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Cracks in the ICE

The Department of Homeland Security has officially decided that the ICE brand is a failure. After trying since 2003 to brand former Customs and INS special agents "ICE" agents, DHS is waving the white flag.

ICE agents are now Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Special Agents.  The thousands of ICE special agent badges that were issued will be encased in plastic (for a fee) and given to the agents. The new badges will display the name of the agency not just the HSI moniker like ICE badges. ICE special agent badges, not encased in Lucite, which were issued to agents who retired from 2005-2010 just went up in value (on the collectors market).

Immigration and Customs Enforcement was the only law enforcement agency in United States that did not issue badges with the full agency name. The old badges displayed "ICE", the acronym for Immigration and Customs Enforcement,  which FYI was a word meaning frozen water, a version of crack cocaine and the acronym International Commodities Exchange long before 2003.

HSI remains a division within Immigration and Customs Enforcement but there is speculation that this is the first step towards creating another independent agency under DHS.  Enforcement & Removal Operations (ERO) remains saddled with the ICE moniker that HSI has abandoned. When the dust settles, ICE will be the old INS, CBP will be the former Border Patrol and Customs Field Operations, and HSI will be the former Customs Service Office of Investigations. Well, except for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the government agency that oversees lawful immigration to the United States!

Got that?  This is your federal government at work, folks.  In case you forgot, when DHS was created, the politicians promised that new Department would not only make us safer, but that it would save money through consolidation of the Customs and Immigration bureaus. So now instead of a single Customs  and a single Immigration agency?  We have three agencies, soon to be four.  Nobody has any idea which agency does what, including the bureaucrats who work there! Just wait until the feds take over Health Care Insurance!

The new HSI badge. 

This is the old ICE Special Agent Badge, which is now has more value as a collector's item than it did when it was issued to former Customs & INS agents


HSI Goes Hollywood

Homeland Security Investigations, formerly known as Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office of Investigations (ICE) has a message for you.

I'm not exactly sure what the message is, but my best guesses are: 

Too much time, too little crime.

White men need not apply.

Different name, same old chit.

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