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Five Common Sense Facts that Liberals Refuse to Acknowledge

Once again, Second Amendment rights are under attack by liberals who piss on themselves every time they even see a photograph of a gun. The debate on gun control in America comes down to this: People who lose nothing if guns are banned because they don’t use them demanding that everyone else be disarmed.  A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.” — Sigmund Freud

Trying to reason with gun control advocates is futile. It doesn’t matter how clearly you prove your case.

Here are five common sense facts that gun grabbers in the United States refuse to acknowledge.

1) Gun Free Zones are the most dangerous places in America.  You won’t keep bad people with guns away by passing laws and posting signs: The problem with a “gun free zone” is that anyone you can’t trust with a gun will be the only armed person there.  Gun Free Zones cause people you’d want armed in a dangerous situation to leave their weapons behind.

2) Criminals and lunatics don’t obey gun laws: The belief that someone who’s planning to go on a killing spree is going to turn in a gun because it’s made illegal is almost as nuts as going on the killing spree. Yet, the gun grabbers operate on the assumption that nut jobs like Adam Lanza or gang bangers are going to get rid of modern sporting rifles with standard 30 round capacity magazines if Congress passes more gun control laws that dont work.  The federal government seldom enforces the gun laws they have now to prevent prohibited persons from attempting to buy firearms from federally licensed gun dealers.

3) We already have 300+ million guns owned by civilians in this country. In a nation with almost one gun per person, the next Adam Lanza, Jared Loughner, Tookie Williams or Mumia Abu-Jamal already has his gun or he will steal it from somebody who legally has a gun.  More gun laws only disarm law abiding Americans.

4) Gun owners aren’t required to explain a “need” for their Second Amendment rights: Why do gun owners “need” their guns? The same reason that Rosa Parks “needed” her seat at the front of the bus. In other words, it’s a constitutional right.  

5) You’re not fooling us: Liberals like to think they’re smarter than everyone else, but they’re as transparent as glass. That’s why gun sales are breaking all records since Obama was elected. If Barack Hussein Obama, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrat gun grabbers in Congress could get away with it, they would ban and confiscate every gun in America tomorrow — and people know it. Anything short of, “Nobody is allowed to own a firearm except the government,” is unacceptable to them and that’s why they never let a tragedy like the Gabrielle Giffords shooting or the Newtown massacre go the waste.

“Free people are not in the habit of providing reasons why they ‘need’ something simply because the government wants to ban it. That’s true of anything — but especially something the government is constitutionally prohibited from banning, like guns.”


So God Made A Liberal 

So God Made a Liberal


Anti-Second Amendment Media Bias Following Eric Holder Directive

The “new” iPad continues to impress me.  I decided to take advantage of “The Daily” offer for a free two-week subscription since the publication is designed to take advantage of the iPad’s high-resolution display.

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp. owns The Daily, a publication built for the iPad and Murdoch hopes, “the next generation of readers”.

Today The Daily features a news story, “Self-Appointed Cop” about George Zimmerman, who last month shot an unarmed person in Florida last month.

Police records show officers responded to more than 400 calls in the past 14 months from Twin Lakes, a gated, walled complex of 260 stucco town homes.  Those include 50 suspicious person reports, eight burglaries, one other shooting and nine thefts.

Zimmerman is Captain of the neighborhood watch volunteer group in his Sanford, FL neighborhood.  On Feb. 26 he shot Miami Gardens teenager Trayvon Martin, in what police have determined to be self-defense. Zimmerman told police the teen started an altercation, and then in fear for his life Zimmerman pulled a weapon from his waistband and fired. Martin died as a result of the gun shot.

Zimmerman, who has not been charged with a crime, said he fired in self-defense.  Police say they don’t have evidence to arrest Zimmerman, who has a concealed carry license. Florida has a self-defense law called “Stand Your Ground”, which allows citizens to protect themselves if they have reasonable fear of being killed or seriously injured.

The liberal main stream media is engaged in an orchestrated “witch hunt” designed to try and convict Zimmerman in the court of public opinion, though he has not been charged with any crime. 

Inflammatory articles like the one written by Deborah Hastings in the March 19, 2012 The Daily are evidence of the slanted anti Second Amendment bias of the Media.   The mainstream media is the most organized anti-gun group in the United States.

Hastings intentionally wrote a biased story, designed to prejudice readers against Zimmerman in particular and Second Amendment civil rights in general. The story is contributing to the lynch mob mentality that most of the main stream media is stirring up in this Florida shooting.

Hastings included bias reporting like, “He would circle the block and circle it. It was weird,” Teontae Amie, 17, told the Miami Herald.  He was known for being really strict.”

Hastings included even more inflammatory remarks in her story, “Sanford, which is 49 percent white, has a history of uneasy relations between law enforcement and African-Americans.  In 2010, it took police seven weeks to arrest a man- the son of a police lieutenant- who as caught on videotape punching a black homeless man.”

OMG. Call the record keepers at Guinness!  There is such a history of uneasy relations between police and African-Americans in Sanford that it must be a world record.  Yes, ONE incident in 2010 is the only evidence that Hastings provides to prove her theory.  In the bias reporting of Hastings,  “a history of uneasy relations” between police and the black community is one incident.

