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Todd Burgreen wrote about the The SIG SAUER P226 TACOPS in the 2012 The American Handgunner,Special Addition. 

 The SIG SAUER P226 TACOPS model is the poster child for evolving firearms. The P226 TACOPS traces its heritage in the SIG family tree back to the 1970s. The original SIG P226, which the TACOPS is a version of, was spawned from the P220. The P220 resulted from the Swiss wanting a less expensive — and less intensive to manufacture — sidearm in lieu of the P210.

The P226 reflected SIG’s quest to generate an entry for the early 1980s’ XM9 Joint Service Pistol Trials, conducted to find a replacement to the M1911A1. The initial P226s were modified P220s, made to accept double-column magazines. When the dust settled after years of testing and evaluation in the Pistol Trials, only the Beretta 92F submission and SIG P226 satisfactorily completed the trials.

P226 was not chosen to replace the venerable M1911A1. The Beretta 92F was given the nod for a variety of factors, none of which involved the quality of the gun.  Not too much sympathy should be sent SIG’s way, as the P226 quickly gained favor in various military units, many with elite status, and law enforcement agencies in the US and around the world. Early on, it was evident that the P226’s reliability, accuracy, safety and capacity set it apart from its handgun peers.

SIG offers a multitude of P226 models. The one I purchased this week is the P226 9mm Tactical Operations, or TACOPS for short. Other chamberings in the TACOPS line up are .40 S&W and .357 SIG. A pronounced beavertail, recognizable to anyone familiar with the 1911, immediately sets apart the P226 TACOPS from most other SIG P226 models.

There are other nuances to the TACOPS that further distinguish it from the crowd. The polymer 1-piece magwell grip is formed in a way to blend with a 20-round magazine when inserted. The TACOPS comes with four of these 20-round magazines as standard equipment. These extra capacity magazines in lieu of standard P226 15-round magazines, are a notable departure from the norm for the TACOPS model.

Other TACOPS features include front cocking serrations, black hard-coat anodized aluminum frame, stainless slide, integral accessory rail dust cover, TRUGLO Tritium fiber optic front sight mated to SIGLITE rear and the SIG Short Reset Trigger (SRT).

The TACOPS is a full-size handgun, measuring over 5.5″ tall, 8″ long, with a sight radius of 6.3″. Weight with an empty magazine is 34.4 ounces. The P226 TACOPS is pure SIG DA/SA design, with DA trigger pull listed at 10 pounds, and SA listed at 4.4 pounds. The decocking lever resides on the left side, in front of the slide stop lever.

SIG’s inclusion of the SRT trigger design on the TACOPS makes the DA/SA trigger one of the nicest I’ve experienced. The SRT is a great enhancement, generating one of shortest trigger resets on the market. Once the SRT trigger control is mastered, which takes surprisingly little training, the SIG P226 TACOPS is very capable of firing multiple shot strings with the utmost accuracy, thanks to short trigger pull and reset.

The P226’s track record of proven performance on the battlefield and street, grant the P226 TACOPS instant credibility. The P226 TACOPS’ modified profile, such as the extended beavertail, threaded barrel and modified grips wrapped around high capacity 20-round magazines, makes it ideal for duty as a nightstand handgun, open carry or for tactical response LE teams or special military units. And believe me, you can carry it concealed. See my day at the Fort Worth Stock Show and rodeo yesterday, for details.

The P226 TACOPS’ nearly 5″, cold-hammer-forged barrel and SRT DA/SA trigger, combined with near perfect lock-up in the stainless steel slide/barrel interface, insures maximum reliability and accuracy. The fixed sights found on the P226 TACOPS are 3-dot type, featuring tritium inserts with a twist. SIG added a TRUGLO Tritium front sight; providing a solid sight picture even if you’re in a hurry reacting to an adversary. This stems from more and more data showing defensive engagements happen in low-light conditions, where the tritium sights are more conducive to solid shot placement.

The SIG P226 TACOPS disassembles quickly, typical of SIGs, via locking the slide open and rotating the takedown lever downward on the frame, freeing the slide from the frame. The quality of the SIG fit and finish speaks volumes as to how the P226 TACOPS obtains such levels of accuracy, without having to resort to full-blown, hand-tuning custom work.

