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Colorado Puts Law Abiding Citizens in Harms Way While South Dakota Protects Children

Support the states that support Second Amendment civil rights.  We have a choices.  States like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Illinois, Hawaii and now Colorado are enemies of law abiding gun owners and Second Amendment civil rights. 

South Dakota became the first state in the nation to enact a law explicitly authorizing school employees to carry guns on the job, under a measure signed into law on Friday by Gov. Dennis Daugaard.

See Follow Up below for news on Georgia, a good guy state seeking to restore Second Amendment rights that previous legislatures have eroded. 

Yesterday Colorado took further steps to punish law abiding citizens for the acts of criminals and mad men.  As usual the proposed legislation will have no affect on criminals as it restricts law abiding citizens ability to  defend themselves from madmen and criminals.

• ​Online gun certification: ​Senate Bill 195, banning online certification for concealed carry permits and requiring people to attend classes in person — advances in Senate

• ​Liability for “assault”-style weapons: Senate Bill 196, holding manufacturers and sellers of semiautomatic weapons liable for violence committed with them — ​killed by sponsor


​• Limits on high-capacity ammunition:​ House Bill 1224, limiting gun ammunition magazines to 15 rounds but amended to not outlaw the “standard shotgun”advances in Senate

​• Gun ban on college campuses:  House Bill 1226, banning concealed weapons on college campuses — ​killed by sponsor

​• Background check fee:​ House Bill 1228, requiring gun buyers to pay for their own background checks — ​advances in Senate

• Universal background checks:​ House Bill 1229, requiring background checks for all gun transfers, including private sales — advances in Senate

[via the Denver Post]


Five Common Sense Facts that Liberals Refuse to Acknowledge

Once again, Second Amendment rights are under attack by liberals who piss on themselves every time they even see a photograph of a gun. The debate on gun control in America comes down to this: People who lose nothing if guns are banned because they don’t use them demanding that everyone else be disarmed.  A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.” — Sigmund Freud

Trying to reason with gun control advocates is futile. It doesn’t matter how clearly you prove your case.

Here are five common sense facts that gun grabbers in the United States refuse to acknowledge.

1) Gun Free Zones are the most dangerous places in America.  You won’t keep bad people with guns away by passing laws and posting signs: The problem with a “gun free zone” is that anyone you can’t trust with a gun will be the only armed person there.  Gun Free Zones cause people you’d want armed in a dangerous situation to leave their weapons behind.

2) Criminals and lunatics don’t obey gun laws: The belief that someone who’s planning to go on a killing spree is going to turn in a gun because it’s made illegal is almost as nuts as going on the killing spree. Yet, the gun grabbers operate on the assumption that nut jobs like Adam Lanza or gang bangers are going to get rid of modern sporting rifles with standard 30 round capacity magazines if Congress passes more gun control laws that dont work.  The federal government seldom enforces the gun laws they have now to prevent prohibited persons from attempting to buy firearms from federally licensed gun dealers.

3) We already have 300+ million guns owned by civilians in this country. In a nation with almost one gun per person, the next Adam Lanza, Jared Loughner, Tookie Williams or Mumia Abu-Jamal already has his gun or he will steal it from somebody who legally has a gun.  More gun laws only disarm law abiding Americans.

4) Gun owners aren’t required to explain a “need” for their Second Amendment rights: Why do gun owners “need” their guns? The same reason that Rosa Parks “needed” her seat at the front of the bus. In other words, it’s a constitutional right.  

5) You’re not fooling us: Liberals like to think they’re smarter than everyone else, but they’re as transparent as glass. That’s why gun sales are breaking all records since Obama was elected. If Barack Hussein Obama, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrat gun grabbers in Congress could get away with it, they would ban and confiscate every gun in America tomorrow — and people know it. Anything short of, “Nobody is allowed to own a firearm except the government,” is unacceptable to them and that’s why they never let a tragedy like the Gabrielle Giffords shooting or the Newtown massacre go the waste.

“Free people are not in the habit of providing reasons why they ‘need’ something simply because the government wants to ban it. That’s true of anything — but especially something the government is constitutionally prohibited from banning, like guns.”


Citizen Sues the Gang Who Can't Shoot Straight at NYPD

A North Carolina college student hit by police gunfire during a shooting outside the Empire State Building argued in a lawsuit filed last week that the Ray Kelly lead NYPD and the officers involved need better training to deal with such confrontations in the future.

Nine bystanders, including 32-year-old Chenin Duclos, were hit by police bullets, ricochets and fragments when two officers fired at a man suspected of gunning down a former co-worker outside the Manhattan landmark.

Duclos said in a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Manhattans state Supreme Court that the department and the officers were grossly negligent in the way they handled the shooting — firing 16 shots on a crowded street outside one of the worlds largest tourist attractions.

Duclos is a resident of Chapel Hill, N.C., and is in her second year studying physical therapy at the University of North Carolina. She said recovery from her injuries, including a neck wound and a shattered femur, has slowed her education.  The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

As always, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, along with NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly backed the NYPD officers actions and defended the shooting that injured and could have killed nine innocent bystanders.

