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Oklahoma Governor Says She Will Sign Open Carry

Oklahoma Governor Fallin said on Saturday at the State Republican Convention, that she she will sign SB1733 into law.  Once signed, the law will go into effect on November 1 of this year.  OK2A, a Second Amendment Civil Rights group was instrumental in passing Open Carry legislation in Oklahoma.

 OK2As ultimate goal is constitutional carry. Citizens didnt lose our rights overnight, nor will they regain them overnight.  The all or nothing attitude of some of the guns rights organizations reap more of nothing. That recently happened in North Dakota when open carry died in the legislature.

SB1733 isnt everything OK2A wanted but it is a step toward Constitutional carry.  Another bill, already signed by Governor Fallin, that will go into effect on November 1 will help get Oklahomans to their ultimate goal. 

SB1785, which grants reciprocity to people from constitutional carry states, blows holes in any arguments against constitutional carry.  If residents of the constitutional carry states dont need a government permission slip to exercise their Second Amendment rights, why should Oklahomans?  If someone from Arizona can be trusted, why not an Oklahoman? 

OK2A is compiling a list of nightmare stories about the OSBIs inability to properly manage the application process.  If you or someone you know has had problems getting their permit on time or have been rejected for some minor misdemeanor from years gone by, they want to hear about it.  You can report these stories on the OK2A forum.  Click here for the forum website.

Texas is falling far behind in the fight for gun rights.  Most states require no permit to carry a holstered handgun openly. Yet incredibly, Texas is one of only 6 states to outright ban open carry! Yes, thats right, law abiding Americans can open carry without any permit in Pittsburgh and Seattle, but not Dallas or Houston.

Even if you dont plan to open carry, Open Carry legislation in Texas would allow citizens to carry full size handguns without the threat of being arrested by over zealous constables and other law enforcement officers, if their weapon is accidently exposed or prints under their shirt.  Sign Texas Open Carry petition here


Oklahoma Senate Approves Open Carry Handgun Law

A bill to allow concealed-carry permi holders to openly carry handguns in Oklahoma is headed to the governor, who is expected to sign the legislation that passed the state Senate on Thursday. Oklahoma honors the Texas CHL, so Texans will soon be able to legally open carry in OK but not Texas!

The bill, approved by a 33-10 vote, would allow those with a concealed-carry handgun permit to openly carry their firearms in holsters after November 1. Those without such permits can obtain a gun permit and openly carry a firearm if they meet legal criteria, pass a background check and undergo firearms training.

Republican Governor Mary Fallin, a member of the National Rifle Association, has said she would support a responsible open-carry bill. She has five days to sign or veto the legislation, which affects about 125,000 people in the state.

Some 44 states allow some form of open-carry firearms. Eleven require permits to do so.

Tim Gillespie, director of OK2A, an Oklahoma City-based Second Amendment advocacy group, said allowing the open-carry of firearms will lead to a decline in the crime rate, based on statistics from other states.

Texas remains one of a handful of open states to ban open carry of handguns. Governor Rick Perry has said he would sign a bill authorizing open carry in Texas.

The best reason to support open carry is because it pisses off the Brady Bunch and the rest of the left wing pussified gun grabbers. Thats good enough for me!

Support Open Carry


Oklahoma is OK

Thanks to the many daily Bonzer Wolf readers who sent me this Oklahoma fact sheet.  We here in Texas should learn from our neighbor to the north.  Oklahoma is not only the largest suburb of north Texas, (and home of my local poker room) its also one hell of a Sovereign state, that follows the United States Constitution.
Oklahoma is the only state where Obama did not win a single county!
Oklahoma passed a law, 37 to 9, with some Democrat votes, to place the Ten Commandments on the front entrance to the state capitol. The bureaucrats in D.C., and the ACLU, tried to stop it. Guess whatOklahoma did it anyway.

Oklahoma beat Arizona to the punch when they passed that state law to incarcerate the illegal immigrants, and ship them back, against the advice of the feds and ACLU.  Guess whatOklahoma did it anyway. 

Oklahoma welcomes legal immigrants who obtain green cards and later become U.S. citizens. By the way, most illegal aliens left the state after the law was passed. Theyre in Texas now!

