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Death Threats From the Left

Progressives are so easy to predict.  Who among you is surprised by the death threats emails that the Wisconsin governor and GOP legislatures have received scores of death threats?

Now the Party of Peace, just like their friends from the Religion of Peace ☪ , are slipping written death threats under the doors of legislatures at the State Capitol.  

This typical Progressive Party (aka DemocRAT Party) behavior is horrible and outrageous. But the left-wing justifies it by implying that the Republicans “provoked” the liberal fascists by actually doing the job they were elected to do as legislators!

Look for these words and phrases to justify the violence of the left;  “provocation,” “had it coming,” “deserved what they’re getting,” “they started it,” “we had no choice,” “Governor Walker was acting unilaterally.   We are Progressives, so we do whatever the F#@& we want to do because we are morally and intellectually superior to you!

In spite of the death threats from the left, on Thursday the Wisconsin Assembly voted 53-42 in favor of Gov. Scott Walkers bill repealing most collective bargaining rights by public employee unions.  All the Democrats and four Republicans voted against the bill. 

Walker issued a statement after the vote, I applaud all members of the Assembly for {finally) showing up, debating the legislation and participating in democracy. 

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