When asked by CNN’s Don Lemon why were innocent people hit by NYPD officer’s bullets, Lou Palumbo, a retired Nassau County, NY Police officer said it’s “part of collateral damage.”

The lawsuit does not mention the infamous NYPD trigger, which Ray Kelly requires on department issued Glock pistols.  The 12 pound trigger is almost three times harder to pull than a standard 5.5 lb Glock trigger.  No other law enforcement agency in the country alters the standard Glock trigger.  The 12 lb NYPD trigger makes it extremely difficult for even the best trained NYPD officers to shoot their issued firearm accurately.

Commissioner Kelly, like his boss NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg advocates the strictest gun control measures in the country, including a total handgun ban and firearms confiscation.  Kelly is also a serial violator of 4th Amendment civil rights.

The Big Apple is described as the “Cultural Capital of the World”, where tourism is one of New York City’s most vital industries, with more than 40 million domestic and international tourists visiting each year.  New York City does not allow citizens to carry concealed firearms unless you are a member of the privileged class of millionaires and billionaires.  Kelly says that New York is the safest big city in America every time he goes on national television to advocate more gun control laws, which only law abiding citizens follow.

“All the animals, the plants, the minerals, even other kinds of men, are being broken and reassembled every day, to preserve an elite few, who are the loudest to theorize on freedom, but the least free of all.”
Thomas Pynchon, Gravitys Rainbow



National Media Refuses to Cover Guns Saving Lives

The lame stream media controls the news that reaches most of the population.  In general the main stream media, including FOX News is staffed by hoplophobes, who have an irrational fear of guns an and anti gun agenda.

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. We have over 20,000 gun control laws in the United States.  Criminals by definition are not deterred nor stopped by laws. There are close to 200 million firearms in the U.S. and at least 100 million gun owners.  Of course the media wants you to believe there are only 65 million gun owners.  But many gun owners refuse to tell pollsters and others that they own guns, for good a good reason.  The government is coming after our guns.

Good guys use guns everyday at this country to stop bad things from happening.  The national media, intentionally ignores these stories.

On a hot August morning in 2010, Thomas Richard Cowan loaded 13 bullets into two handguns, left his German shepherd chained to the fence and drove eight miles from his home in Kingsport, Tennessee to Sullivan Central High School. Whatever his mission, it was the 62-year-old Vietnam veteran’s final drive.

For about an hour, Cowan’s armed invasion spread panic throughout the school before a burst of officers’ gunfire brought him down. No others were injured.

No one knows why Cowan pointed his Honda in the direction of the Blountville, Tenn., high school, where his brother is a janitor. He is described – in court records and interviews – as a peculiar man with a history of erratic, sometimes criminal, behavior, according to Tricities.com

He parked his car Monday morning in a handicapped space just in front of the school’s main entrance. Second period was just getting under way at 9:10 a.m. when Ashley Thacker, a junior, arrived at the main entrance of her high school. Thacker, 16, had been at a doctor’s appointment and was on her way to a music theory class as she approached the locked doors.

She noticed a man standing in the 10-foot waiting area between the two sets of doors, waiting to be buzzed in.

He told her to go on ahead of him. But she never made it through the doors.

Instead, Melanie Riden, principal of Sullivan Central, came striding through the locked doors.

“He pulled out his gun and started pointing it at people,” Thacker said.

Cowan trained a .380-caliber semi-automatic pistol at Riden’s face, said Sullivan County Sheriff Wayne Anderson. Carolyn Gudger, the school resource officer, drew her gun, then shielded the principal’s body with her own.

Thacker remembers Cowan shouting something – possibly including the words “10 years” – but she isn’t sure. She turned and ran out the set of public doors to the mulch pile in the front of the school, and hid behind bushes.

Riden fled and Gudger inched back into the school, leading Cowan through the scattered pastel chairs in the empty cafeteria. It was a tactical move, meant to lure the gunman into a more contained place, Anderson said.

Sullivan County dispatch sent out an alert: “Man with a gun at Central High School.”

Gudger told him to drop his weapon; he demanded she drop hers. Once, he tried, unsuccessfully, to lunge for her gun.

Cowan repeated one thing only, Anderson said. That he wanted to pull the fire alarms.

“I don’t know why, we can only speculate about that and I think everyone will speculate why he wanted to pull a fire alarm,” Anderson said. “Either to get the kids out of class or, I don’t know. We don’t know.”

Flattened against the bushes, Ashley Thacker waited two minutes, she thinks. “I didn’t hear anything else, so I thought Officer Gudger had arrested him.”

She was wrong. As she approached the school, two assistant principals opened a window and yelled at her to run away. Crying and shaking, Thacker ran to her car and drove a half-mile to her parents’ business.

Ryan Kendrick was in algebra class, just off the main office. The 17-year-old senior thought he heard the gunman making threats – about not leaving the building alive and taking others with him – and Gudger urging him to calm down.

Then he heard a volley of gunshots.

