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Gun Stocks Continue to Surge - No End in Sight

Wed heard a few times lately that gun stocks (mostly Ruger and Smith & Wesson) have been surging lately, thanks to strong gun sales.

Ruger is up 14% from the Wednesday close after the gun manufacturer announced that it literally could not keep up with demand.

Since last summer, the stock has nearly tripled.

So whats going on? Apparently it has something to do with fears that in a second Obama term which appears more likely than it did several months ago that stricter firearm controls would be put in place, and so the time to get guns is now.

From FoxNews:

Gun shop owners around the nation told FoxNews.com that sales, brisk ever since President Obama was elected, have spiked upward in recent months. And manufacturers are having so much trouble keeping up with the demand that one, Sturm, Ruger & Co., can’t keep up with demand. The Southport, Conn.-based company has had to suspend new orders after taking orders for more than 1 million guns in the first three months of the year. Smith & Wesson sales are way up, as well. 

“Sales usually increase this time of year with tax returns, but this year has been higher than most,” Mike Weeks, owner of Georgia Gun Store in Gainesville told FoxNews.com. “People are scared their gun rights are going to be curtailed after the election.

The Trayvon Martin shooting in Sanford, Florida has dominated main stream media (MSM) coverage over the last week.  On Friday, the President of the United States irresponsibly weighed in on the  shooting. Obama called for a close examination of the use of deadly force for self defense laws. 

FBI statistics show that concealed handgun license holders, as a group, are the most law abiding citizens in the country. The liberal left and MSM are always on the look out for those rare stories of irresponsibly by concealed handgun license holders. The MSM declines to report on thousands of crimes committed by persons illegally in the possession of handguns, chosing instead to focus on the rare shootings by concealed permit holders.  The MSM doesnt wait for a trial or even an arrest to condemn a concealed handgun license holder who shoots and kills someone in self defense.

Fear that Obama would curtail gun rights prompted similar stories in 2008. At the time it looked like there was a chance that the whole economy would collapse, another thing that makes owning guns appealing.  We have plenty of reasons to continue to fear the worst, especially if Obama is re-elected. 

I visited two gun shops yesterday and neither had a single Ruger handgun in stock to sell.

Looks like the Obama era has clearly been good for three groups of people, free loaders, statists, and gun stock investors.  Eventually all of them will be paying the same price for the Obamanation as the rest of us.

But for now, Ruger is up nearly 10x since Obama took office.



Deborah Hastings Back to Hacking at The Daily

Have you seen or heard about this shocking story? Jurors see shocking video of teen being shot to death

This is just one of the hundreds of cases of white and black youths who are murdered by black assailants that receives little if any national media attention.  If a black person, illegally in possession of a firearm, shots and kills a white person or another black person, its not national news. No phone calls or remarks about the incident from the POTUS either.

But if just one white concealed handgun license (CHL) holder is involved in a questionable shooting of a black youth, it becomes the lead national story for at least a week.

As a result of the cancer of political correctness, the liberal left would label this blog entry racist.  The MSM doesnt just report news, it decides what is news, so it can influence public opinion and push the country to the left. The MSM and the left also decide who and what is racist

Again today, left wing radical reporter Deborah Hastings of The Daily, speculated that George Zimmerman used a racial slur , when he called 911 concerning Trayvon Martin. Never mind that the tape is totally unintelligible, even by Hastings admission.  Yet she writes her biased, left wing, radical propaganda, and under the guise of news.

If you subscribe to The Daily on iPad, read her story and the comments.  You may be surprised to learn that Bonzer Wolf is not the only Daily reader aware of the divisive radical left Deborah Hastings agenda.  


Obama Gets Personal Over Trayvon Martin Shooting Death

Yesterday the President of the United States got personal and injected himself into an ongoing criminal investigation by his own Justice Department.  Trayvons case has become national news. The main stream media (MSM) is encouraging street justice.  Obama jumped in the fray, saying if he had a son, hed look like Trayvon. Justice will come.

 This is the same Department of Justice (DOJ) responsible for the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. 

Obama’s DOJ, headed by Attorney General Eric Holder, is responsible for approving and covering up ATF Operation Fast and Furious.   Operation Fast and Furious resulted in ATF secretly encouraging gun dealers to sell semi-automatic firearms to suspected traffickers for Mexican drug cartels in hopes of catching the “big fish.”

But ATF whistleblowers told CBS News and Congress it was a dangerous  practice called “gun walking,” and it put thousands of weapons on the street.  Many were used in violent crimes in Mexico. Two were found at the murder scene of a U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. Holder lied to Congress, and yet remains on the job as Attorney General, the highest law enforcement position in the country.  Holder has the full confidence and trust of Barack Hussein Obama.

