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Second Amendment Supporter of the Year

The Second Amendment Supporter of the year is every gun owner in America who joins the NRA for just $25 and sends a tax deductible donation to the Second Amendment Foundation .

If every gun owner in America did both, we would face another threat to our Second Amendment civil rights from the federal government during our lifetime.  If we dont, we could effectively lose our Second Amendment rights by March 2013. 

There are many other great organizations to join including  Gun Owners of America (GOA) and the  National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). Im members of both.  But in my opinion, the two MUST join organizations are the NRA and SAF.  Join as many as you can.  We cant afford not to.

We cant fix Obamacare, the entitlements or the deficit. Those may never be fixed. But we can fix the erosion of our Second Amendment rights and  crush any and all federal gun control legislation simply by joining the NRA for $25 and supporting the Second Amendment Foundation with our tax deductible donations.

    The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) is dedicated to promoting a better understanding about our Constitutional heritage to privately own and possess firearms. To that end, we carry on many educational and legal action programs designed to better inform the public about the gun control debate.

    For more information about the activities of the Foundation, or to make a Donation to help support SAF.org and the Foundation, please call 1-425-454-7012 and speak with the Second Amendment Foundation staff directly. If you would like to volunteer to support the Second Amendment Foundation with either time or money, please send an email stating how you would like to help! The Second Amendment Foundation also maintains an Attorney Referral Service. Call 1-800-426-4302 to contact the Second Amendment Foundation if in need of pro-gun rights attorney.

    Interested in becoming a Second Amendment Foundation member? Joining SAF and being nationally recognized as an individual who wants to protect your rights, and the rights of those around you has never been easier! Please contact the SAF Membership department at: 425-454-7012! We look forward to hearing from you.

    You can also join and make a tax deductible contribution for 2012 tax year by clicking this link

    After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didnt do it. I sure as hell wouldnt want to live in a society where the only people allowed guns are the police and the military. – William S. Burroughs


How Many More Hollywood Hypocrites Must We Endure?

A bunch of Hollywood hypocrites have banded together to make a PSA for Demand A Plan, an outgrowth of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns non-profit coalition.

The video is incredibly vague. Who are we supposed to ‘demand a plan’ of? Could it be their patron saint Obama, who they think is being too friendly with the gun lobby?  Dont know, dont care.  Bottom line: COME AND TAKE IT

Click here to watch video if you dont see it below


Obama Propoganda Machine Pushes "Sensible Gun Laws" PC Speak for CONFISCATION of Firearms

Ed Schultz is out as the gun confiscation front man for the Obamanation on MSNBC.  During a Twitter exchange  on Saturday Schultz asked “Why should anyone own an assault rifle ?” and followed it up by saying “its the confiscation of these types of weapons that counts and will have an impact.”

“The Ed Show” host wasn’t done with his attack on Second Amendment civil rights. “The NRA needs to state the case why assault weapons are needed by anyone,” he claimed. And after that, he told one poster that “a Glock pistol qualifies as an assault weapon.” 

Schultz later talked of the need to amend the Constitution to one person on Twitter. “We are the Constitution and we as a people can change whatever we want. Get ready Dude !” he wrote. On this I agree.  If progressives want to ban and/or confiscate firearms, they need to legally amend the Constitution.  My advice to Schultz, go for it, Dude!

Schultz has a history of advocating gun confiscation. In early December, he said the NFL should tell players not to have guns: “I dont think its out of the realm that the NFL should be asking players or demanding or making sure, dont own firearms. Just, dont, all that is is trouble.

However, he seemed unmoved when his producer James “Holmy” Holm talked about putting a gun to CEOs to force them to spend back in 2011. “The president is going to speak with business leaders that are sitting on $1.9 trillion dollars $1.9 trillion dollars. Maybe what we should do is put a gun to their head and just say, give us that $1.9 trillion dollars, you dont need to read anything, just hand it to us!” he told listeners to Schultz’s radio program.

Here is the Saturday exchange on Twitter.

Ed Schultz ‏@WeGotEd @gt500cws whos facts ? I have a fact for you. We are the Constitution and we as a people can change whatever we want. Get ready Dude !

Ed Schultz ‏@WeGotEd @gt500cws a Glock pistol qualifies as an assault weapon.

Ed Schultz ‏@WeGotEd The NRA needs to state the case why assault weapons are needed by anyone.

Ed Schultz ‏@WeGotEd @gt500cws a Glock pistol qualifies as an assault weapon.

Ed Schultz ‏@WeGotEd Write all the feel good laws you want, its the confiscation of these types of weapons that counts and will have an impact.

Ed Schultz ‏@WeGotEd Why should anyone own an assault rifle ? We need to be realistic about the 2nd amendment..society has changed, views have changed.

On Sunday Morning, MSNBC left wing radical Chris Hayes called for a total ban on the guns used in the Newtown shooting, which includes 9mm Glock and Sig Sauer handguns.  MSNBC coined the PC term sensible gun laws in support of their gun confiscation agenda. NBC is the voice of the indisputable voice of the Obamanation.