But it was all over in minutes, Anderson estimated. One hundred and twenty seconds after Cowan drew his gun, two deputies, Lt. Steve Williams and Sam Matney, arrived. They entered through separate doors and met Cowan and Gudger – still in a moving standoff – as they reached a science pod behind the cafeteria. Cowan wavered; he jerked his gun from Gudger to the other deputies then back again. The three officers told him, again, to drop his weapon. He wouldn’t.

So they opened fire. Some students counted five shots, others counted six. Anderson would not say how many rounds hit the gunman.

Cowan fell to the ground, his shoes just feet from door to the library full of teenagers. The pistol in his hand had seven bullets in the magazine and another in the chamber. He had a second handgun in his back pocket, loaded with five rounds.

“That’s how close he was,” Anderson said. “We all know this could have been much more dangerous.


Gun Control is the new Obamacare

The Washington Post, the Dean of Obama’s print propaganda machine, reports that the White House will push a much broader more comprehensive approach to gun control than simply reinstating an expired ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition.

A working group led by Vice President Biden will propose and push measures that would ban private sales (peer to peer transfers), require universal background checks for every firearms transaction, track the movement and sale of every gun through a national database, strengthen mental health checks, and stiffen penalties for carrying guns under the Gun Free School Zones Act (GFSZA). Giving minors access to firearms would become a federal felony.

The White House is developing strategies to work around the National Rifle Association (NRA),  that one source said could include rallying support from Wal-Mart and other gun retailers for measures that would benefit their businesses.

White House aides have also been in regular contact with advisers to New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (I), an outspoken gun-control advocate who could emerge as a powerful surrogate for Obama’s gun control agenda.

The Biden group, formed last month after the school shooting in Newtown, Conn., plans to submit a package of recommendations to Obama this month. Once Obama’s proposals are set, he plans to lead a public-relations offensive to generate popular support.

“They are very clearly committed to looking at this issue comprehensively,” Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, who has been involved in the discussions, told the Washington Post. The proposals under consideration, he added, are “a deeper exploration than just the assault-weapons ban.”

Extensive Gun-control and firearms registration, not the budget, deficit, taxes or the economy,will be the number one priority of Obama’s second term. Gun control will become Obamacare II. Legislation will be approached as an emergency health care measure due to a national assault weapons epidemic.

In addition to potential legislative proposals, Biden’s group has expanded its focus to include measures that would not need congressional approval and could be quickly implemented by Executive Order.  Think Operation Fast and Furious, which was illegally carried out by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives under Obama.

The White House is also developing strategies to navigate the rocky and emotionally fraught terrain of gun politics once final policy decisions are made. The administration is quietly talking with a diverse array of special interest groups, including religious leaders, mental-health professionals and hunters, to build as broad a coalition as possible, to push Obama’s gun control agenda.

One potential strategy would be to win support for specific measures from interest groups that are normally aligned with the NRA, according to one person who works closely with the administration on gun-related issues and who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the issue’s sensitivity. Obama has consistently used a divide and conquer strategy to push through his far left legislation. The GOP has appeared disorganized and powerless to stem the erosion of the Bill of Rights and other Constitutional guarantees and protections.

For instance, this person suggested, Wal-Mart and other major gun retailers may have an incentive to support closing a loophole that allows buyers to bypass background checks through peer to peer sales, including transactions (gifts) within a family.  If buyers purchase firearms at gun shows or through other types of private sales, the FFL gun dealers lose money. Walmart is the largest seller of firearms in the United States. Nullification of private sales would result in more people buying guns in retail stores that hold an FFL.

Obama’s advisers believe that the longer they wait and the more distance there is from the Newtown massacre, the greater the risk of losing bipartisan political support.

“This is not something that I will be putting off,” Obama said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” in an interview broadcast last Sunday.

With the start of the 113th Congress last week, several lawmakers filed bills to address gun violence. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who co-wrote a 1994 assault-weapons ban that expired in 2004, plans to introduce legislation this month that would ban the sale or manufacture of about hundreds of firearms, including semiautomatic rifles, handguns, shotguns as well as magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

The expired federal assault-weapons ban prohibited the manufacturing of 19 models of semiautomatic guns classified as assault weapons, including certain rifles and shot guns. The law also banned ammunition magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds. But it did not ban the sale of previously manufactured assault weapons or high-capacity magazines.

Since the law’s sunset, efforts in Congress over the past decade to reinstate the ban have faced stiff opposition because the ban had not effect on reducing gun violence.

Obamacare was passed when the Democrats controlled the White House, Senate and House of Representatives.  A divided GOP narrowly controls the current House and both Parties are already in full campaign mode for the 2014 national elections.  Pollsters are working overtime to assess where voters stand on additional gun control laws. There are already over 20,000 gun control laws in the United States.

Don’t think of Obama’s agenda as gun control.  Think of it as victim disarmament. If the government makes enough laws, we will all be criminals living in a liberal fascist state, which destroyed the Constitutional Republic.

Americans have the right and advantage of being armed – unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms. – James Madison