Yesterday, Obama decided it was a good idea to weigh in on the controversial Sanford, Florida shooting in very personal terms, comparing the Trayvon Martin to a son he doesnt have and calling for American soul searching over how the incident occurred.

Biased media coverage was already making it extremely likely that George Zimmerman would be denied constitutional “due process”.  After Obama’s inappropriate and irresponsible interjection into an ongoing investigation, it will be impossible for Zimmerman to receive a fair trial. 

In fact, Zimmerman may not live to face trial because Obama has signed a “media death warrant” for Zimmerman.  Zimmerman, his attorney and his family are receiving death threats, as a result of Obama’s attempt to raise his own approval rating in an election year.

Many social media tweets (#HoodiesUp) are calling for violence, including the killing of Zimmerman in retaliation for shooting Martin. 

#GeorgeZimmerman will be sentenced to death. If not someone will shoot him in the head.
3/24/12 9:09 AM

This lynching mentality, fostered by the main stream media (MSM), now has the stamp of approval of the President of the United States. This is not only immoral but it’s an intentional violation of the due process clause in the U.S. Constitution, the Supreme Law of the land.

Obama said the Stand Your Ground laws should be studied.

I think all of us have to do some soul-searching to figure out how does something like this happen. And that means that we examine the laws and the context for what happened, as well as the specifics of the incident, he said.

Floridas Stand Your Ground law allows people to use deadly force in self-defense.

Similar laws are in effect in at least 24 states including Florida.  Earlier this week, a Florida state senator said he was drafting new legislation to drastically change the law in Florida.  A South Carolina state representative said on Friday he had introduced a bill to repeal his states law.  Royce West, a Texas state senator is calling for the repeal of the Castle Doctrine.

The liberal left, including Obama, is taking advantage of the Trayvon Martin tragedy to push their anti-gun agenda.  They arent even waiting for evidence in the case to be presented to a Grand Jury for consideration.

Obama inflamed another racially tinged incident by declaring police had acted stupidly when arresting a well-known black documentary filmmaker, Henry Louis Gates, after an altercation at his home.

Shame on all these hypocrites. 

“The clearest way to show what the rule of law means to us in everyday life is to recall what has happened when there is no rule of law.” - Dwight D. Eisenhower


Obama Executive Order Authorizes Peace Time Martial Law

Just as the news cycle is wrapping up for the week, in the common Obama practice of dumping government documents on a Friday afternoon – a move that allows the administration to avoid widespread coverage of embarrassing actions – the White House released an executive order on “National Defense Resources Preparedness.

Thanks to Kenneth Wayne Cates for bringing this to my attention. I missed it, as Obama was hoping all of us would.

President Barack Hussein Obama issued the Executive Order on March 16 giving the White House absolute control over all the country’s natural resources in case of a natural disaster or during a time of war.

In the order, the National Defense Resources Preparedness Order, the President granted to himself the authority to approve the dispensing of all domestic energy, production, transportation, food, and water supplies as he deems necessary to protect national security.

Despite the national defense hurdle that ostensibly must be jumped in order for the order to take effect, the text of the document itself does not limit implementation to a time of war. In fact, the specific sections of the order make it clear that the President can take complete command and control of the country’s natural resources in peacetime, as well.

Executive Order National Defense Resources Preparedness

Obama’s executive order specifically assigns “executive departments and agencies responsible for plans and programs related to national defense” to do five things:

  • “identify” requirements for emergencies;
  • “assess” the capability of the country’s industrial and technological base;
  • “be prepared” to ensure the availability of critical resources in time of national threat;
  • “improve the efficiency” of the industrial base to support national defense;
  • “foster cooperation” between commercial and defense sectors.

Later provisions in the order establish the protocol for government agencies to purchase equipment needed in times of national emergency and even make loans to ensure the availability of that equipment.

If liberty is worth keeping and free representative government worth saving, we must stand for all American fundamentals—not some, but all. All are woven into the great fabric of our national well-being. We cannot hold fast to some only, and abandon others that, for the moment, we find inconvenient. If one American fundamental is prostrated, others in the end will surely fall.  - Albert J. Beveridge, U.S. Senator 1862-1927


Ohio School Shooting Spurs ObamaCrat Call for Gun Control

The Anti-Gun zealots are taking advantage of yesterdays tragic school shooting in Ohio.  Heres a typical left wing fascist post from my favorite ignorant, racist blog ( you can label me the last Angry, Militant, Black man in America ) the ObamaCrat.com

Mr J.B. starts off his post Ohio School Shooting.BUT WE DONT NEED GUN CONTROL!!

