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Normally NRA LIFE membership is $1,000. Through February, its $300. Call 1-888-678-7894 to sign up or convert your regular membership to LIFE status and never pay annual dues again.  Our individual freedoms are the very essence of America. They are what make America unique. Stand and Fight!

 Warner Todd Huston with Breitbart.com reported Monday that Obama’s new political nonprofit group, Organizing for Action, failed to register the “corresponding .com, .net, .org or .us sites. Way to go Mr. Bovard!

An America-loving, first and second amendment supporting, Bill of Rights defending man named Derek Bovard scooped up the .net site and guess what he did with it?

“Bovard has routed his new site to the homepage of the National Rifle Association,” Huston reported.

Bovard told Breitbart.com what he plans to do with the site:

 This site is going to be used strictly to discuss political views and ideas based on Conservative Values, the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights and Freedom of Speech in the USA which seems to be overlooked quite often. My partner and I are firm believers in not only the First and Second Amendment Rights, but in ALL Rights granted to us by our country, my country.

We have taken what little action we could to contribute to the fight against anyone who attempts to defy or go against the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the rights contained within them. We are sickened by the mockery being made of our country and our government and then advertising this mess to our fellow citizens and the rest of the world.


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White House Stands Behind Buckshot Biden Reckless Conduct

The White House fully supports VP Joe Bidens approach to home defense, including firing warning shots outside the home to ward off intruders.  The WH Press spokesman emphasized that Obama backs Buckshot Bidens use of a double barrel shotgun for self defense and shares his support of the Second Amendment.  You dont need to recklessly fire more than two warning shots indiscriminately into the night to magically stop a home invasion. Crazy Joe knows!

There is so much wrong with this, thats its difficult to know where to start.  Yesterday, I pointed out that indiscriminately firing any firearm into the air is a serious gun safety violation. If you cant safely handle a firearm, you should not have one. PERIOD

Here are a few other things that Joe doesn’t know about firearms, self defense and the law:

  • Firing a gun randomly into the dark of night is a criminal violation of law known as reckless conduct in most jurisdictions.  If you follow Crazy Joes advice, you are NOT a law abiding gun owner.  You are a criminal, who will be prohibited from possessing a firearm if convicted of a felony. 
  • Most intruders don’t sit in their car and honk their horn so you can get your shotgun out of the safe and come onto the front porch to fire those two warning shots.
  • Once an intruder is in your house, the fire-the-shotgun-into-the-sky option becomes the fire-the-shotgun-into-the-ceiling option. If you don’t burst your own eardrums, you’ll get injured or momentarily blinded by the dust and flying debris.
  • Once you have fired both barrels into the ceiling or yard, you’re holding a club and now youre unarmed.
  • In a firefight with multiple home invaders, 10 rounds will be used within 4 seconds. It takes an average of 3 shots to stop an attacker, IF HE IS HIT.  Since most people will not hit their attacker with every shot they fire, ten rounds are inadequate for home defense.
  • The third, fourth and next 26 shots from an AR-15 with a standard 30 round magazine are easy to fire quickly and accurately.  A double-barrel shotgun takes more time than you will have during a home invasion.  You can only reload IF you have extra rounds handy, which you most likely will not have in your PJs.
  • An AR-15 or other modern sporting rifle is much lighter, easier to aim and shoot accurately, and has far lighter recoil than a shotgun. Standard magazine capacity is 30, which is infinitely more effective than two, when you are fighting to save your familys lives. 
  • The Second Amendment is not just about home defense.  Citizens have a Constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms to defend the country against tyranny. That aint happening with a double barrel shotgun, which of course is why Buckshot Joe and Gun Grabber Barry want to limit citizens to a double barrel shotgun.

Shooting Holes in Gun Banners Silly Musket Argument

Many anti-Second Amendment advocates use the silly argument that the Founding Fathers’ intent is anachronistic since they couldn’t envision greater weapons capability beyond muskets in their time. Really?

This is easily disproved simply by noting the evolution of firearm technology during the time prior to, and during, the Revolution. Matchlit progressed into matchlock, which progressed into flintlock and so forth. In fact, muskets were slowly being replaced by long rifles during the time of, and after the Revolution. 

Rifling gave shots increased accuracy over greater distances. Nock guns were the arms of choice for the British Navy, an experiment of sorts that lasted a short time because the recoil was powerful enough to break the shoulder of those firing them. In 1718 the “Puckle gun,” the first machine gun, appeared. (One could argue that the so-called “assault rifle pre-dated the Second Amendment.)

The Colt revolver followed not long after and in the late 1800s the Gatling gun, which fired 200 rounds per minute, appeared on the market. The evolution of firearms was observable during the time that the Constitution was drafted; to argue that the Founding Fathers were unaware of, or not living through, the ever-evolving capabilities of firearms is blatant ignorance of both common sense and fact. Jefferson himself was a noted collector and in letters explained what technological capabilities he favored in pieces over others in his collection.

Prior to the Civil War, the Supreme Court of the United States indicated that the privileges of citizenship included the individual right to own and carry firearms.

And here is the introduction and initial reason for gun control:

Following the Civil War, the legislative efforts which gave us three amendments to the Constitution and our earliest civil rights acts likewise recognized the right to keep and bear arms as an existing constitutional right of the individual citizen and as a right specifically singled out as one protected by the civil rights acts and by the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, against infringement by state authorities. Much of the reconstruction effort in the South had been hinged upon the creation of “black militias” composed of the armed and newly freed blacks, officered largely by black veterans of the Union Army. In the months after the Civil War, the existing southern governments struck at these units with the enactment of “black codes” which either outlawed gun ownership by blacks entirely, or imposed permit systems for them, and permitted the confiscation of firearms owned by blacks. When the Civil Rights Act of 1866 was debated members both of the Senate and the House referred to the disarmament of blacks as a major consideration.

The Founders were quite clear on their views regarding firearms. In fact, earlier proposed language of the Second Amendment read as such:

And that the said Constitution be never construed to authorize Congress to infringe the just liberty of the press, or the rights of conscience; or to prevent the people of the United States, who are peaceable citizens, from keeping their own arms.

- Samuel Adams (February 6, 1788); Charles Hale, Debates and Proceedings in the Convention of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1856)


Obama Gun Ban Won't Work Without Mandatory Confiscation

Obamas own Justice Department says that an assault weapons ban would not be effective without mandatory gun confiscation.  Their end game that has nothing to do with public safety.  The left hates the Second Amendment.  They dont have the votes to repeal it, so they are attempting to subvert it.
Does Obama think that disarming over 90 million law abiding and responsible American gun owners is a realistic option? 65 million guns have been sold to civilians in the Unites States since Obama was elected POTUS.  Thats almost 1/3 of all the guns owned by civlians in the USA. 

“Experience hath shown, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.”
Thomas Jefferson

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