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Record Cold Leads to Record Heat- ROMO SUCKS

Remember Super Bowl Week?  Jerry Jones lead us to believe that the Cowboys would not only be hosting the game, but they would be playing in it! How did that work out?  The Cowboys won 6 regular season games.

Cowboys QB Tony Romo got another pass for the disastrous season because he was side-lined with an injury most of the year.  Well, we got to see Romo last night and it wasnt pretty.  In fact, it was University of Georgia Nike Combat Pro UG-A-LEE! 

The Cowboys had a 24-10 lead early in the fourth quarter against the Jets last night.  In the words of Randy Galloway at the Star-Telegram, An experienced quarterback simply cant have two fourth-quarter turnovers on a wild-man scramble and a what-the-heck throw at clutch time late in the fourth quarter.

I cost us the game, said Tony. Yes, you did.

Ive got to do a better job, said Tony. Yes, you do.

I havent been a Romo basher, drinking the Bill Parcells Kool-Aid. But its time to admit that BOTH of us are wrong. When it comes to the Dallas Cowboys,  Romo is the problem, not the solution.  Romo will put up good, often great numbers when theres no pressure, then snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the 4th qtr or the playoffs (if the Cowboys ever get there again with Romo as QB).  There are no words to describe his horrific fourth quarter performance last night.  Romo lost that game and once again proved that hes Danny White not Aikman or Staubach or Morton or Meredith. The Cowboys are not going to win with Romo as QB. PERIOD.

Now back to the weather. Its bad but not as disappointing as Tony Romo.

DFW had record cold to start the year followed by record heat this summer.  But the record cold lasted for less than a month.  The heat has lasted over 3 months and were not done yet. DFW is expected to tie or break the record (69) for most days in a year with temperatures at or over 100  week. WFAA expects the record to fall and is predicting temps over 100 on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Heres a look back at the cold of Super Bowl week at the Wolf compound, 12 miles from Cowboys Stadium. Maybe this will cool you off like Tony Romo does the Cowboys in the fourth quarter.




Its almost 9:15 p.m. and the temperature outside the WOLF den is 97 degrees, with 39% humidity.  The heat index today was 111, due to the unusually high humidity for triple digit temperatures.  Both are expected to remain high for the remainder of the week.

If you think its hotter than normal in north Texas, youre absolutely correct.  The Mrs cries Wolf about the hot north Texas summers every year.  This year, shes right. Its Top 10 HOT with no relief in sight.

July 2011 may be destined for the top 10 hottest in Dallas-Fort Worth, according to National Weather Service records, and would be the hottest July since 1998 if these trends continue. Here are highlights:

  • The observed average maximum temperature for the first 10 days of the month is 101.2 degrees.
  • Highs have been 100+ every day except for July 1.
  • This is well above the average early July high of 94.5 degrees and places the month at the #4 ranking for hottest July daily average high (month-to-date).
  • The daily average (the high and low taken together) is 90.1 degrees MTD, more than 6 degrees above normal, a huge departure.
  • This  ranks as the 4th hottest monthly average for July at DFW, and the hottest since 1998.
  • Average lows July 1-10 are the 2nd warmest on record at 79.1 degrees.

The very hot pattern persists with no sign of significant change expected for ten days.

Assuming normal highs and lows for the period July 15-31, 2011 would still come in at #10 hottest July.

It’s unlikely the rest of the month will cool off to that degree unless we get a major rainfall event. So in reality July 2011 will probably rank even hotter than #10. This is a projection based on the current pattern and trends since June 1.

The primary way north Texas gets widespread rain in July is either from a land-falling tropical cyclone or a stationary low-pressure system aloft, neither of which can be forecast more than a few days out.

In the meantime, the big bake goes on.  DFW 10 Day Forecast


Not So Super Snow Bowl XLV


Snow Diver

I thought drivers in New Hampshire knew how to drive in the snow. 




Sleet and snow started falling in North Texas early this morning. The frigid wintry mix will continue across the Metroplex through 11:00 a.m. 

The heaviest sleet and snow will occured in the western sections of the Metroplex, including Tarrant County and Denton County. These areas received three to four inches of snow on top of a layer of ice.

Expect dangerously cold temperatures all day today, as the temperatures drop from the low 20s to 10 degrees by 6 p.m. Winds are gusting to 45 mph. Wind chills will be 0 degrees this afternoon.

North Texas will see cold weather through the rest of the week. Temperatures will stay below freezing until Saturday. High temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday will only be in the 20s, with low temperatures below 10 degrees each morning.

DFW Airport has not recorded a single digit temperature in 15 years.  DFW has not recorded consecutive lows in the single digits on two consecutive days in 22 years. There is a small chance of snow on Friday, especially for the southeastern counties of north Texas.

Super Bowl weekend should be dry and slightly warmer, with temperatures in the 40s and 50s.