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Cowboys Win - Giants Lose - Eagles Alive

The Giants lost but the Eagles are still ticking.

With a 4:15 p.m. kickoff against the New York Jets only minutes away, the Eagles know they could keep their slim chances of winning the NFC East alive with a win at Lincoln Financial Field.

That other New York team – the Giants – came up small in a 1 o’clock game against the Redskins and fell, 23-10, at the Meadowlands. If the Giants had won, the Eagles would have been eliminated from having any shot at winning the division because Dallas had beaten Tampa Bay, 31-15, on Saturday night.

But a win over the Jets gives the hated Eagles hope. Here is what has to happen for the Eagles to win the NFC East and get into the playoffs:

1. The 6-8 Eagles have to win out, first next Saturday at Dallas and then in the season finale against Washington.
2. The 8-6 Cowboys lose against the Eagles and then at the Giants.
3. The 7-7 Giants lose to the Jets and then beat the Cowboys.

The Eagles would win both tie breakers against Dallas and the Giants if all three teams finished 8-8.

On the other hand, if the Cowboys beat the Eagles on Saturday night, Philadelphia is done.  A Cowboys win on Saturday, combined with a Giants loss on Sunday vs the Jets, clinches the Division for Dallas next weekend.  But even if Dallas loses to the Eagles, they can win the division by defeating the Giants in the final regular season game of the year.

Dallas controls its own destiny and needs to win the next two games to go into the playoffs, with the momentum of a 3 game win streak vs NFC opponents.


An  a Day 

by Ric Carson

According to Envisoneering Group, the tech giant Apple plans to roll out a new technology  and services soon that would allow you to pay for retail transactions with your iPhone or iPad. Using Near-Field Communications or NFC.  

Talking to Mom while standing in line at Starbucks?, no worries, no need to reach for that wallet or purse. Simply push a button on your iPhone and instantly pay for that Vente Latte.  Industry watchers theorize that Apple will compete with similar systems in use by MasterCard and Visa by using card and bank information already on file with Apple via iTunes and its recently launched App Store.

Retail transactions account for almost $6.2 trillion spent each year by Americans.  Currently Apple pays credit card processing fees when consumers buy content on iTunes.  Apple could be paving the way for lowering costs of retail transaction while increasing its own revenue.

Congress recently passed the Durbin Amendment that aims to significantly reduce the transaction fees that retailers pay to credit card issuers, thus paving the way for new players in the retail arena.  Apple and its utilization of this technology may yet again be a game changer in the retail market.