Hastings further demonstrates her lynch mob mentality by reporting, “George Zimmerman, 28, called police 46 times between January 2011 and this past February 26, when he shot to death 17-year-old high school student Trayvon Martin,  who carried nothing but a bag of  Skittles and a can of iced tea.”

No evidence is presented in the story, as to why police believe Zimmerman fired in self-defense.  The fact that Zimmerman fired after being attacked by Martin, who appeared to be under the influence and was wandering around suspiciously in the neighborhood while it was raining, was not mentioned in the story.

I’ve emailed Hastings at The Daily and will keep posted on any responses I receive.  Here’s the text of my email:

Im surprised at the left wing anti-gun bias in your article on the Orlando area shooting today.  The main stream media is the most bias group when it comes to Second Amendment civil rights . Unless guns are in the hands of criminals or being illegally exported to Mexican drug cartels by the attorney general, the media constantly demonstrates the radical Brady Bill bias. Your job as a journalist is to be objective, report the facts and leave your personal bias out of the story.

The fact is, that no arrest was made based on the law and evidence collected by law enforcement authorities in Orlando.  You did not write a single sentence on why the shooter felt threatened. He obviously was able to articulate that fact or he would have been arrested.

Please provide me the email address of your editor so I may express my feelings on his lack of journalistic integrity also.

You can find out more about me by googling Bonzer Wolf or reading about me on the Bonzer Wolf web page.

You may find todays posting about the brainwashing of young people against guns interesting. Eric Holder speaks directly to the anti-gun agenda, which you are spreading by writing slanted stories instead of reporting the facts.


Party of Green Bullshit

Regular readers know that Im neither a Democrat nor a Republican.  Im a Constitutionalist and both parties have been off that reservation for most of my lifetime.  Im a card carrying Libertarian.  But Im also a realist and theres a better chance that a asteroid the size of Texas will hit planet earth and kill us all in the next thirty seconds, than a Libertarian will be elected President in 2012.

I particularly loathe the Democrat Party because so many of them are, IMHO, enemies of the State because of their disdain for the U.S. Constitution.  Many are also the the biggest hypocrites that I have ever met.  Obama cant give a speech without reading the word GREEN from his teleprompter.  So I find this information from the ultra liberal New York Times to be interesting.  This is the typical progressive, do I say not as I do party line.

Apparently, Obama thinks that the only way he can stay slim and trim (besides smoking cigarettes) is to fly his personal trainer from Chicago to Washington regularly to work him out!  According to Ashley Parker of the NYT, Cornell McClellan flies to Washington EVERY week to work with both Mr. & Mrs. Obama and some White House staffers. McClellan says he sees the Obamas two to four times a week. 

David Axelrod says that he has lost 25 pounds under McClellans watch.  Well, bully Fn for you. I was a fat bastard bureaucrat before I retired from the government in 2008.  Somehow, I managed to lose 52 pounds in less than a year by eating right and exercising on my own.

It seems these environmentally conscious Democrats dont give a rats ass if it cost 50,000 pounds of carbon emissions for one fat staffer to lose 25 pounds and for Mrs. Obama to keep from gaining another twenty five.

Last July the Hypocrite in Chief announced that he wanted federal workers to cut down on business travel and commuting by car, in order to reduce emissions produced by the federal government.  Michelle Obamas support for locally produced food is steeped in environmental concerns.

The message here is very clear.  If youre an average federal employee or everyday taxpayer, you need to watch your carbon footprint and make sacrifices for the good of green stock owners like Al Gore and hypocrites like Obama and most other progressives.  If youre part of the progressive ruling class, its ok to fly your trainer in from Chicago every week to keep your your wifes ass from getting as as big as a Volkswagen? Pah-leeeze!


Huff Poop Slaves in a Huff

Arianna Huffington is one of those billionaire liberals who loves to give other peoples money away to the government.  She is even more famous for getting hundreds, if not thousands of libtard suckers to slave for her at the Huff Poop.

Yesterday, the Hyprocrite of the Day, pocketed a cool $100 million dollars in cold hard cash from new corporate capitalist daddy, AOL.  Huffington will pocket millions more running the new AOL Progressive Propoganda Post.

Comedian Andy Borowitz, one of the many HuffPooh volunteers, tweeted yesterday, My share of the Huffington Post sale, zero dollars, was a little disappointing.  A little disappointing?  Wow, you libtards are even dumber than I thought.

Memo to blue state volunteers : You are making fools of yourself by listening to and being slaves for the likes of Arianna Huffington and Al Gore. WTF up!  Billionaire capitalists are using you to spread their bogus progressive agenda to make millions of dollars for THEMSELVES.

Oh well, thats what makes America the capitol of capitalism.  Smart business minds can always figure out ways to make $ from dumb asses.  Huff Poop libtards dont even cost thier millionaire bosses minimum wage, since most of those college dim wits work for FREE.  Even Rubert Murdoch cant pull that off!