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New Mexico Jury Sides with the Constitution 

Phil Mocek, a software developer, went on trial in Albuquerque after refusing to show ID to TSA officers at an airport checkpoint in 2009. Officers accused him of creating a disturbance, during which he used his cell phone to record the scene. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, concealing his identity, refusing to obey a police officer, and criminal trespass.

Mocek was acquitted of all charges stemming from his arrest on Friday.

Prosecutor accused Mocek of purposely testing the system and crossing the line. The defense said TSA and police were annoyed with Moceks filming, even though he was within his rights.

It is not criminal to bother the police, to annoy the police, to irritate the police or the TSA officers, said defense attorney Molly Schmidt-Nowara.

After he was acquitted Friday, Phil Mocek, the Seattle man famous for refusing to show ID to TSA officers, declared victory. Quoted in the Albuquerque Journal, Mocek said:

I think probably most significantly from the case we found via testimony from a (Transportation Security Administration) representative and from an Albuquerque police officer, they both testified that, in no uncertain terms, you do not have to show ID in order to fly, and that you can use cameras in public areas of the airport.

Mocek recorded video of his interaction with the TSA agents and police officers in the incident.


Herman Cain for President

"America is an exceptional nation. America is the greatest idea any man has ever imagined. America is the noblest endeavor humanity has ever known. It is because of this that we have the obligation to preserve the American Dream for generations to come.

President Ronald Reagan once said: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States when men were free.”

Fellow patriots, now more than ever, we must come together to take a stand for the future of America. I make this promise to you as I deliberate the ways in which I can do my part to restore and protect the American Dream: I would be the voice of the American People. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I ask you to do the same for me." - Herman Cain

This is Herman Cain

Herman Cain on the Issues

Our highest national priority
A strong military – Defense spending should be used more effectively, but never cut below 4% of GDP.

The fight against Islamic Fascism is global. Fight it wherever it is a threat to the United States of America. Let our intelligence agencies do their jobs.

No new or higher taxes
Replace the current income tax with the Fair Tax

In the interim, make the current tax rates permanent

Federal spending is out of control (Tsunami)
Cap all federal spending indefinitely (Restructure Medicare/Medicaid)

Restructure Social Security with personal retirement accounts

Maximize the use of all our natural resources in the USA
Don’t go broke just to go “green”

Major oil producing countries are not our friends

Defend the Constitution and all of its Amendments 

Who is Herman Cain? Click here for Bio

I support the Herman Cain for President Exploratory Committee and urge you to do the same.

Herman Cain Presidential Explortory Committee


Bill Maher "You're Idiots"

Bill Maher is back on the air in 2011 with his liberal fascist "Real Time".  Maher is the self appointed King of the atheist left "intellectual elite".  On his first show of the new season, he had a few things to say about what he thought the Founding Fathers would think of "this anti-intellectual teabagger movement".

"I think that the founding fathers would have hated your guts."

“Now that they’ve finished reading the Constitution out loud,” Maher said to chuckles from the audience, “the tea baggers must call out that group of elitist liberals whose values are so antithetical to theirs. I’m talking of course about the founding fathers.”

Maher said that “tea baggers” mistakenly believe that the founding fathers were every-day citizens like themselves.

Contrasting the two groups, Maher said, “one is a group of exclusively white men who live in a bygone century, have bad teeth, and think of blacks as three-fifths of a person. And the other are the founding fathers.”

“They were everything you despise,” said Maher. “They studied science, read Plato, hung out in Paris, and thought the Bible was mostly bullshit.” 

Maher singled out Fox News host Glenn Beck and  Sarah Palin for pointed punch lines.

“Super-religious guy Glenn Beck likes to play dress-up as Thomas Paine. Thomas Paine, an atheist who said churches were human inventions set up to terrify and enslave mankind,” Maher said to applause.

Palin, he said, would believe that the six languages that Thomas Jefferson spoke comprise “all of them.”

Maher said that Tea Party members are crude and poorly educated, people who the founding fathers would have wanted to keep far from political influence.

“The one thing they never argued about was that political power must stay in the hands of the smartest people,” said Maher, “and out of the hands of the dumbest loud mouths slowing down the checkout line at Home.

Maher has gone on record many times, saying that not only the Tea Party, but the majority of American's are "stupid".  Maher is the poster boy for liberal fascism.  But at least he tells you exactly what he thinks.  Most liberals, including Obama and Pelosi lie to us about their real beliefs and intentions.

I beleive that home grown Progressives are a greater threat to our liberty and freedom than foreign based terrorists.  This is what Progressives think of "we the people".



MSNBC "You Lie"

Below is the statement from Representative Louie Gohmert on his proposed legislation concerning congressional concealed carry authority. Rep. Louie Gohmert said Friday that "vulnerable" members of Congress should be allowed to carry firearms in the nation's capital, arguing that "guns are the great equalizer." 

"The intent of the legislation I'm working on is to allow a member of Congress to carry a concealed handgun within Washington, DC and Capitol grounds. Members of Congress don't need weapons on the floor since the U.S. Capitol itself is very well protected by some of the greatest men and women in law enforcement today. But there are times when members of Congress do not have the protection of Capitol Hill Police in one of the most dangerous cities in America. We don't need to spend millions on massive security details to escort everyone 24-7. We can just allow those who have been trusted by hundreds of thousands of people and sent to our crime capitol to protect themselves while in that federal enclave."

Today, the liberal fascist pundits on MSNBC have been calling Gohmert a "nut job" and worse, stating that he has proposed legislation for members of Congress to carry guns " on the floor of the House". Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz and Keith Olbermann's mini-me substitute, are leading the charge of misinformation, mentioning Gohmert and intentionally lying about his proposed legislation in every segment of their show's today. This is typical of the reprehensible yellow journalism at MSNBC, the network of hate. Even President Obama, has called out MSNBC for creating an atmosphere of hate by fueling the flames of violent rhetoric.

During his show today, Chris Matthews called critics of Obama, "crackers", which is both defamatory and inflammatory. Calling a person from a southern State a "cracker" is the same as calling an African American a "nigger".  PERIOD. This is totally unacceptable. If someone at FOX said the same thing, he would be fired instantly. The hypocrisy of the left continues.


King Proposes More Laws- Dealth Penalty Not Sufficient?

Politicians never miss an opportunity to turn tragedy into potential votes.  In the wake of the tragic shooting in Tucson this Saturday, Republican Representative Peter King (N.Y.) is introducing a bill that would bar the possession of a firearm within 1,000 feet of certain government officials. King is a rare Republican elected official serving in New York City. He smells swing votes that could get him re-elected in 2012.

Of course, passing laws to stop bad behavior simply does not work.  Loughner committed a capitol offense and faces the death penalty for his crime.  Adding five years to his punishment is going to make a difference?  A better solution would be legislation that would require the government to train and arm all elected officials and their staff members. Or simply, supply them with protection details. There are thousands of well trained ICE, oh excuse me, HSI agents sitting around doing nothing more important than busting venders for selling counterfeit t-shirts in the Super Bowl parking lot.

New laws would be ineffective in reducing gun violence in the country. Criminals by definition are law breakers.  We need to protect ourselves from the criminals not protect criminals from law abiding citizens.  Government officials can be assigned federal security details.  Protection of our government representatives in a legitimate use of federal power. Restricting the possession of firearms within the individual sovereign states is not.

We, the people, aren't afforded the luxury of the federal government supplying us with body guards.  We're on our own and the last thing we need is more federal restrictions on our second amendment rights.