It is no secret I am  Strongly against handguns & assault weapons of any type. Strict gun control laws are precisely what America needs in order to prevent ignorant, backwoods, morons from continuing to kill one another, and you and I.

More proof of strict gun control laws was thrust into our living room this morning.

Heres the comment that I posted for Mr J.B. (at my own risk). Mr J.B. immediately removed it. Censorship of opposing views is how the liberal fascist Obamanation propaganda machine operates. I predicted that it would be removed, and immediately posted it here.

Your ignorance knows no bounds. Since when do laws prevent criminal behavior? Do drug laws stop you from buying, selling, using controlled substances or dying of an overdose in a Beverly Hills hotel bathtub? Do drunk driving laws prevent people from drinking and driving and killing innocent victims?

Bad laws do not prevent bad behavior. Take away one’s right to defend themselves with a firearm and you will be stabbed, bludgeoned, run over, doused with gasoline, poisoned, rather than being shot.

The right to keep and bear firearms is a civil right, guaranteed by the Constitution. In fact, the Second Amendment is the most violated civil right in the history of America.

“more proof of strict control laws”… WTF does that even mean. If only you had a brain! Violent crime, including murder, assault, rape are all dramatically down since every state in the union except Illinois passed concealed carry laws.

Bad things happen to good people. Take away firearms from good people and ONLY bad people have them. See Oakland, South Central LA, East St. Louis for details.

Thank you for reminding us that the Obamanation is a subversive fascist movement intent on destroying the Constitution.

The Columbus Dispatch ran a story titled “School shootings, guns rare,” and offered this commentary:

Five students are hurt and a suspect is in custody. But even in horrific situations like these, it’s good to remember that school shootings are rare. And so are instances in which students are caught with guns in schools.

The Anti-Gun movement is the most dangerous special interest group in America.  We can never take the guns away from the violent gang bangers and other criminals.  There are occasional gun accidents and tragic events like yesterdays Ohio school shooting.  But here is the truth about guns in America.

From Larry Bell, Forbes Contributor

As much as gun control advocates might wish otherwise, their attacks are running out of ammo. With private firearm ownership at an all-time high and violent crime rates plunging, very few of the scary scenarios they constantly advance have materialized. Abuse of responsibility by licensed armed citizens is rare, while successful defensive interventions against assaults on their lives and property are relatively commonplace.

National violent crime rates that soared for 30 years from the early 1960s began to decrease markedly since 1993. Last December the FBI reported that murder and other violent crime rates fell again by 6.4% during the first half of 2011 compared with the same period in 2010. A Gallup poll indicates that “Americans’ preference regarding gun laws is generally that the government enforce existing laws more strictly and not pass new laws.”

Recognizing these positive trends, most states now issue permits allowing qualified law-abiding people to legally carry handguns outside their homes. Unprecedented numbers are becoming licensed to do so, now totaling an estimated 10 million Americans, contributing, in turn, to a dramatic growth in gun sales.

A record of more than 1.5 million background checks for customers looking to purchase a firearm were requested by gun dealers to the National Instant Background Check (NICS) system last December. About one-third of these occurred during the six weeks before Christmas. They had previously recorded a 49% rise in background checks during the week before President Obama was elected in 2008 compared with the same week one year earlier.

Whereas gun control proponents often argue that having a gun put people at risk because a criminal will take it away and use it against them, it seems the reality is more often to be the reverse situation.  Cato data contains only 11 stories out of 4,699 where a criminal took a gun away from a defender, but 277 where the intended victim disarmed the bad guy, although the authors acknowledge that these event reports may be printed more frequently due to newsworthiness.

Then there is the argument that more private gun ownership will lead to more accidents because the average citizen isn’t sufficiently trained to use a weapon defensively. While gun accidents do occur, the Cato study indicates that they are the most overstated risks. There were 535 accidental firearms deaths in 2006 within a population of almost 300 million people.

On the other hand, Newsweek has reported that law-abiding American citizens using guns in self-defense during 2003 shot and killed two and one-half times as many criminals as police did, and with fewer than one-fifth as many incidents as police where an innocent person mistakenly identified as a criminal (2% versus 11%).

Finally, on the subject of public safety, just how well have gun bans worked in other countries? Take the number of home break-ins while residents are present as an indication. In Canada and Britain, both with tough gun-control laws, nearly half of all burglaries occur when residents are present. But in the U.S. where many households are armed, only about 13% happen when someone is home.

Doesn’t this comparison offer some indication that criminals are getting the message? Don’t you wish those bent on eliminating our Second Amendment rights would also?