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NFL Players and Owners Reach Agreement- Don't Expect the NBA to Follow

The NFL players and owners have come to an agreement before the end of July.  I predicted this would happen the day the owners locked the players out.

I havent followed a single minute of the drama nor the hundreds of hours of programming that ESPN has devoted to following the lockout.  It would be difficult to find anybody who watches more live sporting events than the Wolf. 

I watch not only basketball, baseball, hockey, and football, but I also watch futbol (soccer) and many other out of the mainstream sports like volleyball, rugby, boxing, bicycling, and Australian rules football. In fact, about the only sports that I wont watch are those that are not broadcast in HD and of course the WNBA.  Id watch Big Brother on CBS before Id watch a WNBA game!  And believe me I aint watching that crap, which by the way is still broadcast in Standard Definition, the only major network programming not in HD as far as I know.

I enjoy the drama and unpredictability of watching sporting competition at the highest levels. Anything can happen in these non-scripted events.  Watching the best of the best compete in just about any sport is among the best and most reasonably priced entertainment on television. 

On the other hand, I dont care how much the athletics are paid or how much the owners make.  Really, I dont care if a player is paid $50 million a year.  How much a player makes is between him and the owner.  Almost half of these players are going to be broke within four years of leaving the game, no matter how much you pay them. And most of the owners are going to make more in a day than I make in a lifetime.  I dont take into consideration how much an actor makes before I chose which movie to watch.  The same applies to sports. 

I thought the NFL would settle their differences before July 31, missing no regular season games. I got that one right, so heres another prediction.  The NBA will not only miss regular season games, theres a 50% or greater chance that there will be not be 2011/12 NBA season.  Just as hockey missed an entire season, I believe there is a good chance that you wont see the NBA for an entire season.  A shortened regular season is certainly possible, but I believe no season is very possible.

NBA players make really big money.  Apparently, the majority of NBA owners are losing really big money.  Dont know that for sure. Dont care either.  But there are people who know more than I do, and who follow the business of sports closer than I do, who are saying that the NBA owners believe they will lose less money by missing an entire season, than coming to an agreement that the players will accept.  If thats true, I dont think there will be 2011-12 NBA season. 

The NHL owners locked the players out for an entire season and guess what?  The owners have deeper pockets than the players.  After the players missed an entire season, the owners got everything that they wanted from the them in the negotiations.  Basketball aint football.  Most sports fans and the U.S. can live without the NBA. Its not a religion like the NFL (and football at all levels from high school up).  College basketball (and the NHL for some) will fill the void until an agreement is reached between the owners and players in the NBA. 

Oh well, not for me to worry about.  Im looking forward to watching the Dallas Cowboys to shock the world and end up in the Super Bowl in February!  If they Rangers can end up in the World Series, the Cowboys certainly have a reasonable chance of playing for Super Bowl trophy #6.


NFL Owners Spanked

I had not planned on writing about the NFL until July but this is just too good to pass up.

All the NFL big shots were on conference calls well into the night, trying to figure out their next move.

The NFL is clearly rattled by the ruling lifting the lockout. Of course the owners believed they would prevail before Judge Nelson on whether the lockout would be lifted.  Kings are used to always winning.  Well, heavy the head that rests the crown today.  Its a great day for most of us, but no so much for the billionaires, who are used to being large and in charge.

The owners thought they hired the best lawyers in the country to handle their case.  David Boies surely mesmerized the owners at the league meetings in March into believing that they would prevail.  Reality check: this is the same David Boies who represented Al Gore vs George Bush and Napster vs The Recording Association of America. How did those cases work out for his clients? 

I hear the league remains confident they’ll win at the appellate level.  Some people never learn!  Give me the union, uh, I mean the trade association by a landslide in the appeal.  Expedited review, means July, because this case will proceed on Federal Court Time not real time.  And BTW, the Supreme Court is not going to touch this thing.

The owners are so arrogant that they didn’t have a predetermined plan in place for a lifting the lockout.  It’s not as if the outcome was one of 1,000 possibilities.  There were two possible outcomes at this stage.  The owners have been caught with their pants down and Im with the little guys on this one, ROTFLMAO at the arrogant billionaires!

Collusion is the next bullet that these mofos are going to have to dodge!

Oh well,  back to the NBA & NHL playoffs, NASCAR, and MLB.


