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National Media Refuses to Cover Guns Saving Lives

The lame stream media controls the news that reaches most of the population.  In general the main stream media, including FOX News is staffed by hoplophobes, who have an irrational fear of guns an and anti gun agenda.

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. We have over 20,000 gun control laws in the United States.  Criminals by definition are not deterred nor stopped by laws. There are close to 200 million firearms in the U.S. and at least 100 million gun owners.  Of course the media wants you to believe there are only 65 million gun owners.  But many gun owners refuse to tell pollsters and others that they own guns, for good a good reason.  The government is coming after our guns.

Good guys use guns everyday at this country to stop bad things from happening.  The national media, intentionally ignores these stories.

On a hot August morning in 2010, Thomas Richard Cowan loaded 13 bullets into two handguns, left his German shepherd chained to the fence and drove eight miles from his home in Kingsport, Tennessee to Sullivan Central High School. Whatever his mission, it was the 62-year-old Vietnam veteran’s final drive.

For about an hour, Cowan’s armed invasion spread panic throughout the school before a burst of officers’ gunfire brought him down. No others were injured.

No one knows why Cowan pointed his Honda in the direction of the Blountville, Tenn., high school, where his brother is a janitor. He is described – in court records and interviews – as a peculiar man with a history of erratic, sometimes criminal, behavior, according to Tricities.com

He parked his car Monday morning in a handicapped space just in front of the school’s main entrance. Second period was just getting under way at 9:10 a.m. when Ashley Thacker, a junior, arrived at the main entrance of her high school. Thacker, 16, had been at a doctor’s appointment and was on her way to a music theory class as she approached the locked doors.

She noticed a man standing in the 10-foot waiting area between the two sets of doors, waiting to be buzzed in.

He told her to go on ahead of him. But she never made it through the doors.

Instead, Melanie Riden, principal of Sullivan Central, came striding through the locked doors.

“He pulled out his gun and started pointing it at people,” Thacker said.

Cowan trained a .380-caliber semi-automatic pistol at Riden’s face, said Sullivan County Sheriff Wayne Anderson. Carolyn Gudger, the school resource officer, drew her gun, then shielded the principal’s body with her own.

Thacker remembers Cowan shouting something – possibly including the words “10 years” – but she isn’t sure. She turned and ran out the set of public doors to the mulch pile in the front of the school, and hid behind bushes.

Riden fled and Gudger inched back into the school, leading Cowan through the scattered pastel chairs in the empty cafeteria. It was a tactical move, meant to lure the gunman into a more contained place, Anderson said.

Sullivan County dispatch sent out an alert: “Man with a gun at Central High School.”

Gudger told him to drop his weapon; he demanded she drop hers. Once, he tried, unsuccessfully, to lunge for her gun.

Cowan repeated one thing only, Anderson said. That he wanted to pull the fire alarms.

“I don’t know why, we can only speculate about that and I think everyone will speculate why he wanted to pull a fire alarm,” Anderson said. “Either to get the kids out of class or, I don’t know. We don’t know.”

Flattened against the bushes, Ashley Thacker waited two minutes, she thinks. “I didn’t hear anything else, so I thought Officer Gudger had arrested him.”

She was wrong. As she approached the school, two assistant principals opened a window and yelled at her to run away. Crying and shaking, Thacker ran to her car and drove a half-mile to her parents’ business.

Ryan Kendrick was in algebra class, just off the main office. The 17-year-old senior thought he heard the gunman making threats – about not leaving the building alive and taking others with him – and Gudger urging him to calm down.

Then he heard a volley of gunshots.

But it was all over in minutes, Anderson estimated. One hundred and twenty seconds after Cowan drew his gun, two deputies, Lt. Steve Williams and Sam Matney, arrived. They entered through separate doors and met Cowan and Gudger – still in a moving standoff – as they reached a science pod behind the cafeteria. Cowan wavered; he jerked his gun from Gudger to the other deputies then back again. The three officers told him, again, to drop his weapon. He wouldn’t.

So they opened fire. Some students counted five shots, others counted six. Anderson would not say how many rounds hit the gunman.

Cowan fell to the ground, his shoes just feet from door to the library full of teenagers. The pistol in his hand had seven bullets in the magazine and another in the chamber. He had a second handgun in his back pocket, loaded with five rounds.

“That’s how close he was,” Anderson said. “We all know this could have been much more dangerous.


Cart Game within the Game at Cowboys Stadium

In case you missed it, heres the great cart caper from Cowboys Stadium during the High School Championship playoffs yesterday.


