pistol because the bulk of my training and experience is with safe action pistols, which aren’t carried “locked and cocked”. But there is no gun that I find more fun to shoot than a classic (100+ years) 1911 style pistol.

We evaluated the following 9mm firearms:

Beretta Px4 Storm (full size pistol)

Beretta Cx4 Storm (carbine)

Beretta Nano

Glock 19

Glock 26

Springfield XDs

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

Walther PPQ M2

All functioned flawlessly. I’ve regularly used all of them for both home and self-defense, except the Beretta Nano, which my brother in law recently purchased.  The Nano, like the Shield and XDs is an excellent EDC option.

My favorite of the group is also my most recent purchase, the Walther PPQ M2. I’ve been carrying it regularly as my primary concealed carry pistol. The PPQ fits my hand as well as any handgun that I’ve ever shot. The ergonomics, accuracy and trigger are the best I’ve ever experienced on a striker fire pistol. For me, the PPQ is the Audi version of a Ford Glock 19, which was my primary duty weapon during most of my career as a Customs special agent.  By the way, nothing wrong with a Ford. Ive driven an F-150 for decades.

If carrying a mid-size 15+1 capacity pistol is not a viable option, my second choice is the S&W Shield with 8+1. I’ve added Xs Big Dot sights and Talon Grips. The Shield is suitable for pocket carry. My favorite is the Alabama Holster pocket carry holster and a Cross Breed super tuck for IWB carry. An extra magazine, knife, flashlight and  iPhone are also part of my EDC. 

As a law enforcement officer, I trusted my life to a government issued Glock 19 and Ive owned a Glock 26 since 1997, a year after the model was introduced.  Both are excellent EDC self defense pistols. 

Mrs. Wolf’s primary EDC handgun is a Glock 19. She carries a Sig Sauer P238 .380 for EDC, when the Glock 19 size is impractical.

My brother in law favors either the Beretta Nano or the new Springfield XDs9 for EDC. He’s a long time revolver shooter and the Beretta Nano has a similar trigger feel as a wheel gun.

The XDs has an excellent striker fire trigger, comparable to the Shield. I own an XDs .45acp. The XDs9, including the trigger feels identical to me. Both are very accurate sub compact pistols, and the front fiber optic sight is a huge plus. The XDs has a “Glock” feel to it.  If I had to choose between an XDs and the Shield, I’d give a slight advantage to the Shield.  But I dont have to choose so Im keeping both.  The Shield and XDs are excellent EDC sub compact pistols. 

The Beretta Px4 is the only full size pistol I own. I have both 17 and 20 round magazines, which also fit the Cx4 9mm carbine. The Px4 is a single action/double action, hammer-fired pistol. It’s a very accurate full size pistol and I’d definitely consider it for EDC if I was a uniformed law enforcement officer. It would also be my first choice for the Zombie Apocalypse. The Cx4 Storm carbine and the Px4 pistol go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

I prefer the ergonomics of the Px4 over the Glock 17.  The single action trigger pull makes the Px4 one of the most accurate pistols in my inventory. Glocks are durable and reliable but dont forget that  Beretta has been manufacturing firearms for some 500 years and supply the U.S. Miltary (and many other countries) with fighting pistols. 

The Cx4 carbine in 9mm is a suitable home defense firearm for many homeowners.  Mine has both a laser and a light as the iron sights are not ideal for my aging eyes.  There is definitely a “red dot” sight upgrade in my future.

We are living in the “golden age” of self-defense pistols.  There are more quality made, affordable self-defense firearms available today as there has ever been.  You cant go wrong with one of the above mentioned pistols.  Yet, they are only a fraction of the many choices for a home/self defense firearm. If you prefer a revolver, there are many modern options available, including polymer hybrids. 

BOTTOM LINE; A right not exercised is a right lost. Get training. Get a gun. Go practice. The most important thing you can do to protect Second Amendment civil rights is to become responsible firearms owners.  

Get your concealed weapons permit/license. If you live in an tyrannical state like New Jersey, Maryland or many cities and counties in New York and California, that dont issue concealed carry permits, consider getting your Utah or Florida permits, which are readily for our of state residents.

“A free people ought…to be armed” ― George Washington