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Sig P226 TacOps Selected as the "Governor Cuomo Special"

There are three states (New Jersey, Maryland, Hawaii) where law abiding citizens can legally have concealed carry permits but the state refuses to issue them to civilians.  In spite of what you will read about all 50 states issuing concealed carry permits to civilians, it aint happening in those three states.

There are also a hand full of other states, like New York and California that will not issue permits to most citizens, including residents of New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland. 

Then there is the District of Columbia, which makes it extremely difficult to even own a firearm to keep in your home. There is no legal open or concealed carry of handguns in D.C.  Why anyone would live there (and in Virginia) is beyond my comprehension. Its not like the Metro doesnt run deep into the Virginia suburbs.  

New York State is unique in that the state will issue concealed handgun permits to law abiding residents who live outside of New York City. Those permits are not valid in NYC either.  

But thanks to Governor kill a deer Cuomo and his progressive controlled Legislature, firearms magazines cant be loaded with more than seven bullets.  Nobody needs ten bullets to kill a deer.  As if killing deer has anything to do with Second Amendment civil rights.

Mr. Wolf does not shoot deer.  And if he did, he wouldnt use a handgun.  New Jersey, a suburb of New York City, is the home invasion capitol of the USA.  But NY & NJ are not the only states where home invasions happen daily.  Every state also has movie theaters, malls, and other GUN FREE ZONES, which are active shooter magnets. You can thank the Progressives for putting your children in more danger by establishing dangerous gun free zones. 

It not only can take more than seven bullets to defend yourself and your family from home invaders, your life may depend on having ten or more.

In Texas (and about 40 other states), law abiding free citizens can decide what kind of gun to carry and how many bullets to load in it.  Its not a news flash that criminals dont follow the law.  They obtain and carry guns illegally and they load them with as many bullets as they can get in them.  Thats why they are called criminals.  No law will ever prevent bad guys from obtaining guns and preying on law abiding citizens. 

In fact, the more gun control laws we have, the less safe you are and the more dangerous they are. Progressives, not the NRA, facilitate active shooters in gun free zones

The harder Progressives push to usurp Second Amendment civil rights, the more guns law abiding citizens in free states buy. And each and every day, more responsible, hard working, tax paying people are moving OUT of the gun grab states into free states like Texas, Arizona, Georgia and Florida.  

Progressives will never get it.  And they want to take you down with them.  

So here it is, my Governor Cuomo Special.  (video from mixflip Youtube Channel) 

Tomorrow: History of the Sig Sauer P226


Bonzer Wolf Participating in Obama's Year of Action!

Barack Hussein Obama said on Tuesday he would continue to work to reduce violence in the United States despite a lack of support in Congress for gun control measures he failed to get passed last year.

I have seen the courage of parents, students, pastors, and police officers all over this country who say we are not afraid, and I intend to keep trying, with or without Congress, to help stop more tragedies from visiting innocent Americans in our movie theaters, shopping malls, or schools, Obama said, according to the text of his State of the Union address.

Seriously?  Obama is not only a liberal fascist, hes also a flaming MORON.  With the exception of big city political hack Chiefs of Police, law enforcement officers make up a huge block of Second Amendment civil rights supporters.  Cops know that criminals will always have guns, and when seconds count, it takes minutes for police to respond to calls for help.

Obama called for action and the Wolf responded.  Yesterday, I purchased a Sig Sauer P226R TacOps 9mm pistol that came with FOUR 20 round magazines.  Today I found that carrying and concealing a 2.5 lb full size pistol is not only doable, but also comfortable with the right holster.  And it sure beats carrying 35+ pounds of fat that I had around my waist just three months ago.  

So in direct response to Obamas call for action, I will carry my new Sig P226 TacOps (with two 20 round magazines) to the malls and the movies, to reduce violence in the United States.  Thats 41 rounds of Hornady Critical Duty 9mm which, can actually stop more tragedies from visiting innocent Americans in our movie theaters & shopping malls, unlike gun control laws that do nothing but put you in harms way.  

But Im out on schools.  So you need to contact your local school board and tell them to arm, responsible, trained volunteer teachers.  Running a gun is not brain surgery. And if your judgment is not as good as a police officers, you shouldnt be teaching children!

