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Summer of Hell- 2011 HOTTER than 1980

Just after noon today the temperature reached 100 degrees at DFW Airport, breaking the record for the most days in a year with triple digit heat.

Today was the 70th day in 2011 with temperatures of 100 degrees or higher.  It could reach 100 tomorrow also.  But a cold front is moving in and Thursdays forecast high is 83!

2011 now holds the record for most days with triple digit temps but 1980 still holds the record for the most consecutive 100 degree days or higher at 42.  DFW reached 40 in a row this year but a quick hitting thunderstorm at the airport, stalled the temp at 97, ending the second longest consecutive day streak of at least a 100.

Congratulations Dallas Fort Worth, you survived the hottest year in history.


Record Cold Leads to Record Heat- ROMO SUCKS

Remember Super Bowl Week?  Jerry Jones lead us to believe that the Cowboys would not only be hosting the game, but they would be playing in it! How did that work out?  The Cowboys won 6 regular season games.

Cowboys QB Tony Romo got another pass for the disastrous season because he was side-lined with an injury most of the year.  Well, we got to see Romo last night and it wasnt pretty.  In fact, it was University of Georgia Nike Combat Pro UG-A-LEE! 

The Cowboys had a 24-10 lead early in the fourth quarter against the Jets last night.  In the words of Randy Galloway at the Star-Telegram, An experienced quarterback simply cant have two fourth-quarter turnovers on a wild-man scramble and a what-the-heck throw at clutch time late in the fourth quarter.

I cost us the game, said Tony. Yes, you did.

Ive got to do a better job, said Tony. Yes, you do.

I havent been a Romo basher, drinking the Bill Parcells Kool-Aid. But its time to admit that BOTH of us are wrong. When it comes to the Dallas Cowboys,  Romo is the problem, not the solution.  Romo will put up good, often great numbers when theres no pressure, then snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the 4th qtr or the playoffs (if the Cowboys ever get there again with Romo as QB).  There are no words to describe his horrific fourth quarter performance last night.  Romo lost that game and once again proved that hes Danny White not Aikman or Staubach or Morton or Meredith. The Cowboys are not going to win with Romo as QB. PERIOD.

Now back to the weather. Its bad but not as disappointing as Tony Romo.

DFW had record cold to start the year followed by record heat this summer.  But the record cold lasted for less than a month.  The heat has lasted over 3 months and were not done yet. DFW is expected to tie or break the record (69) for most days in a year with temperatures at or over 100  week. WFAA expects the record to fall and is predicting temps over 100 on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Heres a look back at the cold of Super Bowl week at the Wolf compound, 12 miles from Cowboys Stadium. Maybe this will cool you off like Tony Romo does the Cowboys in the fourth quarter.



DFW Headed to Second Hottest Summer on Record

Complaining about the weather is as American as apple pie. Blaming humans for weather extremes and fluctuations is a liberal tradition, like running up record deficits in the second greatest financial crisis in U.S. history.  But I digress

The truth is, planet earth has had weather changes from global warming to ice ages throughout the history.  Thousands of extremes that literally shaped the face of the planet occurred long before humans occupied Earth. 

I moved to Texas in December of 1980, which was the winter after the hottest summer on record both here in Texas and in my native state Georgia.  1998 was the second hottest summer on record in north Texas.  But records are made to be broken and were on a pace to become the second hottest summer by the end of this week.

The Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex is not alone in this record heat.  The heat wave has affected at least 200 million people in the United States during the past week and a half, shattering or tying thousands of records. The geographic extent of the heat wave was highly unusual, with temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or greater and heat indices much higher than that stretching from Texas to North Dakota, and eastward all the way to Maine.

Nationally, 1,966 daily high maximum temperature records have been broken or tied so far this month (through July 23). Sixty-six of those records were all-time maximum temperature records.More impressive, however, are the figures for highest minimum temperature records. Because of the extremely high humidity levels during this heat wave, a whopping 4,376 record highest minimum temperature records were broken or tied through July 23. Of those minimum temperature records, 158 were all-time records.

The heat wave of 2011 will long be remembered for its widespread scope, high humidity levels, and dangerously warm nighttime low temperatures that remained above 80 F in many locations.

Unfortunately, its not over yet.  Todays DFW temperature is forecast at 106 and triple digits are predicted through Saturday.  If that hold, this will officially become the second hottest summer on record on July 30.  We are going to have the entire month of August left to break the 1980 record for the hottest summer ever!  And dont forget, the first couple of weeks in September often bring some of the hottest temperatures to the metroplex.  If you keep hydrated, you can beat this heat. 

A friend of mine was in Arlington, TX yesterday refereeing adult soccer matches all afternoon and evening! The temperatures in the shade got as high as 108 in Arlington yesterday.  Temperatures in the sun are 10-15 degrees higher.  He told me this morning that he has acclimated himself to the heat all summer and he keeps himself hydrated. He did not have any problems in the record heat yesterday but some players and officials were not so fortunate.

I guess if he can survive running up and down a soccer field for hours at the hottest time of the day, I can survive walking from my air conditioned home to my air conditioned truck to the air conditioned grocery store.  Time for a Blue Bell run to Walmart!