Arlington Martin Surprises Euless Trinity

Four times in the last five years, Arlington Martin’s football season ended in a playoff loss to Euless Trinity.
On Saturday afternoon, in conditions made difficult by howling wind, Martin finally decided enough was enough.

The Warriors beat Trinity at its own game with better execution of fundamentals in a 19-7 victory in front of a packed house of 12,500 at Pennington Field.

Martin (12-1) advances to the Class 5A Division I Region I title game against Southlake Carroll 6 p.m. Saturday December 3 at SMUs Ford Stadium.  Box Score


Texas HS Playoffs : Euless Trinity 28 - Allen 21

I attended the Euless Trinity vs Allen high school playoff game at Cowboys Stadium on Saturday.  Allen entered the game ranked 2nd in State 5A.  Euless Trinity was ranked 4th.  Trinity did it again. The Trojans downed Allen 28-21, in the area round of the 5A Division I playoffs for the second straight year.

Alex Miller gave Allen life early in the third quarter against Euless Trinity when he returned an interception 75 yards for a touchdown to cut Allens deficit to five points.

But the replay, seen by everyone on the 60-yard-wide video board at Cowboys Stadium, showed that Miller let go of the ball just before crossing the goal line.

After the replay, the Trinity crowd erupted in boos.

Trinity dominated most of the game, gaining 528 total yards, while making 24 first downs.  Allen had 260 total yards with 13 first downs.

Running back Joel Kimpela led the way for Trinity, rushing for 357 yards and two touchdowns on 39 carries.

He was already over the 300-yard mark when he had to leave in the third quarter with an apparent injury to his right leg, but returned after Trinity’s defense stopped Morris and racked up 38 more yards as the Trojans put the game away.

Allen had a chance to tie the game with less than two minutes remaining, after Trinity had unsucessfully tried to make two 2-point conversions after scoring their first two touchdowns.

Luckily for the officials, the blown touch down call didnt impact the game as Trinity prevailed 28-21 after Safari Bolden, Chris Fonokalafi and Wawa Leota stuffed Allen quarterback Alec Morris on the 2-yard line on a fourth-and-goal near the end of the fourth quarter.

Luckily for the Euless Trinity head coach, the failed two point conversions didnt matter either.

Trinity will host Arlington Martin (the little Wolf graduated from Martin in 2001) noon on Saturday at Pennington Field.

Euless Trinity vs Allen Box Score



Area High School Football Playoffs



Division I

El Paso Franklin (W1, 10-1) vs. Arlington Bowie (R4, 8-3), 1 p.m. Friday, Grande Communications Stadium, Midland

Cedar Hill (W5, 8-3) vs. Southlake Carroll (W7, 11-0), 11 a.m. Saturday, Cowboys Stadium, Arlington

San Angelo Central (W2, 9-2) vs. Arlington Martin (W4, 10-1), 7:30 p.m. Friday, Cravens Field, Arlington

Euless Trinity (W6, 11-0) vs. Allen 2 p.m. Saturday, Cowboys Stadium, Arlington

Division II

El Paso Montwood (W1, 9-2) vs. Abilene (W3, 8-3), 7 p.m. Friday, Grande Communications Stadium, Midland

Mansfield (W5, 10-1) vs. Denton Guyer (R7, 8-3), 8 p.m. Saturday, Cowboys Stadium, Arlington

Amarillo (W2, 8-3) vs. Abilene Cooper (R3, 8-3), 2 p.m. Saturday, Jones AT&T Stadium, Lubbock

Mansfield Timberview (R5, 9-2) vs. Flower Mound Marcus (W8, 10-1), 5 p.m. Saturday, Cowboys Stadium, Arlington


Division I

El Paso Chapin (W1, 9-2) vs Wichita Falls Rider (R4, 8-3), Saturday, Ratliff Stadium, Odessa, Time TBA

Fort Worth Arlington Heights (R6, 9-2) vs. Killeen (R8, 7-4), TBA

El Paso Andress (R1, 8-3) vs. Denton Ryan (W4, 11-0), Noon Saturday, Grande Communications Stadium, Midland

Saginaw Boswell (R5, 7-4) vs. Waco Midway (W8, 8-2), 7:30 p.m. Friday, Midlothian HS

Division II

El Paso Riverside (R2, 8-3) vs. Randall (W3, 10-1), TBA

Aledo (W5, 9-2) vs. Mansfield Summit (W7, 10-1), 7:30 p.m. Friday, Burleson Stadium, Burleson

El Paso Burges (R1, 9-2) vs. Lake Dallas (W4, 8-3), TBA

Trophy Club Byron Nelson (R5, 7-4) vs. Stephenville (W8, 9-2), 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Cowboys Stadium, Arlington