NFL & Players Union Agree to 24 Hour Contract Extention

This is my first and most likely my last post on the NFL owners vs players contract situation.  I have largely ignorned this story because

a) NCAA March Madness

b) its March and MLB spring training has my attention

c) its March and the NBA, EPL, UEFA, NASCAR and playing poker have my attention

d) its March and I dont give a flying puck about billionaires and millionaires fighting over an NFL contract, 6    months before the season is scheduled to start

e) all the above

If you answered (e), congratulations you received a 100% on your test.  If you gave any other answer, you received a big fat ZERO and you are most certainly a liberal.

Heres everything you need to know about the owners vs. players NFL drama, which ESPN covers 24/7.

The collective bargaining agreement was scheduled to end at 11:59 p.m. Thursday, but enough progress apparently was made during the last two mediation sessions  that the sides agreed to extend the deadline until 5 p.m. March 11.

Several reports said the owners offered a significantly better deal for the players Thursday morning; neither side gave details. 

If an agreement is not reached before the new deadline and there is no additional extension of the collective bargaining agreement, the players have until 5 p.m. on Friday decertify their union, which would in essence dissolve the union. With no union, the league would lose its antitrust exemption, meaning players would be free to sue if the NFL attempted to lock them out, claiming restraint of trade. Three of the leagues biggest stars, quarterbacks Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Peyton Manning, have said they are prepared to be part of such a suit should that situation develop.

The owners and players are trying to agree on four primary issues: how to divide about $9.3 billion in annual revenue; whether the league should expand from 16 to 18 regular-season games (which the players oppose because of the added risk of injury); whether there should be a rookie salary cap; and benefits for retired players.

Under the existing deal, the owners can take the first $1 billion in revenue off the top, then give the players 58.8 percent of the rest. Under the new deal, they have been seeking about $2 billion off the top, citing rising stadium construction costs and the need to introduce technology for fans in stadiums and watching on TV. The players say that would cut salaries by about 18 percent though the clubs are raking in millions in profits.

The average yearly salary is $1.8 million. Last years rookie minimum was $325,000. Since the salary cap was put in place in 1994, the average salary per team has gone from $35 million to $127 million in 2009, the last year with a cap.

According to Forbes magazine, the average worth of the 32 franchises was $1.02 billion at the start of the 2010 season, with 16 clubs valued at more than $1 billion, led by the Cowboys at $1.8 billion. The Bucs were 13th at $1.03 billion. Jacksonville was last at $725 million.

Now its time to get back to (e). I will let you know if the two sides have not come to an agreement by July 31.  Until then, I dont give a flying fig what happens or how much money either the players or the owners make.  Its not a Bonzer Wolf problem until the players are locked out of training camp in July and the start of the regular season in September is threatened.


Convicted Felon Presented with Key to the City of Dallas

First the NFL gave convicted felon Michael Vick the Presidential Suite at the Pro Bowl hotel in Hawaii.  Now the Mayor Pro-Tem of the Dallas, Texas has presented Vick with a Key to the City. Wow, Vick must really be a changed man.

The old Michael Vick was known for torturing and killing helpless animals. Dog fighting does not begin to address his atrocities. That term omits the dogs he used as jump ropes or the females that had their teeth filed down to nubs or yanked out so they could not possibly fight back when being restrained in the breeding pens.  Vick and his pals, needed a ready supply of more and more pups to raise so they could cheer as those dogs had their throats ripped out while dog fighting.

The new Michael Vick has done what was ordered by the courts, the NFL or his PR machine, which is working overtime to make him palatable to society. His bankruptcy included a $90,000 car for his girlfriend (not his wife) that his creditors had to eat. Now, he is back making millions playing NFL football.

Many of you may be impressed that Vick has apologized to his team and the rest of us on 60 Minutes. But he has never apologized to his victims.  Some that survived his cruelty and sadism are alive today. They are crippled, traumatized and living with the physical and emotional scars he inflicted. Vick was given the chance to apologize in Dallas on Friday.  Long time Dallas radio personality, Richard Hunter, who adopted one of Vicks dogs, comforted Vick after he received his honor from the City of Dallas. Watch how he and his posse handled it.

Of course you are free to forgive, forget, kiss the feet of, idolize, elevate to hero status and cheer on this degenerate.  I question your humanity, but its a free country.  Many of you still admire OJ Simpson.

Richard Hunter possesses something that is missing in Michael Vick.  Something that Vick will never have, because Vick is what he is, an evil sociopath who was welcomed by many Philadelphia and now by the Mayor Pro-Tem of Dallas.

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