If you think Sensible gun laws is anything other than liberal fascist PC speak for gun confiscation of all civilian owned firearms, youre part of the problem, rather than the solution to violence.  Wake up America!


Gun Grabbers "Assault Weapons" Myth 

NEWS BULLETINALL firearms can be used as assault weapons.  So can knives, forks, tuna lids, broken glass and baseball bats which the FBI says are responsible for more murders than any other assault weapons. 

The term assault weapon is a misnomer invented by the Hoplophobia Brady Bunch.  Their goal is to confiscate all the firearms owned/possessed by civilians. 

Obama agrees with them. His Eric Holer lead Justice Department has repeatedly argued in federal appeals court that only U.S. Military personnel have a constitutional right to keep and bear firearms government owned owned and issued firearms. Their legal position states that even police officers dont have a Constitutional right to keep and bear firearms under the Second Amendment.
Modern firearms are better made today because of computer aided manufacturing techniques.  But the design of modern firearms is essentially the same as it was 100 years ago.  Fully automatic firearms were invented in 1920s. You must obtain a Class III federal license from ATF to possess a fully automatic firearm.  Its expensive and no fully automatic firearms have been used in mass murders or virtually any other crime in the United States in my lifetime.

The 1911 was invented 101 years ago.  Modern pistols operate essentially the same, though many are now striker fired not hammer fired.  The AR-15 is the civilian version of the M4 carbine. An AR-15 is no more of an assault weapons than a Ruger Mini 14 Ranch rifle.  Both shoot the same caliber ammo and the same multi-round capacity magazines are available for both. 

The only reason the AR-15 is called an assault weapon or military is because of the way it looks. It is styled after the M4, a military issued carbine.  Hoplophobes hate that look. But the Ruger Mini 14  does the same damage as the AR-15.  Its the same weapon mounted on a more traditional platform, with a wood stock.  So why will one be banned as an assault weapon and the other not?  Simply because of the the way it looks.

Heres a another news bulletin. Firearms can easily be manufactured in mom and pop machine shops.  There will always be a black market for firearms, especially if an assault weapon ban passes.  Criminals and crazies not NRA members will be buying and illegally using black market firearms. Thats what criminals and crazies do. They commit crimes, thus the term criminals.

For further details on why the Assault Weapons and High Capacity Magazine Ban will fail see the 1994 legislation that expired in 2004.  Or see the war on drugs that I fought in for almost 30 years. Or see prohibition or the influx of illegal aliens over the last 50 years, to see how a weapons confiscation would go.

Government confiscation is not an option.  Confiscation of well over 200 million firearms by the government would have less than a zero chance of being successful.  Firearms ownership in Australia was 7% when they passed their firearms ban and confiscated all civilian handguns and most rifles .  The federal government paid half a billion dollars to buy back those guns.  And guess what, Australia still has gun crime and tons of other violent crime.  Now people find other ways to kill themselves and their nagging spouses. 

Firearms ownership in USA is 89 guns for every 100 people. 

That amounts to roughly 270 million guns owned nationwide, far and away the highest gun ownership rate in the world. With less than 5 percent of  the world’s population, the U.S. is home to anywhere between 35 and 50 percent of all civilian-owned guns on earth.

But contrary to what the left wants you to believe, America does not have the highest firearm-related homicide rate in the world. The United States ranks 28th in firearms related homicides.

That Glock 19, perhaps the most popular handgun in the United States over the last twenty five years, has the capacity to take magazines that hold over 30 rounds.  Yes my friend, your Glock 19 is a large capacity assault weapon. They are coming for the magazines that hold over 10 rounds now; gun to follow.

Both a Glock 19 pistol and an AR-15 carbine can both hold 30 round magazines while shooting very accurately. Optics, lasers and lights can be attached to both.  I would make the argument that modern 9mm self defense ammo is more deadly than .223 bullets.  Id rather take a .223 or 5.56 round than a hollow point 9mm if you offered me a choice.  Odds are both are going to kill me but I have a higher chance of survival with one .223 than one hot hollow point 9mm if the bullet passes through without hitting any vital organs.  

Would anyone feel better if those precious children in Newtown were shot with .357 magnum bullets fired from a S&W model 66 revolver?  They would be just as dead and the shooter could have used speed loaders to reload and kill just as many in about the same amount of time.  But nobody is talking about a .357 being an assault weapon. I can assure you that you rather be shot by a .223 than a .357 magnum.

The bottom line is that guns, ammo and magazines are not the problem.   There are millions of high capacity magazines and M-4 type weapons out there.  Even if you could confiscate them, it only takes ONE, which the military or police will still have.  Numerous guns are lost, stolen and taken away from the police and military every year.  A criminal or a crazy needs just one gun to commit an atrocity. 

In fact an ICE agent pulled his Sig 226 9mm pistol and shot his supervisor last summer in Long Beach.  Another agent than shot and killed him.  Do you think we should disarm all federal agents because of that atrocity?  