Oklahoma passed a law to include DNA samples from illegal aliens in the state database, for criminal investigative purposes. Pelosi said it was unconstitutional.  Guess whatOklahoma did it anyway.
Several weeks ago, the legislature passed a law declaring Oklahoma a Sovereign state, not under the direction Federal bureaucrats.  They joined the great states of Texas , Montana and Utah.  More states are likely to follow: Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, West Virginia, Mississippi and Florida. Save your confederate money, the South is about to rise up once again.

The Obamanation wants to take away guns from law abiding citizens, while illegally sending guns to the drug cartels in Mexico. Oklahoma passed a law confirming people in this state have the right to bear arms and transport them in their vehicles.  The Democrats in Washington didnt like it but guess whatOklahoma did it anyway.

Just this month, Oklahoma passed a law that ALL drivers license exams will be printed in English, and only English. The fact is that ALL road signs are in English. If you want to drive in Oklahoma , you must be able to read and understand English.  Of course the Liberals dont like this and the ACLU has threatened to file a law suit against the state.  Guess what neither the Honey Badger nor Oklahoma give a shit.

Texas to "Pod-ner" with PAC-16 ?

My position from going through this whole Pac-16-with-Texas thing twice is the same as it was in 2010: The best deal for the old Pac-10 (now Pac-12) and for Texas is the Pac-16. Commissioner Larry Scott knows that. He did his homework. Texas, however, thought it could outsmart the market because its, well, Texas.  It couldnt. So here we are again with Scott still being right and Texas perhaps coming around.

The Austin American-Statesman wrote about a potential solution to what worries many Pac-12 fans, most particularly those from Arizona, Arizona State, Utah and Colorado, who arent thrilled with the idea of being in an East Division with the old Big 12 teams.

What about pods? From the Austin newspaper:

If the four schools and the Pac-12 come to an agreement, a football conference could be aligned in four four-team pods, with Texas joined by Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. Texas would play those schools every year to preserve rivalries.

How would the overall playing schedule work out for football? As of right now, the conference is discussing an alignment where teams would play nine conference games. Teams would play every other team in their pod each season, along with two teams from each of the other three pods.

It is believed the championship game would be decided by overall conference record, meaning any two teams could play in the championship game on a given year.

I dont know what kind of blunt instrument, like east and west, north and south, would make sense, Scott said. Weve got a lot of flexibility and a lot of creativity we could bring to alignment issues.


NCAA Super Conference Realignment Update

Looks like Texas officials are coming to their senses. UT must now realize that the PAC-12, soon to be PAC-16 is their best alternative to self destruction. Too little, too late for the Wolf. Boomer Sooners!

Pac-12 officials are engaged in active discussions with Texas and Oklahoma about how to make the Big 12 schools addition to the conference work, a source within the Big 12 confirmed to ESPN.coms Joe Schad.

Another source confirmed to Schad on Sunday night that Texas president Bill Powers met with Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott in Los Angeles this weekend. Texas officials traveled to California to watch the Longhorns game against UCLA.

Earlier, The Austin American-Statesman reported the Pac-12 was working out final details to add Texas and Oklahoma to the conference, along with fellow Big 12 schools Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. The Statesman cited a source close to the situation that stressed the deal is not yet complete, but that talks were heating up.

The proposed deal would allow Texas to keep ESPNs Longhorn Network, though The Statesman reports the network would have to add other Pac-12 programming to the network.

The new Longhorn Network, a 24-hour showcase for Texas athletics, has caused several Big 12 members to worry it gives the Longhorns too much power and influence, especially in the areas of exposure and recruiting.

This is not yet a done deal, a source familiar with the discussions told The Statesman, saying nothing had been definitively confirmed. It appears that Scott is going to be able to work some magic and help Texas keep the Longhorn Network and their revenue stream.

The University of Texas regents are set to meet Monday to discuss the future of the Big 12. The meeting will come on the same day that University of Oklahoma regents are meeting on the topic of conference affiliation.

A source close to the Oklahoma athletic department told SoonerNations Jake Trotter its expected that the Oklahoma board of regents will vote Monday to authorize president David Boren to take action regarding conference realignment.

The source said Pittsburgh was one of the Big 12s top options as a replacement for Texas A&M, and that when Pitt announced it was going to the ACC, it clobbered everything regarding the Big 12s future.

Another source close to the situation told The Statesman its expected the Texas board, like Oklahoma, will vote Monday to authorize Powers to make a decision regarding realignment.