Its a fact, that the ONLY thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy/gal with a gun.  Gun Free Zones are magnets for nut job active shooters.  Cops know this.  Cops also know that concealed carry permit holders are the most law abiding, responsible citizens in America.

Guns are not the problem.  Gun Free Zones are the problem.  The NRA and other second amendment civil rights organization have solutions. Progressives create more problems than solutions.  Progressives are the most dangerous unarmed people in America!

Tomorrow: Why the SIG P226 TacOps 9mm Governor Cuomo Special

The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man. - Thomas Jefferson (quoting 18th century criminologist Cesare Beccaria)


Sig P320 Striker Fire Pistol To Compete with Glock in Law Enforcement Market

The SIG P320 is a new SIG SAUER modular double-action striker-fired pistol. The P320 is designed to convince law enforcement organizations to turn in their Glocks!

At the heart of the SIG P320 is the internal stainless steel frame assembly. The assembly houses the trigger group and contains the firearm’s serial number. Legally speaking, the internal assembly is the firearm. The frame assembly drops into one of three grip modules. The polymer grip modules (what we would normally call the ‘frame’ if they were serialized) vary in grip circumference (a small, medium and large). The grip module contains a cut out so the assembly serial number can be viewed externally.

There are two barrel sizes, each being available in a threaded or non-threaded variant. The barrel lengths are 4.7″ for the Full Size model, and 3.9″ for the Carry (compact) model. Two slide assemblies are available in either the Full Size or Carry size. Two triggers are available, a standard trigger and a tabbed safety trigger (Glock-style trigger). They both break at 5.5 lbs. The magazine capacities are 17/15 rounds of 9mm and 14/13 rounds of .357 SIG and .40 S&W for the Full Size/Carry magazines. 

Contrary to what the gun grabbers want you to believe, being a law enforcement officer does not automatically make you a firearms expert.  I would venture to say that the majority of law enforement officers are not gun guys/gals.  Most receive little if any advanced firearms training once they graduate from the academy. Most shoot once a year, firing only 50 rounds at a paper target during an annual qualification.  

Police officers commit three times as many murders as civilian concealed carry handgun permit holders.  Contrary to what Bloomberg and Weinstein want you to believe, law enforcement officers carry guns to protect themselves and have no legal obligation to protect we the people . Law enforcement officers accidently shoot themselves and other innocents at an alarmingly high rate.  Police officers are seldom fired for shooting the wrong people. 

The most heavily marketed feature of the Sig P320 is the “5-point safety system”. The five points are …

  • A striker safety.
  • A disconnect safety.
  • Takedown is prohibited without removal of magazine.
  • Takedown is prohibited without the slide being locked back to the rear.
  • Rotation of takedown lever without tools or trigger manipulation.

Other safety featured touted are …

  • Tabbed trigger safety (optional)
  • Ambidextrous manual safety
  • Loaded chamber indicator
  • Magazine disconnect safety

Not all of these features are in demand, or appreciated, by responsible civilian consumers but will be very popular with law enforcement organizations looking to limit liability at a cost much cheaper than increased firearms training. 


Wolves Gather at Fort Worth Gun Show

It was a great day in Texas to attend the Fort Worth Gun Show. Three of us from the Wolf Den re-filled our Rx for FREEDOM. We got there early and snagged one of two Glock 34 Gen 4 competition models that we found on the floor. Mrs. Wolf will be using the G34 9mm for A Girl and A Gun IDPA competitions.

My brother in law snagged a Sig SP2022 and I picked up a Ruger LCP .38+P, which the Mrs. has already hijacked for concealed carry.

There were plenty of guns available at very competitive prices. Ammo is back, but the prices at the gun show were for suckers only. Hit up your local Walmart and Academy Sports for reasonably priced ammo in north Texas. Weve found every caliber to be plentiful and reasonably priced.

The Fort Worth Gun Show re-opens at 10am Sunday morning. The Will Rogers Auditorium Main Exhibit Hall and the South Exhibit Hall will both be open until 5pm. Admission is $10, parking is $5.

Hickok45 shoots the LCR .38+P

Piss off a Progressive. BUY A GUN

As usual background checks were performed as all three firearms were purchased from FFL dealers, like 99% of gun show sales. Dont believe the Progressive Propaganda. There is no Gun Show loophole.