None of the mass murderers that the media keeps reminding us about have involved NRA members or concealed carry permit holders or even gun enthusiast such as hunters or sportsmen.  They were all disturbed, unbalanced, loner white males in their 20s. Neither the education and nor mental health systems did their job, as the signs of instability were clearly present. 

I agree with Obama. There must be changes.  But more gun control laws is not the change we need. We have plenty of those that are regularly broken by criminals and crazies alike.

Liberal fascists have been brain washing useful idiots for decades and now enough voters buy into their bullshit to fundamentally change America.   Dont take my word for it. Obama repeatedly said he wanted to fundamentally change America before he was elected. 

I dont advocate arming anyone who is not comfortible with guns.  Prohibited persons should not be allowed to possess firearms.  But I do support responsible, law abiding citizens, receiving training and obtaining concealed carry licenses if that is what they want to do to protect themselves, their family and innocent children.

Even if they dont carry most of the time, the more law abiding citizens who get concealed carry permits, the safer we all will be.  Forty shall issue states have proven that over the last 30 years. 


Liberal Fascist Hate Email Says Mr. Wolf is Disgusting and Disturbing

Heres an email that I received today from Bill Wxxxx:

This email was transmitted via www.bonzerwolf.com.

Submitted from address XX-99-XXX-214.lightspeed.gdrpmi.sbcglobal.net/99.xx.XXX.XXX.

Your Name: Bill Wxxxx
Your Email: bxxxx@msn.com

Subject: Chicken meet roost

Message: The propaganda machine that you support (NRA) is about to become irrelevant.  It took the murder of 20 innocents but it has finally happened.  The days of assault weapons, high capacity magazines, and undocumented sales at gun shows are OVER.

If you had an ounce of decency or a shred of compassion, you would support these COMMON SENSE changes.  Nobody is looking to repeal the Second Amendmentjust weapons of war in the hands of idiots.


p.s.  The tweets you receive on the right side of this page are DISGUSTING and DISTURBING


Bill, would you like to make a wager on the relevance of the NRA in this and other firearms legislation?  I predict a significant increase in membership starting today.  

You are wrong about everything you wrote, but than again that is the mantra of liberal fascism.  Even under the Feinstein legislation so called assault weapons and high capacity magazines will not be confiscated. There are many of millions of both among the 200+ million guns in owned by civilians in the United States.  The legislation will stop the manufacture, import or transfer of these weapons and magazines IF it passes.  That is a big IF since laws must be passed by both houses of Congress and the GOP still controls the House of Representatives and there are Democrat representatives who will vote against the ban.

You are an angry person arent you, Bill.  I fear angry subversive Americans more than I do common criminals.  Most common criminals have better common sense than liberal fascists.  The lack of common sense in our country is a primary contributor to the moral decay, debt crisis and growing tyranny in America.

Innocent lives were taken in Newtown because Gun Free Zones kill.  GFZs are the most dangerous places in America.  If you cared about human life instead of your liberal fascist political ideology, you would support solutions that would solve the problem rather than contribute to it.  

This is how you increase safety and security at schools.  There are tens of thousands of retired law enforcement officers in the U.S. who carry concealed weapons under the federal LEOSA.  These trained professionals qualify with firearms annually. Hiring retired LEOSA concealed carriers as school security officers and placing them in every school is step one.  This will go a long way to secure the safety of children and adults at schools just like arming commercial pilots in the cockpit did after 911.

Step two is the repeal of the federal Gun Free School Zones Act (GFSZA).  Step 3 is identifying teachers and other school employees who are licensed to carry concealed handguns and training those who qualify and volunteer to carry at work.  In Utah concealed carry license holders, including teachers are allowed to be armed on school property and there has never been a mass school shooting in Utah.  Teachers are also armed in both Israel and Thailand, which have safer schools than the U.S.

Passing more gun control laws does nothing to enhance safety. There are already over 2,000 such laws on the books at the federal,state and local level.  As a liberal, you are either looking to feel better about yourself by doing something even if it will actually put children and others in harms way because criminals dont obey laws.  I would guess that you are promoting your subversive liberal fascist agenda in response to a national tragedy, which is what your kind does.  I suspect that for the greater goal of gun confiscation, you actually relish mass shootings.  You know, sacrificing individual safety for the greater good of the cause.  

Either way, you are wrong and the blood is on your hands for supporting gun control and gun free zones.  As for me, I sleep well at night knowing that I have done everything I can to protect myself and my family from being victims.  I just got back from purchasing numerous 30+ round magazines for the various models and calibers of firearms that me and my family own.  We feel good about our safety as these weapons will remain viable and working well beyond our life spans.  You see, firearms havent fundamentally changed in about 100 years.  Thats another of the lies that you liberal fascists tell everyday to advance your agenda.  In fact the so called assault weapons you seek to ban are of much lower caliber than WW II style Military weapons.  The .223 round is much less deadly than the .308 which it replaced. But you dont know anything about firearms except that you hate them, so I dont expect you to understand anything about the subject.

Im off to the firearms range to train and practice my new high capacity magazines.

Have a Safe Day,

Bonzer Wolf

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